Occupant of the Rustic Apartment: Ludovic Alarie


Handsome Canadian singer-songwriter Ludovic Alarie of Montreal recently released his second album L’appartement. Essentially an alternative work, Ludovic writes beautiful folky songs and dresses them with sparkles of electronic hooks. In mood, L’appartement drips with pacifying melancholy. Alarie says the music embodies the “feeling of an apartment in which you lived, how you were, how you evolved, and all the feelings and memories that are attached to it”. He says the musical composition came to him quite quickly but the lyrics not so much, explaining that it took him only 3 or 4 days to finish the music but 3 or 4 months to complete the poetry. Of lyrics, he feels he is completing a puzzle where each word has a precise spot. Overall album production was handled by Warren C. Spicer of locally based group Plants and Animals. Whether you live in an apartment, a condo, or a house, Ludovic Alarie’s L’appartement will fill the rooms with alluring songs. This one’s a keeper.  iTunes


Peter Henry Phillips Takes Us to The Origin

Peter Henry Phillips - the originPeter Henry Phillips follows up his 3-track EP from last year with a full-length album entitled The Origin. Citing his hometown as Saint-Adrien, Quebec, the singer and songwriter has previously collaborated with many stars from the province: DJ Champion, Elisapie Isaac, Jorane, and JUNO winner Ariane Moffatt. He has done work for advertising, most notably Elizabeth Arden, and soundtrack work for Oscar winning Canadian director Denys Arcand. The new album is gorgeous. It has that City and Colour quality with rich, detailed textures and a dense cinematic sweep. While many of the tracks are roots-oriented, he also includes some progressive touches making the whole work an exciting one to unearth and explore. Give your ears something to cheer about with this instant winner and yes you can expect to find this jewel on our best-of albums list at the end of the year!  iTunes

New Solo Album by Félix Dyotte!

Félix_DyotteIn the Canadian music scene for 15 years, Félix Dyotte has both sensitive talent and seasoned experience. He made his debut in 1997 in the group The Undercovers who recorded an album with producer Gus Van Go and then transformed into 2-time JUNO winning group The Stills. In 2006, Felix formed Chinatown who released a couple of discs. The success of the group’s music enabled Dyotte to work with a number of high profile artists including Jean Leloup, Pierre Lapointe, and Valérie Carpentier. Under Coyote Records and with support from Malajube’s Francis Mineau, Philippe Brault, and new recording artist Kandle Osborne (daughter of 54-40’s Neil Osborne), Félix Dyotte has launched a self-titled solo album, and it is absolutely brilliant. The album very cleverly blends 60s baroque pop, orchestral flourishes, carnival pep, good bass grooves, and shimmering synth accents. This is a fine work of art.

Below, we have embedded the B&W MV for track “Avalanches” which has an acoustic intro and outro.  iTunes