Mid-June 2017 Hot Canadian Tracks

We’re closing in on summer, upon Canada’s 150th, and upon us is a tasty batch of new tracks which we present. Hopefully at least one of these will do it for ya.

Quebec’s Arcade Fire has decided to release a second track off upcoming album Everything Now. “Creature Comfort” offers a style that is punchier than the bouncy title track released not too long ago. An ultra widescreen MV complete with lyrics is out, the coolest part of which is to see Régine pull a LIGHTS and wield a keytar.  iTunes

The Great White North’s most popular pop group, British Columbia’s Hedley, has wrapped up the Hello era to launch a stand-alone single, “Love Again”. A new album is undoubtedly in the works.  iTunes

Montreal alternative group Stars releases a traditional two-track single as A-Side: “Privilege”, B-Side: “We Called It Love”.  iTunes

Ontarian Donovan Woods has crafted a super catchy singer-songwriter ditty called “All Mine”. He sounds a bit like John Mayer which we mean as a compliment. Wonderful track!  iTunes

The incomparable Pierre Lapointe cranks up the artistry on “La science du cœur” which builds to a satisfying climax. The music video (subtitled in English) has the camera slowly pulling back as Pierre stands before a beautiful set design.  iTunes

Nova Scotian Ria Mae is back with a bite on wonderful new pop song “Bend”. If she can consistently come up with songs this good, the platinum singer and songwriter has a great career in store.  iTunes

The production on Toronto’s Alvvays‘ last effort pushed Molly’s beautiful vocals into the background drowning them out into a muffle which disappointed us. Hopefully, a smarter job will be done on upcoming album Antisocialites. Lead single “In Undertow” is … in tow.  iTunes

Death from Above 1979 casts forth new song “Freeze Me”, a boss alternative rock track. The outfit has a JUNO and a gold-certified disc.  iTunes

Metric singer Emily Haines echoes the beautiful piano balladry of Emm Gryner (21st Century Ballads) while filling it with alternative ornamentation. The new track is “Fatal Gift” in which she addresses extremes of wealth and poverty.  iTunes


Video Party: Magic, Jepsen, Kissel, Helman, Yates

MAGIC!’s Nasri was recently interviewed by QMFM DJ Olivia Jones. It is one of the funniest interviews we have seen in some time. Nasri talks about new single “Lay You Down Easy” and the reggae pop group’s upcoming studio album. QMFM was recently crowned the most listened to radio station in Metro Vancouver.

In high school chemistry we learn(ed) about covalent bonding and ionic bonding. But perhaps the most glorious type of all of them is … male bonding? Scott Helman sat behind the wheel of a Volkswagen Beetle Dune to pick up his fellow singers Franseco Yates and Brett Kissel on their way to the JUNOs. The car has a Knight Rider feature with a voice that sounds much nicer than KITT’s. Brett Kissel was very impressed that his intro by Wikipedia was accurate.

This video is a few months old but it is so worth checking out. Follow Carly Rae Jepsen to the sweetest bakeries in the beautiful country of Japan. Fresh off her recent, successful concert tour of sakura land, Carly will be joining Hedley and the aforementioned Francesco Yates on tour across Canada through April and May. Things kick off in St. John’s, NL at Mile One Stadium on April 7. The final show will be May 20 at Rogers Arena in Vancouver.

Headlines for Early July 2015


Toronto’s The Weeknd becomes the first Canadian artist to see a 2015 single earn multiplatinum status, as “Earned It” strikes double platinum for sales in excess of 160,000 copies. Other certified 2015 singles are “I Really Like You” from Carly Rae Jepsen and “Sound of Your Heart” from Shawn Hook, both gold. “Where Are U Now” which features Canadian artist Justin Bieber has gone gold as well. “Something Big” by Ontario’s Shawn Mendes, though released in November 2014, peaked on the charts this year and has gone platinum.

the weeknd


Vancouver based recording artist Wanting Qu now has scholarships named in her honour by The Art Institute of Vancouver. Launched on Canada Day, the college is now accepting applications for the Wanting Qu Rising Star Scholarship ($20,000) and the Wanting Qu Most Dedicated Artist Scholarship ($10,000). Qu was a 2007 graduate of the college with a Certificate in Electronic Music.

Wanting is featured on various artists album Herstory with Mayday. The latter is a very popular rock band based in Taiwan. The album is a compilation of some of the band’s greatest hits all covered by female superstars like Fish Leong and Sandy Lam. Wanting voices the opening track, “There Is An Absolute In Life”. See the MV below.


