Grimes Knocks Out All Competition with One Music Video

Honestly speaking, there is no competition when it comes to recording artists; all make contributions to the great pool of music from which we all draw. But in the spirit of fun, let’s just say that Grimes has pretty much decimated everything and everyone around her.

Vancouver’s Claire Boucher, known by her stage name Grimes, can now add to her CV, which includes critically acclaimed recording artist and music producer, one of the world leaders in making music videos. Her newly released MV for “Venus Fly”, which she herself directed, is just about the most dazzling and artistic music video ever made. It features U.S. singer Janelle Monáe.

Grimes who legitimately expressed dissatisfaction with the male-heavy nominations at the 2016 JUNO Awards now finds herself nominated for three trophies at 2017’s: album Art Angels, which includes “Venus Fly” as one of the tracks, is up for Alternative Album of the Year and Recording Package of the Year. Her music video for another track, “Kill vs Maim”, is up for Best Video and also received a Top 20 nod from the Prism Prize. We all need to really acknowledge the amazing work that this Canadian recording artist is doing. Go Grimes!

The Black Moon Rises with Amaara


New Canadian singer and dream pop specialist Amaara (Kaelen Amara Ohm), based in Toronto, is gearing up for release of an EP in early 2017, and she has launched her debut single “Black Moon” complete with a music video that stands as one of the year’s best. Filled with mystical themes and dark ambience, find Amaara near a misty forest joined by some real animals—horse, wolf dog, and owl—lightning, and a rising supermoon. The MV was shot in Alberta in June.  iTunes

The Rites and Ritual of Traitrs

traitrsToronto has an exciting new post-punk duo that effectively licks the champions of mediocrity. Rites and Ritual is the new album from Traitrs, one whose penned verses explore the dark gallows and shambled stone shacks of witch trials, youth cults, and burnt offerings. Musically, the duo presents a sound that echoes The Chameleons UK and composition on par with The Spoons. The post-punk cold wave, with atmospheric guitars, boldly sashays itself in with a great wall of sound that will fill your spine with a delicious cacophony of shivers. Rites and Ritual packs an impressive bite and is a welcome addition to the best works of 2016. We have embedded the MV for opening track “Witch Trial” below.  iTunes

Over Getting Over a Wicked Boyfriend

kira tyler ts 1 copy

While A-Listers Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber gear up for their performances at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards, which has Canadian artists in 20% of the nominations, some fresh MVs from the Eh-Listers came out in the past couple days which deserve a mention.

Tegan and Sara now have an MV for “Boyfriend”, lead single off upcoming album Love You to Death. It has a hula hoop, balloons, a green screen, and some zebras.

Gold recording artist Tyler Shaw drops the official MV for his latest hit “Wicked”, and it’s a steamy one. We’re not sure if he’s mesmerized more by the neon lights, posh décor, or a girl who has his mouth duct taped.

Country ace Kira Isabella launched a lyric video for her new single “I’m So Over Getting Over You” which is a good idea, because the lyrics are quite clever.

The Pharaoh Wants to Come Home from The Underside

ysp lucas louise copy

Abbotsford, BC’s You Say Party has released an official music video for “Underside” off its self-titled album that came out in early 2016. Inspired by Hayao Miyazaki’s classic movie Princess Mononoke, we watch a little one journeying through vast terrain, 4,000 km around Japan to be precise. This is pretty amazing.  iTunes

Lucas DiPasquale, originally from Markham, ON, has received some radio spins for music off his EP Post-Secondary. He is a very talented young chap who likes to bring some reggae vibes into pop music. Below is the MV for track “Come Home” with some nice summery urban shots.  iTunes

We are keeping our fingers crossed for a new album from Cranbrook, BC’s Louise Burns in a little while. She did drop … not names, not bombs, but a new 2-song single in March. The Bangles taught us how to walk like an Egyptian. Chris Tucker taught us how to fight like an Egyptian. But it is Louise Burns who shows us how to rock … like a pharaoh.  iTunes

Raghav Brings Solar Light to a School in Tanzania

According to international charity SolarAid, over a billion people in the world live without electricity. Close to 600 million of them live in Africa. Canadian RnB/pop singer songwriter Raghav was intrigued by the organization’s work, saying, “I just can’t believe that in 2015 so many people still live without a reliable source of electricity.” Raghav has associated his latest single “Until the Sun Comes Up” and its music video to a project he undertook to donate 300 solar lights to students at the Shubugubwen Secondary School in a town of Tanzania. This will help them with extra study time and save their families money from the cost of kerosene and candles.

