Andee Releases Lyric MV For “Never Gone”

andee - never goneShe voiced one of the tracks on a double platinum various artists album. She has collaborated with some of the biggest names in music, legendary and present: Lionel Richie, Hedley, Shawn Desman. She was recently signed by the nation’s top record label, Universal Music. She was chosen by the CBC as one of five Canadian artists, along with The Sam Roberts Band, Down With Webster, Roch Voisine, and Fefe Dobson, to create a theme song for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games. And she has just released her formal debut single, “Never Gone,” a song that is receiving nationwide airplay and is currently inside the Nielsen BDS Top 40. This hot new singer’s name is Andee, and a listen to her amazing vocals will easily demystify her success thus far. Simple Plan’s Sebastien Lefebvre is working with Andee on her debut album which should be out sometime this year. In the meantime, enjoy the lyric MV for “Never Gone”.  iTunes 

Canadian Olympic Champions Given Luck By Andee’s “We Are Gold”

Andee - We Are GoldAt the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games, Canada sat in 8th place in the rankings. Falls, wipe-outs, and unfavourable results by judges kept Canada at only 4 gold medals. The press began questioning whether money invested in training our athletes had been put to good use in the so-called “own the podium” campaigns. But then something magical happened. A song by a brand new Canadian singer dedicated to our athletes was released by Universal Music in collaboration with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Shortly after this “fresh track” hit the airwaves, there was a gold rush.

Canadians scored five consecutive gold medals in women’s bobsleigh, curling, hockey, ski cross, and men’s curling. Moreover, Canada returned to a podium dynamic duo thanks to both gold and silver medals in the women’s ski cross by Marielle Thompson and Kelsey Serwa. And of course, in the end, Canada’s men’s hockey team came through with a golden finish. Everything came together with a very lucky song from a dynamite singer named Andee. The song is “We Are Gold”. Below is a montage of batch 5 Canadian medalist images plus a video of Olympic highlights with Andee’s brilliant “We Are Gold” soundtrack. You can buy the song on iTunes in both official languages ENGLISH and FRENCH.

Canadian Sochi Olympic Medals Batch 5a copy

Final Medal Count

Andrée-Anne Leclerc Signed by Universal Music

AndeeCompletely floored upon hearing the news. Star Académie finalist Andrée-Anne Leclerc has been signed by Universal Music, a privilege shared by the likes of Arcade Fire, Carly Rae Jepsen, Feist, Bryan Adams, Hedley, Nelly Furtado, Drake… Holy smokes! While many finalists of the Montréal-based star search show have been releasing albums, we kept wondering, how about Ms. Leclerc? Well, it’s obvious she waited for the big one. And what a big one it is! Universal Music is by far the biggest record label in the world.

Following appearances on multiplatinum Star Académie compilation albums, Andrée-Anne was featured in the bilingual version of Hedley’s triple platinum single “Kiss You Inside Out“, as well the CKOI chart-topping bilingual version of Shawn Desman’s “Dum da Dum”. The bilingual singer nailed her English duet with Lionel Richie on “Endless Love“. 

Andrée-Anne’s stunningly beautiful voice, track record of success, and popularity was enough to dazzle the folks at Universal. Vice President Paul Jessop said that in Universal’s eyes and ears, she has everything it takes to be an international artist.

Andee1 copyThere are more surprises. Ms. Leclerc’s debut album, released internationally, will be mainly an English album, with songs composed by herself, and she will record under the moniker Andee. Andee has been her nickname since college and she feels it will be easier on Anglophones. The album will be a standard pop/rock affair and will be heralded by a couple of lead singles. “We Are Gold”, dedicated to Canada’s Olympic athletes, will be released on February 19. Jessop compares Andee being a Francophone performing mainly in English to the avenue Simple Plan took. He also says that he was very impressed with Andee’s high standards of professionalism.

We at the Canadian Music Blog could not be more overjoyed at this news. Canada’s next international superstar? Fingers crossed, folks. Fingers crossed.


