Selected New Releases: July 28, 2017

Montreal electronic group Raveen takes us on a soulful ride in new album Always. A beautiful music video of the opener and title-track has been launched. We embed it below to give you a taste.

North Vancouver’s JUNO nominated Madchild is back at it rapping in his nasally way about The Darkest Hour on his new album. It’s doing quite well – in the iTunes Top 20.

Celebrated Montreal collective Arcade Fire presents fifth album Everything Now co-produced by Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter and Pulp’s Steve Mackey. It has fired up to #1 in the iTunes arcade. The alternative music group has sold multiplatinum and won multiple JUNO awards.

The Ruffled Feathers from Vancouver, though essentially doing adult contemporary on album Hand-Me-Down Centuries, blend AC with some singer-songwriter vibes and alternative sweets.

Toronto JUNO nominated alt-jazz group BadBadNotGood remixes songs from other folks on the sumptuous Late Night Tales. Included are tracks by Stereolab, The Beach Boys, River Tiber, Boards of Canada, and Charlotte Day Wilson!

This week’s standout, especially for those who love alt-folk music, belongs to Mappe Of, the project of Whitby, Ontario’s Tom Meikle. The artistic music on A Northern Star, A Perfect Stone is filled with intricate details and rich atmospherics. Live performance of track “Cavern’s Dark” from Massey Hall embedded below.

Looking for rock? Check out the fine self-titled album from Toronto’s Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs.

Indie on the melancholy rocks comes by way of superb EP Memorial by Western Jaguar. The group is from Carly Rae Jepsen’s hometown of Mission, BC.

Lastly, we imagine most of you have seen the new Shania Twain video by now, but in case not we embed “Life’s About to Get Good” below. It has surpassed a million views. We think it makes a good song even better.


New Releases July 8, 2016

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Progressive fusion jazz outfit Badbadnotgood releases LP IV with a number of featured vocalists. The album has managed to shimmy up into the iTunes Top 10.

Chance Tomke is a very gifted country artist from Edmonton. His excellent album Days of Old should hit the spot for fans of the genre.

For those hungry for some no nonsense rock, Montreal’s The Damn Truth serves up a delicacy entitled Devilish Folk.

Pop-punk devotees should be all smiles with EP Is This Where They Found You from Oakville, Ontario act Coldfront.

Astonishingly good pop music comes by way of EP Who Is Jillea from Quispamsis, New Brunswick’s Jillea. She’s a small town girl with a great voice, and the tunes are well-written.

New tracks out include “Ruin” from Shawn Mendes, “Let’s Do Something Crazy” from Crystalyne, “If You Want It” by Sam Roberts Band, “Concrete” from Crystal Castles, “Fake My Own Death” from Sum 41, and “Only Rain” by Safe to Say.

2014 Albums Endorsed by Canadian Recording Artists

The Canadian Broadcasting Corp. recently asked a number of home-grown recording artists to list their five favourite Canadian albums of 2014. Of course they will not be familiar with all of the hundreds of releases this year but were happy to share their picks among the albums with which they were familiar. We have switched things around, listing a random Canadian album and quoting any artist(s) who endorsed it. This is part 1 of a 2-part series. You can find part 2 here.

Little Machines by LIGHTS

LIGHTS - Little Machines

“I pick Lights’ Little Machines as my favourite album of the year. This record has a variety of electro and retro new wave sounds. Lights managed to write a variety of radio friendly songs while still staying true to her underground pop sound.”
—Eleven Past One’s Kyle

“I’m so proud of Lights, she just keeps slaying it over and over. Another amazing record by a fantastic performer. We’ve shared many a stage with her over the years and I truly can’t say enough good things about her, and her band.”
—Marianas Trench’s Matt Webb

“My fave Lights record yet. Love the way it opens with such a spacey track like ‘Portal,’ it totally sucks you in and sets up the rest of the tracks in a cool way. The whole album has such a wide range of dynamics from track to track, and I think it really flows front to back. You’ll be obsessed with it for weeks — trust me.”
—Courage My Love’s Phoenix Arn-Horn

“If Krista made a solo record, this is what she hopes it would sound like: just the best kind of sparkly, dance-y, electro-froth.”
—Sidney York

“The tunes on this album would make a fisherman squeal with delight — because they’re so full of hooks!”
—Smashing Satellites’ Devon Lougheed

Tss Tss by Chocolat

Chocolat - Tss Tss

“A Krautrock mix, influenced by Pink Floyd and Ariel Pink. An unusual and innovative francophone project.”
—Julien Sagot

“Christopher Smith of Dralms turned me onto this album. I’ve basically had it on repeat since first listen. It’s thick, fuzzy, mysterious, French Canadian psych rock goodness from front to back.”
—The Belle Game’s Adam Nanji

Little Lines by Robyn Dell’unto

Robyn DellUnto - Little Lines

“What can I say about a CD that stays in my car en route to gigs and on tour for days and weeks at a time. I use it as my enjoyable warm-up on my way to the gig and as my happy sing-along on my way home from the gig. I will adore this album forevermore!”
—Tara Holloway

Neon Zero by Die Mannequin

Die Mannequin - Neon Zero

“If Brandi made a solo record, this is what SHE hopes it would sound like: powerful, angsty and edgy.”
—Sidney York

Conversationalist by In-Flight Safety

In-Flight Saftey - conversationalist album

“These guys work so hard, and you can really tell when a ton of work and talent have gone into something. They’ve achieved what they were going for — so many great songs and so well arranged and produced. Super impressive.”
—Alana Yorke

No Fixed Address by Nickelback

Nickelback - No Fixed Address

“I pick these guys every time they put out a record, as you know. They consistently, year after year, record after record, bring solid songwriting and Very Good Rock to the table. This record is tremendous. You know it’s true.”
—Bif Naked

“It goes without saying Nickelback is one of the best rock bands of all time. And their latest album is awesome. I love these guys.”
—Brett Kissel

III by Badbadnotgood


“Caught these guys in SXSW this year and it was an amazing show, been a fan since.”
—Bend Sinister’s Dan Moxon

Cold Coast by Secret Sun

Secret Sun - Cold Coast

“Keep an eye on this band. The song ‘Cold Coast’ is very haunting, we can’t get enough of it. The rest of the album is very vaporous, very relaxing. Well done.”


badbadnotgood-iiiBADBADNOTGOOD, sometimes called BBNG, is a fusion jazz trio from Toronto deservedly being raved about internationally. As the title of the new album suggests, III is the group’s 3rd long play offering. This is the first album of entirely original compositions which are instrumental, cinematic, jazzy electronic jewels with big boom beats. We think Hollywood … Bollywood … Canadian cinema needs to create a new feature film from scratch for the express purpose of using this album as a soundtrack. Then again, the music is so captivating, viewers would likely leave the theatre wondering what happened in the film. SoundCloud for “Can’t Leave the Night” embedded below.  iTunes