Selected New Releases June 23, 2017

It isn’t a big week in terms of the number of album releases as things begin slowing down for the summer months. Here are three…

Black Moon is a dreamy atmospheric mini-album from Toronto’s AMAARA, solo project of Kaelen Ohm, member of group Reuben and the Dark. The album is a stunning piece of work.  iTunes

Jon Stancer delivers pleasant, mature pop album For the Birds, his first as a soloist. He has served as guitarist for artists around Toronto and in some local bands. The tunes are put together nicely.  iTunes

More on the alternative rock side, we have And the Magic of Horses from Ottawa’s New Swears, a talented group as the disc demonstrates.  iTunes

Folks, a one-bedroom 439 square foot condo (i.e. cavity in a building) in working-class East Vancouver is listed at $725,000. A track at iTunes goes for $1.29. Which one are you going to buy? A host of new singles have come out, music lovers. Here are three…

Saskatchewan’s Jess Moskaluke, platinum country star and JUNO award winner, discharges new song “Kill Your Love”. It is easily the best country song of 2017 so far.  iTunes

Toronto K-Pop specialist Henry drops delicious new track “I’m Good” complete with a music video. See below.  iTunes

Gold-certified JUNO award winning electropop ace LIGHTS launches new mainstream pop single “Giants” from upcoming album (and comic book) Skin & Earth. MV below.  iTunes


Henry Explores “Real Love”

Canadian singer, songwriter, dancer, rapper, producer, beatboxer, guitarist, Royal Conservatory of Music level 10 pianist, and RCM regional gold medalist for level 10 violin is none other than Toronto born and raised Henry Lau, the supertalent of the century. After being scooped up by the South Korean recording industry right from under the nose of Canadian record companies, he has become perhaps Canada’s most successful K-Pop male artist, though Henry has released music in Chinese (his background language) and his native English. Style wise, though, he has mastered the electro smooth R&B sound that K-Pop is known for. Henry released single “Girlfriend” last month and at the end of April will launch his latest, “Real Love,” a splendid, mellow love song reminding us a little of David Tao or John Mayer. The music video is out, and we have embedded it below.

Toronto’s Henry Lau is Fantastic

Henry - Fantastic EPA young man of many talents, Toronto’s Henry (Lau) has released his second solo EP, Fantastic. In 2006, Henry beat out 3,000 competitors to be chosen by SM Entertainment to form South Korean based boy band Super Junior M (the M is for Mandarin Chinese). This all happened after his mastering piano to level 10 and winning the gold medal for violin from the Canadian Royal Conservatory of Music. While in Korea, Henry picked up the language and decided to add some Canadian pizazz to the international K-pop scene. His debut single “Trap” hit the Top 20 on the U.S. Billboard K-Pop chart. (English and Chinese versions of the song were also recorded). Folks, Henry Lau is a very big deal. He now has nearly 2 million followers on Twitter. Second EP Fantastic is just as splendid as the first with bright pop tunes and some smooth down-tempo R&B. Title-track MV embedded blow.  iTunes

Chinese New Year 2014 Special: Toronto’s Henry Lau Performs “Trap”

2014 Chinese New YearBorn and raised in Toronto, multilingual Henry Lau of Chinese descent, mastered both piano and violin as well as various forms of dance. He sings, writes, composes, produces, and acts. Talk about talent, Henry is one of Canada’s finest. He is set to star in 2014 movie Final Recipe with Bond girl Michelle Yeoh. In 2006, Lau was one of only two people of 3,000 chosen in South Korea’s SM Entertainment global auditions held in Toronto. Relocating to South Korea, he became a member of popular singing group Super Junior-M. In 2013, he released solo album Trap in two editions: a Korean version and a Chinese version. Both albums contained a few English songs. In fact, the title track is available in English, Mandarin Chinese, and Korean. The album peaked at #2 on the South Korean weekly albums chart and its title-track became a Top 20 single on the US Billobard K-Pop charts. The Chinese version was the 10th biggest song of the year in the Republic of China.

In honour of Chinese New Year, we are proud to present the dazzling music video for Henry Lau’s “Trap”. The English version embedded below is dubbed so the lip movements don’t match. If you prefer, Links: Chinese Version  Korean Version.