Things appear to be settled now on a long-running dispute between Disney and deadmau5 regarding his mau5 head. The EDM superstar had already trademarked his gear in 30 countries but was unable to do so in the United States because Disney objected saying that it bore too close a resemblance to Mickey Mouse ears. Deadmau5 retorted by demanding Disney stop using his track “Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff” in a remix featuring Mickey. The two parties seem to have realized that working together rather than being at odds would be more mutually profitable.

deadmau5 disney


Ottawan country superstar Kira Isabella will be performing July 11-12 with American artist Jason Aldean during the Calgary Stampede this year. With two stupendous albums under her belt, we do wonder why they would not have Kira headline her own show to a sold out Saddledome crowd, but the country music broadcast scene is in “bro mode” these days. In related news, the Calgary Stampede will not be serving cockroach pizza as originally planned because the critters were barred entry to Canada at the border. Last year, scorpion pizza was apparently a big hit!



BC band Hedley has created its own brand of shoes. They do look kinda nifty. Whether you use them to bowl, dance, or peddle bicycles is up to you.

Hedley shoes


Elle magazine has decided to feature Carly Rae Jepsen on the front cover, looking super cool:

Carly Rae Jepsen Elle Magazine

As promised, we leave you with Wanting Qu’s cover of Mayday’s “There Is an Absolute in Life”.

Ice Conduit to the 2015 JUNOs: Album of the Year Nominees

Album of the Year copy

The final analysis we shall do leading up to the 2015 JUNOs this weekend is for Album of the Year nominees.

Bobby Bazini’s Where I Belong was the best-selling Canadian album of the year in the country and the only one to surpass 100,000 in sales. It was certified platinum. Bobby has not yet won a JUNO. He was nominated twice in 2011 and is up for two this year, the other being for the JUNO Fan Choice Award. Despite his popularity, radio did not play the album’s songs and the Canadian media seemed more interested in promoting international soul singers like Sam Smith and John Legend.

Another injustice is Hedley’s to date winning of only two JUNO Awards despite tremendous success. The fact that frontman Jacob Hoggard is hosting may be an indication that the band will nab one or two more this year. Wild Life (platinum) was one of the most successful albums of the year and was the only album among the five nominated that spawned considerably big hit singles. We predict this one will take the award.

Leonard Cohen’s Popular Problems (platinum) was the 24th biggest album overall of the year. Some have predicted it will win this year’s award. Len has won six JUNOs to date. He is not recognized as the country’s best singer but has been as one of our finest songwriters, certainly in terms of the lyrical component. We like him because he has been able to create a unique style he can call his own.

Nickelback is the frontrunner in terms of the number of JUNOs won: 12 to date! No Fixed Address was the most successful album of the year internationally, recently going platinum at home. As so-called post grunge is less in vogue now, the band we feel did a good job at tweaking its sound to something a little more in keeping with today’s vibes while not at all sacrificing its consistently catchy songwriting.

Serge Fiori made the big comeback. Among all five, the music seemed to resonate most with the public as the album was voted as best of the year via a CBC poll. Yes, it has an older style of progressive rock but that is the same sort of music that enabled groups like Supertramp to tap right into the Canadian soul. The platinum album finished just slightly behind Bazini’s in terms of sales through the year. What we question is whether CARAS members yet have the maturity to call a Franco work the year’s best album. We hope so.

Ice Conduit to the 2015 JUNOs: Single of the Year Nominees

Single of the Year copy

Nominated for Single of the Year are “Hold On, We’re Going Home” by Toronto’s Drake featuring Majid Jordan; “Crazy For You” by Abbotsford, BC’s Hedley; “Hidaway” by Calgary’s Kiesza, “Rude” by Toronto’s MAGIC!, and “We’re All In This Together” by Montreal’s Sam Roberts Band. All five songs encompass a different style under the pop-rock umbrella: R&B, pop, dance, reggae, and rock respectively.

Drake leads the pack in terms of the number of charting singles on the Hot 100. As the main artist alone, he has scored 24. Hedley has 20, Kiesza 2, MAGIC! 4, and Sam Roberts (Band) 4. All five artists have platinum certification or higher for either a single or album. Hedley managed a triple platinum single with “Kiss You Inside Out”. MAGIC! accomplished the same with nominated “Rude”. Drake’s Take Care was a double platinum release. Kiesza’s nominated “Hideaway” went platinum. Sam Roberts’ We Were Born In a Flame was a platinum album.