“While the western world have been connected to the grid for nearly a hundred years, and walk around with powerful computers in their pockets, millions in Africa and around the world have to use a tin can and some kerosene to light their homes at night. This is a tragic injustice and one I wanted to bring attention to in my video,” Raghav explains. The solar lights are brighter than kerosene lamps, do not give off fumes, and the light lasts all night long. Extra star power join Raghav in both the song and video: American urban artist Nelly and Bollywood superstar Abhishek Bachchan. The previously launched lyric video surpassed 1 million views. We have embedded the brand new official music video below, shot on site in Tanzania.  iTunes

The Old Wolf and The Acorn

The Acorn - Vieux LoupDescribing its music as “valley soul”, Ottawa’s The Acorn was birthed by Rolf Klausener in 2002. Inspired by the close proximity to the urban centre of the rural pastures of the Ottawa valley, electronica and folk were joined giving the music a rustic-modern feel. Debut album The Pink Ghosts materialized in 2004 and followup Glory Hope Mountain, which explored Central American folklore, was Polaris nominated in 2008. No Ghost appeared in 2010. Latest album is 2015’s Vieux Loup, the fruit of 3 years of writing and experimenting with various mixtures of “dark electro soul” and “minimalist dirge folk”. It is a hypnotic work of art that stands out among 2015 releases. We have embedded video for track “Cumin” below which will give you a taste.  iTunes

Kalle Mattson Has the Cleverest MV of the Year

Kalle Mattson - AvalancheWalk Off the Earth is not the only act creating ultra-clever music videos. Ottawa singer-songwriter Kalle Mattson appears to have one-upped everyone with the MV for his latest single, “Avalanche”. Kalle’s 2014 album, Someday the Moon Will Be Gold, was Polaris nominated, and superb track “Darkness” made the CMB’s Top 30 Songs of the Year list. Kalle strikes us as the real deal, a highly underrated talent both in terms of penning lyrics and crafting beautiful songs. With the profusion of indie music out there lacking brawny resources for marketing, independent artists are left with the challenging task of concocting effective tactics to let the masses in on what they have to offer. Some take the easy voyeuristic route while others find more respectable means. We would argue that while the former may result in short-term success, the latter makes for a more momentous, stable, and long-lasting career.

Kalle Mattson’s MV for fabulous song “Avalanche” has him recreating shots on set of classic album covers with himself in place of the artist. He has to quickly change gear to do so. He also does a play on the album titles and artist using variations of his name. No worries if you cannot recall what all the albums are, but you should recognize at least a couple of them. Kalle, who is very meticulous in his planning, states his biggest obstacle for the idea was worrying it might be interpreted by the public as egotistical – his inserting his face into hugely popular albums. He assures us that the spirit behind it is to show his humble appreciation for the artists who made such fine works. We have embedded the MV below for your viewing pleasure.  iTunes

New MV: Alexz Johnson Has a Heart Like That

Alexz Johnson in New YorkCoquitlam, BC beauty Alexz Johnson has shot a music video for song “Heart Like That” off her 2014 album, Let’ Em Eat Cake. We named the LP as the second best work of the year. Consider that this DIY gal is flying independently as a singer, songwriter and record producer and able to cook up such delicious music. Thankfully, Telus has stepped in to help fund the MV production. Alexz has a style she can call her own: adult pop, jaunty vocals, progressive undercurrents, and a good beat. A piece of trivia is that Demi Lovato has said that it is because of Alexz Johnson that she decided to make a career in music. Voila, Alexz Johnson’s brand new music video for “Heart Like That”.  iTunes

Brett Kissel is Riding on the Airwaves

Brett Kissel - AirwavesFrom Livy Jeanne, we touch base with her Albertan counterpart, Brett Kissel. Raised on a rural cattle ranch NE of Edmonton, listening to Johnny Cash, and mastering the guitar, Brett began releasing independent albums when he was 12 years old in 2003. At 16 in 2006, he became the youngest nominee in the history of the CCMAs. Warner Music signed him in 2013 and released his first major single, “Started with a Song,” which peaked at #58 on the Billboard Hot 100 in October. He was off the races. The album of the same name spawned a total of five charting singles on the Hot 100, the most successful of which was “3,2,1” (#52). In 2014, Kissel won the JUNO for Breakthrough Artist of the Year, an award that does not come that often to country stars. Brett lent his vocals and star power to a track on the debut album of Yoan, winner of The Voice. That album currently stands as 2015’s best-seller from a Canadian.

