New Releases: Matthew Good, Tenille Arts, and More!

We have new albums this week from 3 JUNO winners and an additional 4 nominees, one multiplatinum artist, one platinum, and one gold. At the bottom of this post find a listing of 17 LPs and 6 EPs/mini albums for your enjoyment. We wish to highlight a few of these.

For those who like to get jiggy wid it, Orangeville, ON EDM duo DVBBS presents full-length album Blood of My Blood. The lads landed a JUNO nomination and struck platinum with previous single “Tsunami” which also went all the way to #1 on the British charts. The album is a bit more urban flavoured for those who dig it.

Toronto’s Carol Welsman has yet to win a JUNO for her exquisite vocal jazz, scoring six nominations over the years. Her new album is entitled For You. Find her interpretations of such classics as “Close to You” and “My Funny Valentine”.

Rock man Matt Mays of Dartmouth, NS is back with an album that is selling well, Once Upon a Hell of a Time. In 2014, Matt’s album Coyote won the JUNO for Rock Album of the Year.

Toronto’s very popular Tenille Arts introduces her debut LP, Rebel Child. There are many emerging country artists, and she is leading most with her energetic delivery and splendid vocals.

Multiplatinum 4-time (2 as a soloist) JUNO winner Matthew Good of Coquitlam, BC gives us his latest effort which is Something Like a Storm. It leads the week’s releases at iTunes (currently #4). Matthew likes to craft rock with a hint of new wave.

Alternative folk comes by way of Toronto’s Skydiggers. The band won a JUNO for Most Promising Group of the Year way back in 1993. It’s good the outfit is still making music. The latest work of art is Warmth of the Sun.

Drummondville, QC’s Andy St-Louis (female) contributes a delightful 4-track EP of beautiful adult contemporary tunes worth checking out; Chez Moi is doing quite well on the Musique fracophone charts.

Finally, something of a treat, St. John’s Kim Stockwood joins jazz pianist Bill King with an easy listening EP, Sometimes the Moon. It feels like watching a classy old-time movie. Very nicely done. Kim was nominated for a JUNO in 1996 (Best New Solo Artist).

A number of new singles and music videos are out this week as well. We’d like to highlight “Darts in the Dark” from multiplatinum group MAGIC! The band has gone for a little more of an electronic sound on this, and it sounds nifty.

One of the best songs of the year off one of the best albums gets a music video. We’re talking about “Moonlight Shadow” off album Young Mopes from British Columbia’s Louise Burns. View it below, and find underneath a listing of some of the week’s Canadian artist LPs and EPs.

Adieu Veracruz Cherry Cherie Alt Rock  
L’alphabet des animaux Natasha St-Pier Children’s 1JN; G
Blood of My Blood DVBBS EDM 1JN; P
Break Andre Bisson  Blues  
Le demon normal Oktoplut Metal  
For You Carol Welsman Jazz 6JN
Morose Les Poules à Colin Folk  
Nothing Else Matters ViVA Trio EL  
Nouveau depart! Jacques & Geneviève AC  
Once Upon a Hell of a Time Matt Mays Rock 1JW
Rebel Child Tenille Arts Country  
Rever plus fort Thierry Bruyere Alt Rock  
Rivers Mark Martyre S-S  
Sanza Soul Laetitia Zonzambé World  
Shame Tough Age Alt Rock  
Something Like a Storm Matthew Good Rock 4JW; 2xP
Warmth of the Sun Skydiggers Alt Folk 1JW
Chez moi (EP) Andy St-Louis AC  
Downtown Kids (EP) David James Country  
Etre social (EP) Émilie Landry AC  
Low Light (EP) Lydia Persaud S-S  
Sometimes the Moon (EP) Kim Stockwood EL 1JN
Yugen (EP) Gazoline Alt  

JN – Juno Nominations
JW – Juno Wins
G – Gold (highest certification on a recording)
P – Platinum (highest certification on a recording)
2xP – Double Platinum (highest certification on a recording)
EL – Easy Listening
AC – Adult Contemporary
S-S – Singer-Songwriter

New Releases 2 October 2015

new releases banner

This week, Montreal’s Emilie & Ogden bring back the harp and combine it with vocal harmonies on beautiful new album 10,000. Future Nostalgia is the latest from Saskatoon boogie rock group The Sheepdogs. Natasha St-Pier of Bathurst, NB gets the Acadian folk jangling on Mon Acadie with featured guests that include Roch Voisine and Édith Butler. The West Coast adds more folk to the pool thanks to Vancouver’s Good For Grapes and The Ropes. Midland, ON’s Born Ruffians ups the quirkiness via alternative album Ruff. More from the alternative field appears from Vancouver’s Dralms and Shook. Folky singer-songwriter outfit Towers and Trees releases The West Coast from Victoria, BC.