In terms of the nominated songs, “Hold On, We’re Going Home” was a platinum single. It peaked at #5 in 2013 on the Hot 100 and made the year-end charts for both 2013 (#42) and 2014 (#49).

“Crazy For You” has not yet been certified. It reached #7 and finished 2014 as the 22nd biggest song.

“Hideaway” as mentioned hit platinum. It peaked at #5 making it the highest charting CanCon single of 2014, and it finished the year as the 29th most popular song in Canada.

“Rude” attained triple platinum sales, reached #6, and was the year’s biggest CanCon hit at #5 on the year-end chart for 2014.

“We’re All In This Together” did not reach gold sales. It did make the Hot 100 peaking at #70. This is considered high for a rock song.

Both “Hideaway” and “Rude” were significant international hits in 2014. Both topped the British charts and finished the year as the 15th and 13th biggest songs respectively in the United Kingdom. “Hold On We’re Going Home” was #31 on the UK year-end chart for 2013.

The JUNOs do not necessarily give the award to the most successful song. (Remember when The Sheepdogs won the category a few years ago?) We will still predict that “Rude” will take the award.

Hedley’s Jacob Hoggard to Host the 2015 JUNO Awards

2015 JUNO Host Jacob Hoggard

It is an Abbotsford, British Columbia Canadian Idol alumnus and the frontman of multiplatinum group Hedley who will be hosting the main gala of the 2015 JUNO Awards. Jacob Hoggard can do “Anything” which includes pulling double duty as a host and performer at the world’s biggest night in music. Hedley has already won two JUNO Awards and is up for 3 more this year. Five years ago, the band performed at the Closing Ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver. Ten years ago, Jacob left his construction job to participate in Canadian Idol finishing third in the show’s second season. Immediately after, he formed the band Hedley signing a deal with Universal Music Canada. The band has released five studio albums and is one of the best-selling groups in the country. “Jacob brings boundless energy and amazing charm and charisma,” says CTV president Phil King. CARAS frontman Allan Reid comments, “It’s been wonderful to watch Jacob grow from an energetic hellion 10 years ago into a gifted songwriter and one of Canada’s top frontmen”.

Ice Conduit to the 2015 JUNOs: JUNO Fan Choice Nominees

The 10 nominees for JUNO Fan Choice are listed below. The selection of nominees is determined according to the following statement from the JUNO Awards:

“The top 20 selling Canadian artists are determined based on album and singles sales from January 1-December 31 of the previous calendar year. The results are then reviewed by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, the Official Ballot Accountants of The JUNO Awards. Next, the top 20 selling artist are evaluated by Next Big Sound, which uses online music analytics and insights to measure growth and popularity of artists and bands across social networks and streaming services. Finally, each artist receives a rank after combining album sales and online media buzz to determine the top 10 artists – The 2015 JUNO Fan Choice nominees!”

Unfortunately, the result of the selection is that no Canadian female soloist appears this year. Régine Chassagne is the only Canadian female (via Arcade Fire) included in this year’s JUNO Fan Choice nominations. Two entries are partially Canadian acts.

We have assembled some statistics on the ten nominees (see below): the origin of the artist, the year of the artist’s debut, the number of Billboard Canadian Hot 100 singles as the main artist (note that the artist may have scored more hit singles prior to mid-2007 when the chart was launched), the number of studio albums the artist has released to date, the number of those studio albums that have been awarded gold or higher certification from Music Canada, and the number of JUNO awards the artist has won to date. We did not include stats for other projects in which the artist has been involved in the past (e.g. Harmonium stats for Serge Fiori).

Below the list, check out the previous winners of the JUNO Fan Choice Award since it was established in 2003. You can vote for the JUNO Fan Choice Award here.

JUNO Fan Choice


2003: Shania Twain
2004: Nickelback
2005: Avril Lavigne
2006: Simple Plan
2007: Nelly Furtado
2008: Michael Buble
2009: Nickelback
2010: Michael Buble
2011: Justin Bieber
2012: Justin Bieber
2013: Justin Bieber
2014: Justin Bieber

Heaven In Our Hedley-Lights

Hedley1aHedley’s music videos resonate well with the taste-testers at MuchMusic. The BC band won three MMVAs this year. One of Hedley’s strengths is gracefully adapting its sound to the changing trends in music. Hedley’s latest album, Wild Life, sounds nothing like the 2005 debut album: compare “On My Own” with “Crazy For You”. Other artists who alter their sound ever so slightly often have fans complaining they miss the old sound. Not so with Hedley. But that may have something to do with the mojo involved in boy band appeal. It may also have to do with the fact that the majority of music fans are more concerned with good composition than with genre, and Hedley is continuing to write catchy songs. In any case, we are pleased that the group is continuing to do very well.