Canadian Music Blog’s Top 20 Song Faves of 2012, Part 1: #20 to #11

Canadian Artists

Considering that some 8,000 songs from Canadian artists came out in 2012, coming up with the top 200 would have be difficult enough, but the top 20 was extremely difficult! To make things easier (and a fairer and tidier list), we allowed only one entry per artist.

Equally difficult was trying to decide whether a song could be considered a 2012 song. The biggest song of the year, Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” was released in 2011. But we think of it as a 2012 song because that’s when it enjoyed its biggest chart success. Below are a list of rules about which songs were eligible for our list.

1. For songs on albums not released as singles, the album had to have been released in 2012.

2. For non Hot 100 charting singles, the release date had to be in 2012.

3. For charting singles, the song had to reach its Hot 100 peak position during 2012.

4. If a song was included on our Faves list for the previous year but ended up being released as a single or charting this year, we will not re-include it on this year’s Faves list.

5. All songs eligible had to be in whole or in part credited to and performed by a Canadian artist whether or not it was composed by a Canadian.

As with our albums list, we listened to all 2012 songs shortlisting the ones we loved, then ranking them at the end of the year. We were not at all swayed by how popular (or unpopular) a song was or what the genre was.

We have included the cover art for singles. For album non-single songs, we framed the album cover with the song’s name on the frame.


#20. “You and I” by Anjulie

Anjulie - You and IJUNO-nominated, platinum-selling Oakville recording artist Anjulie is one of the most stylish and exquisite songwriters in the country, not to mention a talented musician and very good singer to boot. This year she released 3 gourmet singles and it was a tough call picking our favourite. We’re settling on Top 30 (currently) “You and I” which pays homage to 1970s dance music while still remaining distinctively fresh and modern. It begins in a simple vein on acoustic guitar strums and builds into a star-soaring, beat thumping chorus, complete with revving keyboard riffs.  This was one of 2012’s precious treasures, simply beautiful.

#19. “Love” by Raghav

Raghav - LoveGold single “Fire” was one of the most delightful songs of 2011. Calgary’s JUNO-nominated Raghav was the only artist from anywhere in the world to score three Top 10 singles in the UK in 2004 having launched his career from Britain. He released his long awaited album The Phoenix in home country of Canada this year. Raghav’s gorgeous ballad “Love” was originally written for Michael Jackson and was released as a single late in the year. With catchy lyrics “Is this what they call love? Is this what all the fuss is about? If so, let me out!”, unpredictable and detailed hooks, and some sweet singing, this was definitely one of the best songs of the year.

#18. “Tough Love” by Suzie McNeil

Suzie McNeil - Tough LoveThis Mississauga native, currently signed to Vancouver label 604 Records, is a fabulous singer best known perhaps for her song “Supergirl” which made the year-end top 100 of 2009. Suzie is blessed with a versatile voice, handling both softer and harder rock with ease. She released her 3rd studio album this year, Dear Love, three tracks of which have been released as singles. She co-wrote “Tough Love”, the album’s 3rd single, with Marianas Trench frontman Josh Ramsay. This magnificent song which should have been a huge hit is Katy Perry rolled up with Joan Jett, i.e. lovely but tough. This song is like a battle between mischievous Cupid and Supergirl Suzie.

#17. “The Love You Gave” by Elisapie

Elisapie - The Love You GaveHer album Travelling Love was one of our favourites of the year and this track stood out the most for us. Elisapie, previously in JUNO award winning duo Taima, is zooming ahead in her solo career’s skidoo as her second album shifted gears from her folky roots to a more pop/rock sound. The song is a savoury blend of spicy keyboards, sweet vocals, bitter beat, salty guitars, with backing choir, handclaps, and even a 70s style guitar solo. In short, “The Love You Gave” is perfect from every standpoint including composition, arrangement, delivery, and production. It’s no wonder that iTunes selected this song as one of their “songs of the week”.