This week’s EPs include Phases by Heather Russell. She’s a new teen pop star originally from Toronto based in Los Angeles. Montreal singer-songwriter Laura Sauvage launches Americana Submarine. A nice alt-pop EP called Wino Oracle which is selling well comes to us from Vancouver’s The Zolas.

With that, we’re up to 454 Canadian LPs and 104 EPs for 2015 that have been released through major retailers.

ATF Tunes: Je sais tellement que l’amour a ses lois

No, I’m not going to provide an English translation. There is a reason why we all spent our years in grade school learning French. An English version of this song exists, but it sounds so much better when sung in the other official language of our country. Our singer is not from Québec but New Brunswick. This song was written for her by Robert Goldman as she represented France during the Eurovision song contest in 2001. The single went gold in Canada. Because of her participation in the popular contest, she is one Francophone singer who became popular in Europe. She is, of course, Natasha St-Pier. One of our favourites is power ballad “Je n’ai que mon âme“. Words cannot do justice to how beautiful this song is.


Puisqu’il faut dire, puisqu’il faut parler de soi
Puisque ton cœur ne brûle plus comme autrefois
Même si l’amour, je crois, ne se dit pas
Mais puisqu’il faut parler alors écoute-moi

Mais je n’ai que mon âme
Pour te parler de moi
Oh juste mon âme
Mon âme et ma voix
Si fragiles flammes
Au bout de mes doigts
Dérisoires armes
Pour parler de moi

Même si tu dis que je fais partie de toi
Que notre histoire nous suivra pas à pas
Je sais tellement que l’amour a ses lois
S’il faut le sauver alors écoute-moi

Mais je n’ai que mon âme
Pour te parler de moi
Oh juste mon âme
Mon âme et ma voix
Et mon corps qui s’enflamme
Au son de ta voix
Je ne suis qu’une femme
Qui t’aime tout bas

Mais que Dieu me damne
Si j’oublie ma voie
Que la vie me condamne
Si tu n’es plus ma loi
Et s’éteint cette flamme
Qui brûle pour toi
Je n’ai que mon âme
Pour parler de moi
Je n’ai que mon âme
Pour parler de moi


Song: “Je n’ai que mon âme”
Album: À chacun son histoire
Year: 2001
Artist: Natasha St-Pier
Origin: Edmundston, NB

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Early 2000s Mini Profiles on Semi-Major Artists

Daniel Boucher

Blues-rocker Boucher has released three studio albums, including his platinum- certified debut Dix Mille Matins. His song “La désise” was declared the song of the year at the Felix awards gala in 2001. Other hits of his include “Chez nous” and “Le vent soufflait mes pellicules”. Daniel studied civil engineering in Montreal before switching to a career in music after success in multiple singing contests. In 2014, he released album Toutte est temporaire.

Les Cowboys Fringants

Although not achieving huge album sales, the band from the Montreal suburbs, has achieved tremendous critical reception and attracted large underground cult followings in Europe. Six of their songs have garnered Felix song of the year nominations, one of which, “Les Étoiles filantes“, won the award at the gala in 2005. The other nominees were “Toune d’automne”, “Mon chum Rémi”, “Plus rien”, “8 secondes”, and “La tête haute”. They were named Best Group two years in a row. Their album Break Syndical received a Juno nomination. They are best-known for performing modernized Quebec folk music with a rock flavour, known as the néo-trad movement. Album Octobre appeared in 2015.

Natasha St-Pier

The powerful Francophone singer from New Brunswick has released seven studio albums. De L’amour le mieux was nominated for a Juno. Her exquisite piece “Je n’ai que mon âme“, which she performed at the Eurovision contest, was named song of the year at the Felix gala in 2002. She also delivered the Felix-nominated “Laisser l’été avoir 15 ans” with Claude Dubois. St Pier has, unlike many French Canadian singers, become popular in francophone Europe, as well as in Poland and Russia. 2015 album Mon Acadie paid tribute in musical style to Natasha’s Acadian roots.

Sum 41

They never scored any big hit singles until 2011’s “Baby, You Don’t Wanna Know” (#10) but the punk rock band from Ajax, Ontario has sold many records, their most successful being their triple-platinum debut All Killer, No Filler, released in 2001. “Fat Lip” from the album topped the Billboard so-called “Modern Rock Tracks” charts. The band is led by Deryck Whibley who enjoyed a marriage to Avril Lavigne. The band has received nine Juno nominations, one of which it won: Group of the Year in 2003.