Hedley has released a brand new music video for “Heaven In Our Headlights” which reminds us of the joy in romantic road trips. Check it out below.

2014 MMVAs Go Down As Shindig of the Year


In honour of the passing of one of the sweetest broadcast personalities of all-time, Casey Kasem, Fathers’ Day 2014 saw a batch of rising stars, augmented with some veterans, showcase their talents to the world thanks to the MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto. It was the outdoor spectacle’s 25th anniversary. The ides of June brought thousands of screaming, cell phone raising music fans together in Canada’s most populous city with homegrown heroes and international guest superstars performing on state-of-the-art outdoor stages backed by flashy displays of colourful lights. It was a classy affair free from boos, foul language, and wardrobe malfunctions (whether intentional or not).

The Red Carpet Arrivals

The MMVAs known for their outrageous red carpet arrivals had a few doozies this year. British superstar Ed Sheeran arrived in a fast food truck and even served some fries (er chips) to the crowd. Virginia to Vegas and Alyssa Reid rode motorcycles onto the strip. The members of Marianas Trench were in a bed surrounded by a bevy of beauties engaged in a pillow fight; feathers flew every which way. In keeping with the title of her newly released album, Accelerate, Victoria Duffield’s vehicle of choice was a sports car while Down With Webster’s was a Mack truck. English footballer Jermain Defoe showed up in a double decker bus.


The Main Show

Ed SheeranWest Coasters Hedley opened the two-hour show complete with a vocorder followed by English superstar soloist Ed Sheeran. Co-hosts the Jenner sisters, after poking fun at themselves for a former teleprompter malfunction at the Billboard Music Awards, presented the award of International Video of the Year (Soloist) to New Zealand’s Lorde for her mega-smash “Royals”. Joking on stage together were dance music princess Victoria Duffield and jazz-pop wonder Nikki Yanofsky. Hollywood actress (and musician) Jena Malone passed some doughnuts out to the crowd and introduced Toronto band MAGIC! who performed hit “Rude” which incidentally has just topped the iTunes USA chart.


Canadian actress Laura Vandervoort gave out the award for International Video of the Year (Group) to Imagine Dragons for “Demons”. Incidentally, the American band became big in Canada before anywhere else, and the band thanked the whole country for embracing them. It was band member Wayne’s (a.k.a. “Wing”) birthday and the crowd sang “Happy Birthday” to him. Mia Martina and SonReal exchanged some comedy and then model/actor Kellan Lutz introduced Calgary’s Kiesza who recently topped the British charts with “Hideaway”. This was her debut Canadian televised performance, and she nailed it with a squadron of dancers … and a taxi too.


Down With Webster presented the award for Best Rock/Alternative Video which went to The Sam Roberts Band for “Shapeshifters”. More comic relief was provided by Fefe Dobson and Arkells. Habs star player P.K. Subban revealed the P.K. stands for Party Killer and gave the award for Best Pop Video to Hedley for “Anything”. New Zealand teen superstar Lorde gave a killer performance of two of her songs which involved a lamp.


The Weeknd introduced an excellent performance by Montreal’s The Sam Roberts Band.

Sam Roberts Band MMVAs 2014

Serena Ryder announced the winner of Your Fave International Artist or Group Award which went to Selena Gomez who appeared in a pre-recorded video of thanks. Members of Marianas Trench introduced the performance by Virginia to Vegas and Alyssa Reid who banged a drum together for some extra zest.

Virginia to Vegas and Alyssa Reid

Teen actress Kiernan Shipka handed the Your Fave Video Award to Hedley. Colton Haynes introduced Imagine Dragons who performed two of its hits.

Imagine Dragons

Your Fave Artist/Group Award winner was announced by movie star Chloë Grace Moretz; it went to Justin Bieber. Ed Sheeran revealed the grand prize winner – the Music Video of the Year award went to Hedley for “Anything”. Capping off the evening was a tour de force performance of “Problem” by new sensation Ariana Grande.