The time has come for some new music from Brett Kissel. His new single bears the title “Airwaves”. A beautifully shot music video was recently launched. It features a red jeep, a diamond ring, dangling lights in a clearing, and of course a young couple on the path to wedded bliss. Check it out below.  iTunes

Sumo Cyco Crafts Nifty MV For “Fighter”

Sumo Cyco - Fighter MV

Canadian metal band Sumo Cyco has released its latest music video for track “Fighter” off splendid album Lost in Cyco City, and it’s a lot of fun. In it, a giant version of member Sever (Skye Sweetnam) puts up her dukes against a creepy robot; they battle it out Godzilla style over Cyco City. The MV provides parameters for “Terrorbot” which are low on speed and stealth but high on armor and strength; its health is at 100/100. Sever starts out at 100 health as well but higher on stealth, medium on speed and strength, and low on armor. It becomes obvious from watching the video that a tremendous amount of work must have gone into putting it together which is to be appreciated. As for the vocals and music, well that’s a given: we’re talking about Sumo Cyco!  iTunes

Ariane Moffatt Tickles the Synths at 22h22

Ariane Moffatt - 22h2222h22 may be the best time of day to enjoy peace of mind after putting to rest jobs, household chores, errands, social and family engagements. And this reality inspired Ariane Moffatt on the title of her fifth straight Billboard Top 10 album which debuted at #4. The platinum Canadian recording artist and JUNO winner delivers a smooth synth pop sound on the album brining some nocturnal charm and soothing grooves to clear the daily clutter in the mind. Track “Debout” (see MV below) has over the past weeks topped both BDS and Soundscan Franco.  iTunes

Animals Prepare for Some In-Flight Safety

In-Flight Saftey - conversationalist albumThe duo has been called “Canada’s Coldplay”. We think the music of JUNO-nominated Sackville, NB’s In-Flight Safety is at least as good and the vocals better. The CMB named Conversationalist as one of the 30 best albums of 2014, and finally we have a music video. It is for track “Animals”, directed by Drew Lightfoot. Notes indicate that the MV was filmed at an abandoned 1930s theatre in Sacvkille as well as in spooky forests near the band’s new home in Nova Scotia. “Projections of the city on to nature and projections of nature on to the city. There’s beauty in opposites.” In-Flight Safety is a wonderful outfit and we hope it continues to attract more fans.  iTunes

Carly Rae Jepsen’s “I Really Like You” MV

carly-rae-jepsen1Carly “Slay” Jepsen, as she is being affectionately called, has already scored seven Top 40 hits, including two number ones, three JUNO Awards, and a gold album. Her newest song “I Really Like You” leading her upcoming third studio LP is set to become a major smash. The funny music video stars Hollywood actor Tom Hanks in New York City with a cameo by Justin Bieber. Time magazine just published an article on the British Columbian pop superstar entitled “How Carly Rae Jepsen Got the Coolest People in Music to Work on Her New Album”. Those “coolest people” include (brace yourselves!) Tegan & Sara, Fun’s lead guitarist Jack Antonoff, Max Martin (producer for Avril Lavigne, Katy Perry, and Taylor Swift), Vampire Weekend’s Rostam Batmanglij, Greg Kurstin (producer for Sia and Lily Allen), Dev Hynes (Florence and the Machine and Sky Ferreira), Ariel Rechtshaid (Charli XCX and Haim), Jacob Kasher (Kylie Minogue and Ke$ha), and The Cardigans’ Peter Svensson.

Apparently, Carly wrote 250 songs for the new album which we can safely say now stands as 2015’s most anticipated. She says that “I Really Like You” is not necessarily the best track or representative of the album but felt it was the catchiest. The song was recently named Song of the Year by Much Music and awarded 4.5/5 stars by Billboard. Check out the official music video below regarding which MTV states, “How about we just go ahead and give Carly Rae Jepsen’s ‘I Really Like You’ video the award for Video of the Year right now because it is pretty epic.” It doesn’t get much better than this.  iTunes

Tom Hanks Boogies In Upcoming Carly Rae Jepsen MV

Hanks Jepsen
Having won 3 JUNO awards, scored 8 Top 40 hits including two chart-toppers, achieved 8x platinum certification on a single, and a gold album, British Columbia singer-songwriter Carly Rae Jepsen is getting us stoked for new music in 2015. She has teased with photos of herself in the studio with big name producers and artists including Tegan and Sara. Carly will be launching a brand new single entitled “I Really Like You” next month and recently shot the MV. Blogs are abuzz because the video includes not only a stylish looking Justin Bieber but also Academy Award winning Hollywood actor Tom Hanks whose films have grossed 8.4 billion USD worldwide. This will not be the first time ol’ Tom hooked up with Canadians. He was a regular guest star on 80s sitcom Family Ties with Michael J. Fox.

The MV features the three superstars among a crowd dancing in the snowy streets of New York City. MTV stated the stars “braved the bitter cold”. Well, maybe California boy Hanks, but for Canadians Carly and Justin, New York temperatures must have been nothing but a picnic. Manager Scooter Braun said of the new song, “I told [Carly] that she couldn’t come out with anything unless it was on the level of ‘Call Me Maybe’ and now we have a new one that is on that level.”