The Tea Party

The brand of music performed by this Windsor, Ontario band was labelled “Moroccan roll” by the media. Before disbanding in 2005, the group released eight studio albums, three of which were certified double-platinum. Eight of their singles made the Top 40, the most successful of which were “Lullaby” and “Soulbreaking” both reaching #3 in 2001. “Heaven Coming Down“, however, remains the band’s signature song. Led by Jeff Martin, the band achieved an amazing 13 Juno nominations, winning none. The band reformed and released album Ocean at the End in 2014.

Bands, Bangs, and Boomtangs (2000-2002)

The first new major star to arise in the new millennium was a Canadian of Portuguese descent who had grown up in Victoria, BC. After her Juno Song of the Year winner “I’m Like a Bird”, Nelly Furtado went on to sell 20 million of her three studio albums worldwide. But the early years of first decade were known for a slew of new (mostly short-lived) bands.

RPM magazine and their national charts folded in Y2K and determination of the Canadian charts was ultimately handed over to the Americans. Coincidentally, Canadian music seemed to become increasingly Americanized with a host of Canadian-made R&B and rap songs reaching high positions on the charts. Interesting though was the fact that new Canadian artists who embraced American styles of music, though scoring one or two big hits, did not last past an album or two. Fewer new Canuck acts took on genres more Canadian, but those who did saw greater and longer-lasting success.

Alberta gave the nation and the world the hard rock group Nickelback who scored the biggest hit of the year in 2002 on the U.S. Billboard charts. And a young singer from small town Ontario, who swung between pop and punk, scored a diamond debut album and, by the end of the decade, had sold over 30 million records worldwide. Her name was Avril Lavigne.


Montreal-born Daniel Boucher released his debut album in 1999. Its opener, “La désise” was declared song of the year at the Felix awards gala. He was the only significant new soloist in Y2K. All other new artists were bands.

Vancouver’s ambient pop band Delerium had been around since 1989. But it wasn’t until this year that they scored (thanks to the vocal help of Sarah McLachlan) their first big hit. “Silence” peaked on the charts at #5 in Canada, #3 in the U.K. and #1 in Ireland. Further singles released from the band saw greater success in the U.K. and Ireland than at home.

Another Vancouver act was R&B-rap soulDecision whose song “Faded” topped the charts, driving their album to platinum status. They scored a couple more hits later on but remain best known for “Faded” which appeared on the year-end Billboard Hot 100 chart in 66th place. Aimee MacKenzie, who had been part of the female group West End Girls in Vancouver, formed a new R&B band called D Cru. “I Will Be Waiting” was a Top 10 hit (#9).

Sault Ste. Marie produced an indie rock / pop-punk band called Treble Charger. Their 2000 album went platinum thanks in part to the Juno nominated song “American Psycho”. In Toronto, pop boy band B4-4’s debut album went platinum and their song “Get Down” made it to #4. R&B outfit Jacksoul, which had debuted in 1996, scored a #8 hit this year called “Can’t Stop”.

In Montreal, twin sisters Toni and Trisha Sherwood formed a dance-pop duo named after their shared birth date (November 30th). 11:30’s song “Olè Olè” peaked at #10 on the charts. Folk-rockers Okoumé which had debuted in 1997 came out with their second album this year which spawned the Felix-nominated “Irresponsable”. They were never heard from since.


Although there were no significant new female soloists in Y2K, this year one of the biggest acts of the decade emerged. 2001, for all intents and purposes, belonged to Victoria’s Nelly Furtado. Her debut album Whoa, Nelly! went quadruple-platinum and sold 7 million copies worldwide, thanks to the hit “I’m Like a Bird”, a British Top 5 hit and 43rd biggest song of the year in the United States. The album spawned three more Top 20 singles.

New Brunswick’s Natasha St-Pier, who had released a debut album in 1996, represented France in the Eurovision contest with a Jill Kapler-composed masterpiece called “Je n’ai que mon âme”, turning her into an international star. The song entered the French and Belgian charts at #11 and then jumped to #2. It remained on the charts for 26 weeks and, in Canada, was declared song of the year by the Felix Awards. St-Pier released an English version of the song (“All I Have Is My Soul”) which was ignored. Lulu Hughes scored a hit called “Rock with Me”.