#16. “Castle in the Cloud” by Stef Lang

Stef Lang - Castle in the CloudA cool groove that has the beauty to stop you in your tracks is this little jewel written, delivered, recorded, and produced by British Columbian independent artist Stef Lang. After releasing radio friendly EP Fighting Mirrors earlier in the year that spawned airwave played “Paper Doll” and moreover after laying the vocals on two tracks off Delerium’s latest album Music Box Opera, she created LP Self, our 9th favourite of 2012. This track was our pick of the bunch, though just about any selection from the album could easily be placed here. While many of the more popular tunes this year got away with bearing too much resemblance to a hit of the past, this is a very original composition.

#15. “The Veldt” by deadmau5

deadmau5 - the veldtCanada’s best-known EDM musician who composes but does not normally sing recruited Chris James to deliver the vocals on what sounds like a track inspired by Carol Anne Freeling in Poltergeist. One thing we know for sure is that the title came from a short sci-fi story by Ray Bradbury. Deadmau5 first created the tune on a live streaming session and then discovered Chris’ vocal rendition of it via Twitter. He invited Chris to perform on the official recording. The single came out just one month prior to Bradbury’s passing. “The Veldt” peaked on the Hot 100 at #24 and was the 75th most popular song of the year. To date, deadmau5 has won 4 JUNO awards.

#14. “Beauty and a Beat” by Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber - Beauty and a BeatBelieve was the most internationally successful Canadian album of the year and was certified double platinum at home. Of several singles released from the LP, we favoured this one best which is just a blast with its playful style and funky bass. The song was composed by internationally acclaimed songwriters Max Martin (Sweden), Anton Zaslavski (Russian-German), and Savan Kotecha (American) and it features a short and sweet spoken word segment with Nicki Minaj. “Beauty and a Beat” debuted on the Hot 100 at #47, disappeared the following week, and then re-entered 16 weeks later, peaking at #4. It has gone gold. Justin Bieber has won three JUNO awards.

#13. “So Happy I Could Die” by Bif Naked

Bif Naked - So Happy I Could DieJUNO-nominated and platinum-selling (not to mention humourist, motivational speaker, and comic cartoonist) Bif Naked in recent years underwent a successful battle against cancer. This year she released an album of mostly acoustic versions of her biggest hits plus a couple of new songs, Bif Naked Forever: (Acoustic Hits & Other Delights). In teaming up with Ryan Stewart, “So Happy I Could Die” is her welcome tribute to dance pop with a fantastic beat punctuated by her classic and lovable nasally vocals. “So here goes. I decided that’s enough. And it shows. I’m a fighter; I am tough” pretty much sums up the lessons she has learned from her experience.

#12. “Satellite” by Andrew Allen

Andrew Allen - SatelliteVernon, British Columbia, situated in the beautiful Okanagan valley, is the hometown of emerging recording artist Andrew Allen. Having enjoyed some radio hits, most notably the 3-million-plus YouTube viewed “Loving You Tonight”, Andrew launched his delicious dance-pop tune “Satellite” after scoring a charting single “I Want You” earlier in the year. Pulsating, percolating, and bubbling ’round the maple tree, the song is quite the embodiment of the touring lifestyle to which Allen has no doubt grown accustomed. 2012 was the year that Canadians became dance pop specialists and Allen is yet another example of such greatness.

#11. “Kiss You Inside Out” (Bilingual Version) by Hedley ft. Andrée-Anne Leclerc

Hedley ft Andree-Anne Leclerc - Kiss You Inside Out Bilingual VersionThe addition of Star Academie finalist Andrée-Anne Leclerc to perform a bilingual duet with Hedley’s Jacob Hoggard converted a good song into a great song and transformed something that could pass for a tune from any country into one that was distinctively Canadian. “Kiss You Inside Out”, released outside of JUNO-winning album Storms as a separate single, reached #2 on the weekly Hot 100 and was the second biggest Canadian hit of the year (after “Call Me Maybe”) in 19th spot on the year-end Billboard Hot 100. Given the beauty of musical composition, with a sweet and catchy melody, we are not surprised that this has become a triple-platinum single.

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