CMB Premieres Upcoming Single from Every Last Chance

Emerging pop artist Every Last Chance (ELC) will be releasing new single “When I Grow Up” on July 21. The song presents a heartfelt and honest monologue inspired by almost losing a parent. Says the group, “That reflection became a discovery, that adulthood is scarier than it appeared when we were children – and that we never really feel as though we’ve ‘grown up'”. Ultimately the song explores what it really means to be an adult and how drawing on inspiration from our parents can help guide us on our journey. Canadian Music Blog embeds the official audio below. A music video is planned for September.

Every Last Chance (ELC) is a Canadian project that aims to make pop music with meaning. Debut single “Spotlight” featuring the superb vocals of Marissa Dattoli (lead singer of Ontarian band Crystalyne) stirred up some buzz; the euphoric EDM masterpiece peaked at #65 on the Mediabase CHR chart. Followup single “Roll the Credits” featuring David Spekter continued the momentum reaching #27 at AC and #39 Hot AC nabbing for the group Bell Media’s Future Star award. ELC launched its first EP (iTunes), a self-titled work, in 2016. The act has amassed close to half a million Spotify plays. A new EP is in the works expected to come out in the fall of 2017 which will include the new song “When I Grow Up”.

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The 10 Best EPs of 2016


An extended play record (EP), as far as we are concerned, is one than has a total run time of less than 25 minutes and has at least three unique songs. One exception is a disc over 25 minutes that is an addendum to an album, i.e. a collection of bonus tracks or outtakes from an album’s recording sessions. Another exception is one in which a remix of a track on the disc puts it over 25 minutes. We did not include remix EPs (i.e. a disc containing several remixes of one or two songs). Below is a list of our 10 favourite Canadian artist EPs of 2016 among the 136 that came to our attention through the year.

10Heliocentric by The Coriolis Project


Vancouver’s The Coriolis Project concocts ambient atmospheres in Heliocentric, a disc that takes us on a cinematic ride through beauteous anthems dedicated to the four directions of the compass. Chirps, thunder, and lasers animate the north, chants and mystical brews deck the east, burbles and tinkling adorn the west, and in our favourite track “South” find oceanic chimes and hypnotic hymns. Very cool stuff.  iTunes

9Kaylee Johnston by Kaylee Johnston


Vancouver up and coming pop artist Kaylee Johnston on her second, self-titled EP provides six original songs plus a remix of one all dressed with her vocals of honey. The writing is particularly strong and thus it comes as no surprise that Kaylee has opened for such acts as Ace of Base and has shared the stage with One Republic and Joe Jonas. Don’t miss out on this exquisite pop EP.  iTunes

8Beaches by HWYS


Progressive Montreal duo HWYS released debut EP Beaches following some buzz generated by singles “Bliss” and “Stranger”. This superb disc combines modern synthpop with old school romantic pop. The analogue synths provide a welcome nostalgic feel while the melodies are catchy. A pleasant addition to your music library.  iTunes

7Weightless by Olivia Penalva


Weightless by Vernon, BC’s teen ace Olivia Penalva contains wonderful, mature or AC pop songs, and the singer herself sports a voice as sweet as Alessia Cara’s. Track “Skyline” gained some traction at radio, and she received a feature in Nielsen Music’s weekly newsletter. The EP contains nuggets of pizzazz making it sound both fresh and experienced. This one is just wonderful.  iTunes

6Arto Arto by Elliott Vincent Jones


Toronto’s Elliott Vincent Jones has a knack for making good things along the artery of new age and art pop and has performed and recorded in various locales around the world. He has opened for such acts as Tame Impala, Blood Orange, and Majical Cloudz. Debut EP Arto Arto does an excellent job at providing well-written songs with an 80s synthpop vibe reminiscent of an act like Blancmange with some Brian Eno glaze.  iTunes

5CDW by Charlotte Day Wilson


Praises from all over wafted in for the debut EP from Toronto’s Charlotte Day Wilson, another smoking hot R&B singer like Julie Crochetière. When we say R&B, we mean the classy, smooth style that acts like Sade did so well. This is mellow, sultry soul done right. Charlotte has worked with Badbadnotgood as well as River Tiber. Disc CDW is mood music at its best.   iTunes

