This Week’s Charts and More News

The Charts

Not a whole bunch to report on this week’s charts. The La Voix 5 album has debuted on the Albums chart at #7. The remix of Allophone song “Despicito” which features Justin Bieber is on the Hot 100 at #18. It is the Biebs’ 44th song in the Top 40 of the chart whether as the main, co-credited, or featured artist.

Tragically Hip Scores Third Diamond Album

Music Canada’s latest batch of gold/platinum certifications includes a diamond (i.e. ten times platinum) award for The Tragically Hip album Road Apples, the group’s sophomore effort released in 1991. The award represents 1 million units shipped in Canada. The Hip has received diamond certification in the past for two other albums – Up to Here, the debut LP and Fully Completely, the band’s third.

Carly Rae Returns to Number One

Billboard recently generated a list of the Top 100 greatest choruses of the 21st century, and Carly Rae Jepsen is at #1 for “Call Me Maybe”. Celine Dion’s “That’s the Way It is” was ranked 80th. Avril Lavigne had two in the list: “Girlfriend” at #62 and “Sk8er Boi” at #22.  Justin Bieber’s “Baby” was 55th. Of the chorus of the century, Billboard says Carly “delivers it with expert over-excited anxiousness, as if darting between the raindrops of the string stabs. … All in all, the best part of the ‘Call Me Maybe’ chorus was how it ended up summarizing our own feelings about the song — the giddiness, the awkward excitement, and the feeling of how we never knew how much we needed a song like it in our lives until it showed up.”

Carly will be performing her hits with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra at the Roy Thomson Hall June 17. The one-time concert will be in celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday since Confederation.

Kroeger Explains Nickelback’s “Feed the Machine”

In a recent interview, Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger explained the meaning of new song “Feed the Machine”, lead single and title-track of the post-grunge group’s upcoming album.

I know that a lot of people are going to think, especially with the climate right now in the US, that we are, you know, jumping on this political bandwagon. And everybody is weighing in on this thing, and there is, I mean, the division between right and left could not be further these days and everybody is just at each other’s throats over this thing. And it really had nothing to do with that. Because we started writing this song so long ago that your current president wasn’t even in the picture. So we need to spell that rumor right off the bat. Although, it lends itself well, very well. It really does to that thing, but it’s not because we want it to be this general metaphor for a lot of different things. Any time people follow something blindly, and there’s a reference to the piper blowing his flute that leads the mice kind of thing, and just away they go. There’s just so many of these things that people need to question. … There’s a thousand of these things that people just fall in line and all of those things are big machines. It’s also government, it’s also religion, it’s all of those things. The people just follow blindly just kinda asking questions, good questions. So it’s literally just that: it’s the conversation starter of “yeah, why do we do this? And why do we do that? Why do I smoke this and think it’s okay? Why do I eat that and think it’s all right? And why do I drive that and think it’s all right that it comes out of the ground and nothing’s gonna happen to the earth?” It’s all of those things ‘cause those are all machines that need consumers to feed them. And that’s really where we were coming from. We didn’t want it to be specific to anyone’s thing, so it left itself open to all of those topics.

BreakOut West: WCMA Nominations

BreakOut West has announced the nominees for the 2017 Western Canadian Music Awards and Industry Awards. Winners will be announced and honoured at the Western Canadian Music Awards Networking Reception and Industry Awards Brunch, during events running from September 13-17, 2017. The 15th annual BreakOut West will take place in Edmonton. You can view a list of the nominations here.

Buffy and Tagaq Collaborate on “You Got to Run”

Two of our highest profile indigenous artists collaborate on song “You Got to Run”. Both have won JUNO Awards and both the Polaris Prize. Of course, we’re talking about Buffy Sainte-Marie and Tanya Tagaq. Buffy was born on the Piapot Plains Cree First Nation Reserve in the Qu’Appelle Valley of Saskatchewan. Inuk throat singer Tanya Tagaq is from Cambridge Bay (Iqaluktuutiaq), Nunavut, situated on the south coast of Victoria Island. We leave you with the music video below.


2017 Easter Releases

Babins is a jazzy alternative group with members from Saint-Hippolyte and Saint-Jérôme Quebec. The band’s self-titled album, pinecone and all, funks its way into shops. This one’s a delight.

Charles-Antoine Gosselin of Sherbrooke is quite a talented folk artist. Fans of the genre can check out his beautiful new disc Bleu soleil.

Nominated for the New Group of the Year JUNO in 2011, punky alt-rock band Hollerado of Ottawa talks about being Born Yesterday on the its new LP.

Montreal’s CO/NTRY is a synthwave duo, and album Cell Phone 1 comes fully charged with delectable tracks.

For his second project, Montreal jazz saxophonist, composer and arranger Benjamin Deschamps invited trombonist Jean-Nicolas Trottier to join his usual quartet of players: Charles Trudel, piano; Sébastien Pellerin, double bass; and Alain Bourgeois, drums. The quintet’s beautiful instrumental jazz album Demi-nuit greets us this week. (Not pictured above).

Diamond jangle pop group Barenaked Ladies joins New York’s The Persuasions on album Ladies and Gentlemen with the latest penned batch of smile-inducing lyrics.

Vancouver punk group Isotopes contributes disc 1994 World Series Champions for those who like music that moves as fast as baseballs being knocked out of the park.

Toronto’s Graham Ko gets the indie rock rolling, at times folky and at others funky, on Outside Looking In. (Not pictured above).

Lakefield, ON’s Luke Nicholson popifies the folk with catchy tunes on album Shape and Sound. From the sounds of it, Luke is as talented as they come.

Vincent Boucher is a classical organist. He interprets the compositions of French composer Charles Tournemire on Tournemire: Mariae Virginis. This one’s gorgeous especially for those who love organ music.

There’s no shortage of rap these days. Montreal’s MC June explores the Vérités on his fresh LP. His voice is much easier on the ears than your usual MCs.

In lieu of the fifth season of La Voix (The Voice), a various artists’ album featuring the contestants and coaches has appeared. It is bilingual, and the players cover all sorts of big numbers including Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud,” Bryan Adams’ “Somebody,” and Stromae’s “Papaoutai”. The album currently sits in the iTunes Top 10. (Pictured below).