Selected New Releases: January 20, 2017


Toronto dance house DJ and producer Miss Tara releases 34-track super album Let’s Live! It is filled with club thumpers that will wear your shoes out in no time. As well, extended and remixes are included for avid boogie adventurers. Have fun with this one.

In a climate suffused by country pop, and a growing array of progressive country numbers, it is a good thing to keep the more traditional style alive as well. A very fine job is done by Grandview, Manitoba’s Kayla Luky on her new album Back to the Dirt.

From there we swing over to progressive pop thanks to Toronto’s Austra. The band has outdone itself on Future Politics which is a very good album. The unique vocals and atmospheric shimmers will be familiar to fans. The group adds some addictive beats to broaden appeal.

Also from CN Tower lands comes Abigail Lapell, a folk artist, and impressive disc Hide Nor Hair. The songs are beautiful and capture a peaceful spirit well. Those who appreciate artists like Gillian Welch will enjoy this.

Another dabbler in folk music is Kitchener-Waterloo’s Danny Michel. The album is named after Russian icebreaker Khlebnikov. We found ourselves drawn into the lyrics, as the songs are built around captivating poetry.

The debut album from Jonathan Roy is out. Mr. Optimist Blues is a strong modern pop work and sits at #3 on iTunes albums. He is a Billboard Hot 100 charting artist and released the album through Corey Hart’s boutique record label. Jonathan is on his way to big things.

Kid Koala, alias of Eric San, who grew up in Vancouver, has teamed up with Icelandic singer Emilíana Torrini for alternative album Music To Draw To: Satellite. Some instrumental, some vocal, the tracks are dream-world ambient with some touches of subdued trip-hop.

Montreal’s ragged guitar-oriented post-punk outfit Heat unleashes delightful debut album Overnight. While the band could be compared with any postpunk band of the era, it cites influences Sonic Youth and Oasis. You may even hear some Crash Test Dummies vibes if you listen carefully.

Also from Montreal, the indie music capital of planet Earth, appears Fleece. Album Voyager, a followup to 2015’s Scavenger, is an alternative work that encompasses more of a jazzy, psychedelic style. This is a sweet, adventurous ride.

Enjoy the new music!