Ariana Grande

If you missed the 2014 MMVAs, the show can be seen both inside and outside of Canada for free online at:


You can also see more pictures of the show at:


More Performers Announced for the 2014 MMVAs

Ariana GrandeMuchMusic has announced three additional performers at this year’s MMVAs. Previously confirmed were New Zealand’s Lorde and the USA’s Imagine Dragons. Italian-American R&B singer Ariana Grande will be hitting the stage in Toronto on June 15. The 20-year-old recently scored her first Top 10 hit in Canada with “Problem” (featuring Australian rapper Iggy Azalea). Englishman Ed Sheeran has also landed in Canada’s Top 10 for the first time with “Sing” and will be performing as he did at last year’s show. Popular Vancouver band Hedley will be mounting the stage for the fourth time. The group appeared at the 2006, 2010, and 2012 MMVAs. Teaser video below.

MMVA Trivia: Of the 24 Best Video winners since 1990, only two were from female soloists (Jann Arden and Carly Rae Jepsen). No female artists have been nominated for Best Video this year.


2014 MuchMusic Video Awards: The Nominees

MMVAs 2014 copy

The MMVAs. So outrageous. So over-the-top. And such a blast! This year’s show, held June 15, and broadcast on both MuchMusic and CTV, will be co-hosted by American TV personalities Kendall and Kylie Jenner. They have a connection to Canada in that their father Bruce Jenner won the Decathlon gold medal at the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montréal. Confirmed performers are American band Imagine Dragons and New Zealand alternative rock champ Lorde.

Leading the nominations pack are BC pop band Hedley and Ontario rapper Drake, each having received six nominations. Below is a list of nominees in selected categories. A full list can be seen here. Also, you can vote for the three categories Your Fave Video, Your Fave Artist or Group, and Your Fave International Artist or Group here.

Video of the Year

Afterlife, Arcade Fire
Worst Behaviour, Drake
Anything, Hedley
Everywhere We Go, SonReal
Live For, The Weeknd Feat. Drake

Dance Video of the Year

Sisters, A Tribe Called Red Feat. Northern Voice
Asphyxiation, Autoerotique
Come Alive, Chromeo Feat. Toro Y Mori
Dum Dee Dum, Keys N Krates
Run This, Thugli

Director of the Year

Afterlife, Arcade Fire – Director Emily Kai Brock
Worst Behaviour, Drake – Director X, Drake
Anything, Hedley – Director John JP Poliquin
Everywhere We Go, SonReal – Director Peter Huang
Run This, Thugli – Director Amos LeBlanc and Ohji Inoue

Pop Video of the Year

Chills, Down With Webster
Anything, Hedley
La La/Danse, Mia Martina Feat. Dev
What I Wouldn’t Do, Serena Ryder
Goodbye, Goodbye, Tegan and Sara

Rock/Alternative Video of the Year

Reflektor, Arcade Fire
Thirst, City and Colour
Guns + Ammunition, July Talk
Shapeshifters, Sam Roberts Band
Hot Tonight, Tokyo Police Club

MuchFact Video of the Year

Asphyxiation, Autoerotique
Shapeshifters, Sam Roberts Band
Everywhere We Go, SonReal
Run This, Thugli
More Than Friends, Victoria Duffield

International Video of the Year by a Canadian

Rock N Roll, Avril Lavigne
Hold On, We’re Going Home, Drake
All That Matters, Justin Bieber
Rude, MAGIC!
Belong to the World, The Weeknd

Your Fave Artist/Group

Avril Lavigne
Justin Bieber
The Weeknd

Your Fave Video

Reflektor, Arcade Fire
Worst Behaviour, Drake
Anything, Hedley
Everywhere We Go, SonReal
Live For, The Weeknd

Gold/Platinum Certifications January – March 2014

Here are the latest certifications from Music Canada. Congratulations to the artists and a big thank you to Canadians for continuing to support them by buying their music. Dean Body has a pair. His 2012 single “Canadian Girls” has been certified platinum and 2013 single “Bounty” gold. Other singles are “Feeling Good” by The Sheepdogs from 2012 at gold and current hit singles “Rude” by MAGIC! and “Goodbye” by Glenn Morrison (featuring Islove), both platinum. Arcade Fire has the latest multiplatinum certification; Reflektor has been awarded triple platinum status. Hedley’s Wild Life album is now platinum as is City and Colour’s The Hurry and the Harm. Serge Fiori’s self-titled LP released just last week has become the first gold Canadian album of 2014, and Valerie Carpentier’s L’ete des orages, released at the end of 2013 has also gone gold.

2014 - 01 - 14


For both albums and digital singles, current definitions are: Gold = 40,000 units sold. Platinum = 80,000, 2x Platinum = 160,000, 3x Platinum = 240,000, 4x Platinum = 320,000, etc. Diamond is equivalent to 10x platinum or 800,000 units sold.