In terms of new bands, the most successful was Sum 41, the only act, besides Furtado and St-Pier to score an international hit this year “Fat Lip”, a #8 hit in Britain, helped the Ajax, Ontario punk rockers’ debut album attain triple platinum status. The Matthew Good Band’s “Raygun” was a Top 10 hit this year. Later suburban Vancouverite Matthew Good was to go solo and score another Top 10 hit: “In a World Called Catastrophe” in 2003. Montreal’s funky dance collective Bran Van 3000 scored a Top 10 hit with “Astounded”.

Newmarket, Ontario’s Serial Joe scored a #1 grunge-punk hit in Canada called “Completely”. Niagara Falls’ Wave went to number 1 as well thanks to “California”. Created on the first season of the Popstars show, assembled group Sugar Jones became one-hit wonders with the #2 single “Days Like That”.

There only new male soloist this year was Toronto rapper Jelleestone whose “Money” made a brief appearance on the charts peaking at #6.


2002 was a huge year in Canadian music, one of the biggest of the decade. Two new superstars came out of nowhere, both selling over 30 million copies of their records through the decade.

A teenage singer from small town Ontario won a contest to sing with Shania Twain in Ottawa before a crowd of 20,000. She was offered a record deal and became a multi-millionaire when she was 16 years old. Avril Lavigne’s debut album, Let Go, was released this year and went diamond, with four singles entering the Top 20 all over the world. Ironically, her singles charted better in every other country than in Canada, including non-English-speaking countries. “Complicated” was the song that first thrust her into the limelight and was the 11th best-selling single of the year in the U.S.

Alberta had not contributed much in the way of Canadian music over the years besides the occasional artist like The Stampeders, k.d. lang, and Jann Arden. From the small town of Hanna, northeast of Calgary, a rock band had released a debut album in 1996 that went nowhere. Their 2000 release garnered some attention on the “alternative” charts but this year’s release, Silver Side Up, went 8x Platinum. Nickelback’s single “How You Remind Me” was the biggest song of the year south of the border and “Too Bad” was a Top 10 hit in Britain. Furthermore, Chad Kroeger, the band’s lead singer, teamed up with Josey Scott of the American band Saliva to record the song “Hero” for the feature film Spider-Man. It topped the charts in Canada.

Around since 1993, Windsor Ontario’s The Tea Party finally became big names thanks to “Soulbreaking”, which peaked at #3. Four of the band’s albums, with their unique sound of rock with middle eastern touches, reached multi-platinum status. After being around since 1997, folk-rock band Les Cowboys Fringants garnered their first Felix-nominated song this year, “Toune d’automne”. Dance trio The Boomtang Boys topped the charts with “Movin’ On”, following up with the Top 10 hit “Squeeze Toy”. Aside from writing original songs, they created dance versions of past hits, like Joni Mitchell’s “Both Sides Now”. Toronto’s overlooked all-female power punk band Tuuli scored a #4 hit called “It’s Over”. BC’s rap group Swollen Members made it to #3 with “Bring It Home”. Grungers Theory of a Deadman, from suburban Vancouver, made it to #2 on the charts with “Nothing Could Come Between Us”. Quebec City’s dance band One Ton made the Top 10 with “Supersexworld”.

A male-female duo emerged that sung a couple of popular duets. They were Jean-François Breau and Marie-Ève Janvier. “Changer” was popular this year and, later, “Donner pour donner”.

A few new male soloists appeared this year. Mascouche, Québec’s Marc Déry went solo after a stint with the band Zébulon and scored the hit “Depuis”. Montrealer Sam Roberts rocked his way to platinum, to Juno awards, and gave us the gold single “Where Have All the Good People Gone?” With roots in Rwanda, German-born R&B artist Corneille came out with the hit “Avec classe”, and, later on, “Parce qu’on vient de loin” and “Seul au monde”. Dany Bédar, who had started out as a dj, debuted this year with the hit song “Faire la paix avec l’amour”. Later he scored with “Écoute-moi donc”.

Calgarian nurse-turned-country-star Paul Brandt crossed over onto the pop charts with the #1 “Canadian Man”. His debut album in 1996 had gone triple-platinum and he had been the first male Canadian country artist since Hank Snow in the 70s to have a Top 10 single in the American Billboard charts (“My Heart Has a History”).

Coming up are mini-profiles on semi-major artists Daniel Boucher, Natasha St-Pier, Sum 41, The Tea Party, and Les Cowboys Fringants. Following that will be features on major artists Nelly Furtado, Avril Lavigne, and Nickelback.