4Every Last Chance by Every Last Chance


“Spotlight” featuring the vocals of Crystalyne’s Marissa Dattoli was the most infectious EDM track since “This Is What It Feels Like” by Armin van Buuren featuring North Vancouver’s Trevor Guthrie. This CMB 2015 song of the year by project Every Last Chance gained some traction at radio. Its followup “Roll the Credits”, with vocal duties handled by Toronto singer-songwriter David Spekter, debuted on the Mainstream AC Billboard chart at #37. Every Last Chance put these two charmers along with three more pearls of EDM on its self-titled EP, a must for enthusiasts of the genre.   iTunes

3Arrows Part 2 by Stef Lang


A multiple Billboard Hot 100 charting artist, Vancouver Island’s Stef Lang releases the much-anticipated sequel to her Arrows EP Part 1. Part 2 is just as delicious. It offers perhaps a tighter, more hastening sound with a nice edge to it. Opener “Warrior Face” will get you a-chuckin’ and a-jivin’ right away. The following two tracks keep the pace exciting before “Toxins” pulls back allowing for a nice sensation of gliding. “Face the Arrows” takes a reflective, almost dreamy stance which finishes things off beautifully. The incomparable indie champ Stef Lang wrote and produced the entire disc. Arrows Part 2 is simply boss. iTunes

2Emotion: Side B by Carly Rae Jepsen


Mission, BC’s Carly Rae Jepsen became a darling of the critics who placed her third studio LP Emotion at the top of their 2015 best album lists. Carly decided to release a companion volume of album outtakes and throwaways most of which were hailed as better than 90% of the pop songs of 2016. And that’s quite impressive. This jewel of an EP, hailed as the best one of the year by U.S. music blog Idolator, is a must-acquire disc for fans of tasty pop music.   iTunes

1Canadian Music Blog’s 2016 EP of the Year

Following the release of six singles, this Albertan recording artist launched her debut EP. And with that she won Pop Artist of the Year at the Western Canadian Music Awards. The Calgary Herald called her the perfect combination of sensitive singer-songwriter and flashy pop star. The disc, which showcases some delicious flavours of pop delivered perfectly by her seductively spicy vocals, was released through Hands Up! Records. Opening with the shimmering electronic sparkle of “Diamond Eyes”, Waves continues to splash up savoury treats from soul bop anthem “Out of My Head”, through the dreamy Caribbean smooth of “Tattoo”, alt-pop charmer “Miss Me” (plus an upbeat remix), peppy cool of “So Simple”, to the punchy, fun waddles of “Antidote”. The Canadian Music Blog declares Waves by Lexi Strate as 2016’s EP of the year.   iTunes


EDM at Top Form with Every Last Chance Debut EP

Every Last Chance EP

Music with a catchy melody, beautiful vocals, a driving beat, and slick production has the power to infiltrate every cell of the body rendering the mind incapable of focussing on aught else in the surroundings. It possesses you. The first time experiencing this phenomenon was in listening to the parents’ Chuck Berry records as a child. As the pops, a once 50s teen, has always said, “I like songs that make me want to just get up and dance”. That was what the original rock and roll did, a genre which we today refer to as dance pop. Whatever terminology is used, we draw your attention to a wonderful, fresh project in Vancouver called Every Last Chance. Having created some buzz with singles “Spotlight”, one of the most infectious dance songs we have ever heard, featuring the gorgeous vocals of Crystalyne’s Marissa Dattoli, as well as “Roll the Credits” sung exquisitely by David Spekter, Every Last Chance releases debut self-titled five-track EP. All tracks impress us, and we are happy to mark this little jewel as a strong contender for 2016’s best EP.  iTunes

New Releases: Late August 2016

new releases collage late August 2016 copy

As we celebrate coming off of a successful summer Olympic games and our athletic heroes, most notably Penny Oleksiak, Rosie MacLennan, Erica Wiebe, and Derek Drouin and as some of us prepare to return to school, some fantastic new music has been released these last two weeks of August 2016 to serve as the soundtrack of our journey into September and beyond.

On August 16, Vancouver Island native Stef Lang gifted the world with EP Arrows Part 2, a sequel to last year’s extended play record. If nothing else, the new pop EP confirms our belief that she is incapable of writing a subpar song.

