The Four Kings of Country Airplay

There are the sizzling female soloists and the delicious groups and duos, but from 2013 through to 2015, it is four Canadian male soloists who have scored #1 hits on Billboard country airplay. Other artists have succeeded in different ways (awards, gold platinum certifications, etc.), but in this post, we take a look at the four Canadian kings of country airplay and review the songs that climbed to the very top. They are Gord Bamford, Dean Brody, Dallas Smith, and Brett Kissel via “When Your Lips Are So Close”, “Bounty” (with Lindi Ortega), “Wastin’ Gas”, and “Airwaves” respectively.


Gord Bamford m

Origin:  Lacombe, Alberta
Formal Debut:  2001
Certification Level:  Platinum
Studio Albums to Date:  7
Hot 100 Songs:  14
JUNO Awards:  3 nominations
CCMA Awards:  15
Interesting Fact:  Gord was born in Australia but emigrated to Canada when he was 5.
#1 Single:  “When Your Lips Are So Close”


dean brody m

Origin:  Jaffray, British Columbia
Formal Debut:  2008
Certification Level:  Platinum
Studio Albums to Date:  5
Hot 100 Songs:  19
JUNO Awards:  1
CCMA Awards:  9
Interesting Fact:  Originally from BC, Dean now lives in Chester, Nova Scotia.
#1 Single:  “Bounty” (featuring Lindi Ortega)


dallas smith m

Origin:  Langley, British Columbia
Formal Debut:  2011
Certification Level:  Platinum
Studio Albums to Date:  2
Hot 100 Songs:  11
JUNO Awards:  1
CCMA Awards:  1
Interesting Fact:  Dallas used to be lead singer of rock band Default.
#1 Single:  “Wastin’ Gas”


brett kissel m

Origin:  Flat Lake, Alberta
Formal Debut:  2013
Certification Level:  Gold
Studio Albums to Date (major label):  2
Hot 100 Songs:  6
JUNO Awards:  1
CCMA Awards:  3
Interesting Fact:  Brett keeps a king of diamonds beneath his cowboy hat.
#1 Single:  “Airwaves”


Brett Kissel is Riding on the Airwaves

Brett Kissel - AirwavesFrom Livy Jeanne, we touch base with her Albertan counterpart, Brett Kissel. Raised on a rural cattle ranch NE of Edmonton, listening to Johnny Cash, and mastering the guitar, Brett began releasing independent albums when he was 12 years old in 2003. At 16 in 2006, he became the youngest nominee in the history of the CCMAs. Warner Music signed him in 2013 and released his first major single, “Started with a Song,” which peaked at #58 on the Billboard Hot 100 in October. He was off the races. The album of the same name spawned a total of five charting singles on the Hot 100, the most successful of which was “3,2,1” (#52). In 2014, Kissel won the JUNO for Breakthrough Artist of the Year, an award that does not come that often to country stars. Brett lent his vocals and star power to a track on the debut album of Yoan, winner of The Voice. That album currently stands as 2015’s best-seller from a Canadian.

The time has come for some new music from Brett Kissel. His new single bears the title “Airwaves”. A beautifully shot music video was recently launched. It features a red jeep, a diamond ring, dangling lights in a clearing, and of course a young couple on the path to wedded bliss. Check it out below.  iTunes