Gold/Platinum Certifications July to September 2013

Here are the latest certifications from Music Canada. Congratulations to the artists and a big thank you to Canadians for continuing to support them by buying their music.

2013 - 07 - 26

2013 - 09 - 11


For both albums and digital singles current definitions are: Gold = 40,000 units sold. Platinum = 80,000 units sold. 2x Platinum = 160,000 units sold. 3x Platinum = 240,000 units sold. Etc. Because The Road Hammers album was released prior to May 1, 2008, its platinum certification translates to 100,000 units sold.


Walk Off the Earth and the R.E.V.O. LP

Walk Off the Earth

MoneySense magazine recently ranked Burlington, Ontario the best mid-size Canadian city in which to live. It was in this city that group Walk Off the Earth (a.k.a. WOTE) formed, releasing their first material in 2007. The current lineup is Sarah Blackwood, Joel Cassady, Gianni Luminati, Ryan Marshall, and Mike Taylor, an exquisite band of multi-instrumentalists playing everything from kazoo, banjo, xylophone, glockenspiel, harmonica, trumpet, and ukulele to the standard guitar, piano, and drums. Last year, they drew worldwide attention with their clever cover of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know” and its music video with the five of them playing it on a lone guitar. Their version peaked at #13 on the Canadian Hot 100, was certified platinum, and became an international hit single. They released an EP at the end of 2012 called R.E.V.O., and single “Red Hands”, loaded with its spirited “oh-yeahs”, has entered the Top 20 of the Hot 100. This year, 2013, the band is up for two JUNO Awards, and they have just converted their EP into an LP.

The R.E.V.O. album, an acronym for the group’s motto — Realize Every Victory Outright — contains all four tracks from the EP, including hit single “Red Hands”, as well as their Gotye cover. “Money Tree” appears from their 2010 album, My Rock. This means that this is essentially a compilation album with a few new tracks; however, given the limelight they are now enjoying, it is clear that the album is intended to serve as an introduction to the outfit for most, and it has been released worldwide.

Walk Off the Earth - REVO album LPThe R.E.V.O. LP opens with the banjo plucked, boom-throbbing title track. “Gang of Rhythm” makes use of contrast between low-key tinkering on the verses followed by vigorous choruses. “Speeches” does the opposite with its quick-fire storytelling followed by a laid-back groove. “Sometimes” is pure fun and as such one of the catchiest tracks. “Shake” feels like relaxed reflections uttered while kicking back on a hot, sunny beach followed by, well, shaking it up. “Summer Vibe” is a perfectly executed reggae number, converting “day-o” into the Canadian language (“eh-o”). Walk Off the Earth has delivered a solid album of clever and quirky sunshine pop bringing us some warmth in this cold, Canadian spring.

REVO LP on iTunes     WOTE Official Website

New Gold/Platinum Certifications Jan 28 – Feb 22, 2013

The latest Canadian-artist albums and singles to receive domestic gold/platinum certifications include country crooner Paul Daraiche’s Mes amours mes amis which made it to #3 on the Billboard Canadian Albums chart last October.  Classified’s “Inner Ninja” which features David Myles has become the first Canuck tune of 2013 to achieve platinum sales.  Saskatoon’s boogie rockers The Sheepdogs have a pair of certifications.  Their single “I Don’t Know” which managed to win the JUNO for Single of the Year in 2012 has gone gold.  Their album Learn & Burn from 2010 has attained platinum sales.  Serena Ryder’s Harmony album which contains her Top 10 hit “Stompa” has gone gold.  A pair of Top 40 singles from last year have also made gold:  Emerson Drive’s “She’s My Kind of Crazy” and Rosette’s collaborative song with Ian Carey, “Amnesia”.

2013 - 02 - 22

JUNO Awards 2013 Nominee Compilation Album

JUNO Awards 2013 Album

Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Canada, and Warner Music Canada, the major music distributors, have teamed up in a joint venture to release a compilation album featuring 17 of the finest tunes of the past year from artists nominated for a JUNO award in 2013.

This exquisite JUNO Awards 2013 Nominee Compilation album will be released on March 19 and is already available for pre-order on iTunes. It is a non-profit project with proceeds streaming directly to Canadian charity MusiCounts which is dedicated to keeping music education alive in Canadian schools by helping facilities and students acquire musical instruments and offers scholarships.

Music, perhaps more than anything else, helps train and develop all aspects of the mind: creativity, analysis, dexterity, hand-eye-ear coordination, language skills, memory, attention to detail, creative writing, self-confidence, and an attraction to harmony and beauty. Music is both an art and a science. It uplifts the heart, removes stress, and makes life enjoyable and worth living. Teaching music to children unlocks latent talents within them and serves as an advantageous means of self-expression offering a powerful, healthy alternative to prevalent destructive forms of self-exploration.

The JUNO Awards 2013 Nominee Compilation album on iTunes.

Guess Who’s Number 1 on iTunes?

A picture is worth a thousand words…

There it is folks. A big thank you to all for your support. Carly Rae Jepsen is #1 on iTunes. “Call Me Maybe” is the biggest song in the country. It’s been a looooong time since a Canadian artist has been at #1.

Carly will be releasing her second studio album, Curiosity, on Valentine’s Day (14 February 2012) under 604 Records / Universal. Below is the album cover which she has posted on her website.