Stef Lang Releases Rubix

Stef Lang - RubixStef Lang is a Billboard Canadian Hot 100 charting artist from Vancouver Island’s town of Ladysmith. Song “Mr. Immature” spent 14 weeks on the chart in 2010 and was nominated for two Canadian Radio Music Awards. Stef also appeared as a featured artist in hit single “Rollin'” with rapper iSH which charted for 13 weeks in 2013, and she voiced a couple of tracks in Delerium’s album Music Box Opera. The versatility of her work is impressive with her easily handling genres of mainstream pop, R&B, urban, and electronica. Stef Lang has released her newest disc, EP Rubix. While her last album, Self, embodied a brooding, downtempo vibe, the more upbeat and cheery Rubix pushes further into urban territory. Rubix even embraces some funk and spunk, most notably on infectious opener “Indestructible”. This is a charmer of an EP.  iTunes