Ice Conduit to the 2014 JUNOs: Pop Album of the Year Nominees

Pop Album of the Year Nominations copy

Wild Life by Hedley (Abbotsford, BC)

Hedley - Wild LifeHedley’s fifth LP has been certified gold. Musically, the band has ridden well the wave of movement away from the pop punk fascination of the last decade to the dance pop trends of today. The album offers well-constructed, on-the-mark CHR tunes. It contains the band’s cheeky hit single “Anything”, the falsetto and rhythm guitar combo “Crazy For You”, smooth ballad “Pocket Full of Dreams”, guitar twangy “Mexico” , folk pop “Heaven in Our Headlights”, and ethereal keyboard moody “Wild Life”. Hedley has enjoyed two previous JUNO wins; it has three nominations this year.

To Be Loved by Michael Bublé (Burnaby, BC)

Michael Buble - To Be LovedWorking with Bob Rock (who co-produced his previous two albums), the production on Bublé’s latest studio album is crisp and slick. There are 10 covers and four originals, recorded in Vancouver and Los Angeles. It contains hit single “It’s a Beautiful Day” as well as collaborations with Jann Arden and Bryan Adams. While the album marks familiar Bublé territory—swinging jazz-pop—some peppering with soulful Motown and rock have served to broaden its appeal. This became a double platinum album. Michael has seen 11 previous JUNO wins and has five nominations this year.

Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke (Los Angeles, USA)

Robin Thicke - Blurred LinesThis Americanadian, son of actor Alan Thicke, has been recording soul and R&B music for more than 10 years; this is his sixth studio album. Robin is highly respected for his songwriting prowess. Although his second album was his best-selling to date at 1.5 million copies in the United States, Blurred Lines spawned his most successful single (the title-track), which topped the charts globally, as well as followup hit “Give It 2 U”. Robin received a previous JUNO nomination in 2012 and this year is nominated for three.

Heartthrob by Tegan and Sara (Calgary, AB)

Tegan and Sara - HeartthrobCertified gold, spawning three hit singles to date, one of which went platinum, this album was praised by both indie lovers and pop enthusiasts as well as fellow professional musicians including British band Keane. It was named Album of the Year (2013) by The Canadian Music Blog. This is the Calgarian twin sisters’ seventh studio album, a smoothly produced, electronic pop work with a subtle 80s alternative vibe. Emotion is expressed through the music rather than the Vulcan cool vocals giving it a twist. Tegan and Sara have garnered five previous JUNO nominations; they have four this year.

REVO by Walk Off the Earth (Burlington, ON)

Walk Off the Earth - REVO album LPThis gold album opens with its banjo plucked, boom-throbbing title track. “Gang of Rhythm” makes use of contrast between low-key tinkering on the verses followed by vigorous choruses. “Speeches” does the opposite with its quick-fire storytelling followed by a laid-back groove. “Shake” feels like relaxed reflections uttered while kicking back on a hot, sunny beach. “Summer Vibe” is a perfectly executed reggae number, converting “day-o” into the Canadian language (“eh-o”). Walk Off the Earth has one previous JUNO nomination; they have three this year.

Gold/Platinum Certifications September to November 2013

Here are the latest certifications from Music Canada. Congratulations to the artists and a big thank you to Canadians for continuing to support them by buying their music.

2013 - 09 - 27


For both albums and digital singles current definitions are: Gold = 40,000 units sold. Platinum = 80,000 units sold. 2x Platinum = 160,000 units sold. 3x Platinum = 240,000 units sold. Etc.

Hedley Gets Into the Wild Life

Hedley - Wild LifeThere is no question that Hedley has done well. Two double platinum albums and a triple platinum single, eleven Top 40 hits, and two JUNO awards. They will be playing the half time show at the upcoming Grey Cup. Wild Life is the name of their fifth LP currently sitting at #2 on the iTunes Albums Chart. Musically, the band has ridden well the wave of movement away from the pop punk fascination of the last decade to the dance pop trends of today. Wild Life offers well-constructed, on-the-mark CHR tunes. It contains the band’s cheeky, current hit single “Anything” (#6), the falsetto and rhythm guitar combo “Crazy For You”, smooth ballad “Pocket Full of Dreams”, guitar twangy “Mexico” , folk pop “Heaven in Our Headlights”, and ethereal synth and piano moody “Wild Life”. A deluxe version of the album offering four extra tracks is available.

Wild Life on iTunes     Hedley’s Website