New Releases: 10 June 2016

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This week’s new Canadian albums by alphabetical order of the artists begin with the beautiful Les moments parfaits from Amélie Veille who hails from Saint-Georges de Beauce, QC. Among the gems on this is a Franco cover of “Do You Know Where You’re Going To?” entitled “En courant”. Very beautiful album of adult pop.

From the same province, Cynthia Harvey‘s self-titled album leans a little more toward the folk side, though she does try her hand at rock on a couple of tracks, and her burly voice sounds splendid on all.

For those who feel the need for dance-move busting, Dan’s the man. Yes, remix specialist Dan Desnoyers butters up songs by various artists for the dancefloor on his latest compilation album Summer Sessions 2016.

Erik West-Millette continues his love for train travel on project West Trainz. This time, Train Songs has various guest vocalists add their pipes to mainly cover songs about trains with an old-time jazz-pop feel.

Country artist Guylaine Tanguay of Lac St-Jean, QC covers country songs on Classique Country like “Ring of Fire” and also countrifies popular pop and rock songs. It is a bilingual album too which is even better.

Sessions: Brooklyn is a very nice traditional pop album from Montreal’s Les Handclaps which is worth checking out.

Toronto’s The Highest Order does a surprisingly good job at 60s style rock on album Still Holding.

For punk, we need a repetitive quirky band name, and we have one: Pkew Pkew Pkew. The group is from Toronto and the album is a self-titled affair.

Very talented Toronto rock band Sate has released Red, Black, and Blue which should get your blood flowing.

Rap lovers shall swoon at the announcement of a collaboration between Souldia & Rymz. Amsterdam is the new album.

As far as EPs go, Elliott Vincent Jones does an excellent job at writing songs with an 80s synthpop vibe reminiscent of Blancmange or The Human Leage on Arto Arto. Alternative rock is captured well on Slush from Frigs. Both artists are from Toronto.

Selected New Releases 12 May 2015 – Batch 4

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Season 3 of The Voice finished with Kevin Bazinet in team Marc Dupré as the victor. On this compilation of both covers and originals, he is joined by his three fellow finalists Angelike Falbo (team Isabelle Boulay), Rosa Laricchiuta (team Éric Lapointe), and Mathieu Holubowski (team Pierre Lapointe). A few other contestants appear as well: Céleste Lévis, Johanne Lefebvre, Simon Morin, and Sylvie Desgroseilliers (team Éric), David Fleury (team Pierre), and Karine Ste-Marie (team Marc). As well, the four coaches voice their exquisite cover of Claude Dubois’ timeless classic “Le blues du businessman”.  iTunes

When it comes to scoring music for film and theatre, Erik West Millette is the man. He has worked on over 50 albums and collaborated on projects with a number of A-Listers, including Richard Séguin and Nanette Workman. Having been fascinated since childhood by trains, he completes his magnum opus, a 2-disc dedication to all things choo-choo. Spiked into the music are samples from train stations, train whistles, and more. He and his group will be performing some of the … tracks … at the International Jazz Festival in Montreal. iTunes

Quite possibly the best EP of the year to date, Pivotal is the stellar debut from Niagara Falls rookie rocker Kayd. Well-constructed songs abound with a presentation that continues the legacy of the genre ignited by the Headpins and Toronto. Kayd is a treasure beneath the waves waiting to be discovered by the masses. She cites Janis Joplin, Paramore, and Chantal Kreviazuk as influences. Don’t miss out on this ripper of an EP!  iTunes

This is a post garage punk trio from Montreal holding a fondness for loud guitars and dinosaurs. The group began in 2008 bonding over Seinfeld and Twin Peaks. Those who like a raw sound augmented by some hooks and surprises will enjoy this fun sludge-pop effort.  iTunes