New Releases 2 December 2016


Celebrated Montreal-based EDM duo Adventure Club has released the select party album to close out the year with a smash. Red // Blue is the title of the debut LP. It features a troupe of ear-massaging choice vocalists and includes a brilliant collaboration with DallasK. Red // Blue, as the title suggests, is as hot as it is super cool.  iTunes

No stranger to the Billboard Hot 100, whether teaming up with fellow Ontarian Alyssa Reid, drawing inspiration from Rockwell, or flying solo, the talented Virginia to Vegas, alias of Guelph’s American-born Derik Baker, has released his debut album, Utopian. If nothing else, the LP reminds us of his indomitable knack for crafting savoury EDM-inflected pop. We are very fortunate to have this ace a part of team Canada.  iTunes

Also from Guelph, ON is as yet to be crowned master of cool-groove R&B Elaquent. Worst Case Scenario is his latest LP. Mostly instrumental, it is filled with sumptuous beats and chillout vibes. Kick back, relax and enjoy this great work from this marvellous producer.  iTunes

Niagara Falls’ deadmau5 is back decking the electronic music halls with his eighth album W:/2016Album/. At times, spacey and others gritty, the mostly instrumental disc sparkles along with relaxed beats and atmospheric shimmers.  iTunes

Time For Some Elaquent Green Apples and Oranges

Elaquent - Green Apples and OrangesThough classified as hip hop, a more accurate description of the music of Guelph’s Elaquent is down-tempo electronica. Certainly in terms of his brand new mini-album Green Apples and Oranges, there is very little rapping. Instead we have lush mood music pared with chill-out beats and ambient vibes washed with some vocal scatting. The music shuffles itself over very naturally to funk and to jazz at times. Green Apples and Oranges is ripe for the lounge or just about any place where some undercurrents of cool are called for. Very nice.  iTunes