On August 19, dark wave electronic duo Crystal Castles of Toronto launched full-length album Amnesty (I). It is filled with hauntingly chilling anthems sounding like they were recorded in a dark, mouldy dungeon (that’s meant as a compliment). Also from Toronto, urban music specialist Tory Lanez, a Billboard Hot 100 charting artist, released LP I Told You which is selling well. Vancouver project Every Last Chance rewarded us with self-titled EP containing a couple of singles which created some buzz and one of which we named the best song of 2015. This is essential fresh sounding EDM that will pump up your day.

On August 26, a batch of gems, plugged as back to school releases no doubt, grants us pure pleasure. We begin with Allan Hurd. He’s from off-island Montreal suburb Saint-Bruno-de-Montarvill. In Tdah Vol I. he presents some delightful, folky singer-songwriter tracks. His fellow Canadian Céline Dion, as promised, gets the world’s oceans a-swirl with her latest album Encore un soir currently at the summit of the iTunes chart. The Charlemagne, QC singer has done it again with mostly original tracks composed by both Canadian and international songwriters.

Those who like to lap up the rap can check out Ça vient du Coeur by Montreal’s Fuccè as well as Résiste by Psycadelick. Well, yes, Whitehorse, YT is a team player, thanks to Old Cabin. Mini-album Saturn Return is a nicely done eclectic blend of good tunes. Selling quite well is the self-titled album by Toronto’s Tuns replete with catchy Beatles-esque tunes or more generally 60s pop. Also from Toronto, but more interested in making shoegazing alternative rock is duo Twist presenting new album Spectral. Remarkably good is the new disc from Montreal DJ, whom we acquired from Venezuela, Vito V. The dance album is entitled Illusions of Grandeur and is very much worth checking out.

Neither a studio album nor an EP is Emotion Side B by Mission, BC’s Carly Rae Jepsen, a companion disc to her Polaris shortlisted, critically acclaimed 2015 album Emotion. As has been said, though the tracks are album outtakes, any one of them is better than 90% of the pop songs of 2016. It is currently sitting in the iTunes Top 10.

Another beautiful work is the very classy R&B inflected EP CDW by Toronto’s Charlotte Day Wilson. New wave synth pop is done exquisitely by Montreal’s HWYS on new EP Beaches.

No country discs out this week so we leave you with the lyric video from talented Edmonton indie artist Andrea Nixon, “Innerglow” hot off the video press. Over the next week we will provide more in-depth reviews of some of the LPs and EPs above.

Music That Got Us Through the Winter of Early 2015 – CMB Picks

Winter 2015 Picks

From the beginning of the year to the spring equinox, a whole bunch of Canadian music was released to make our ears happy. Just in terms of LPs, there were 128! We have listened to everything and settled on our picks. These winter 2015 releases of albums, EPs, songs, and MVs were the ones we couldn’t get enough of and are happy to share them with you.

In terms of LPs, the Portrait of Ludovico Einaudi by Angele Dubeau and La Pieta proved to be classical music at its best. Elliot Maginot’s Young Old Everything In Between is an album that sets the standard for any aspiring singer songwriter with beautifully crafted, rich, folky treats. Jerome Miniere’s Une Ile, worth buying as a whole, is a quirky, fun electropop ride. Alternative rock didn’t get much better than Savvie’s Night Eyes. Scott Shea’s gorgeous Let It Storm gave us roots music to die for. There is no question that Beatrice Deer had the season’s finest EP, Fox, an eclectic brew of savory pop-rock.

Singles that bowled us over included Carly Rae Jepsen’s golden delight “I Really Like You”, Ryan Stewart produced dancefloor thumper “Spotlight” by Every Last Chance featuring the exquisite vocals of Crystalyne’s Marissa Dattoli, Jean Leloup’s delicious novelty rock anthem “Willie”, Navert’s progressive gem “Ma Chanson”, and pop-rock charmer “Aime/pardonne” by Tremblay. We would also add tracks from the aforementioned albums: “Still Alive” by Elliot Maginot and “Gravity” by Savvie. We’ll let you decide on the best track from the Miniere, Shea, and Deer albums. Although we cannot classify it as Canadian, we sneak in the honourable mention of “Lighthouse” by Emmalyn Estrada and G.R.L.

In the realm of music videos, there is no question that Carly Rae Jepsen’s “I Really Like You” with Tom Hanks was a standout. We also liked Ariane Moffatt’s eye pleasing “Debout”.