Selected New Releases February 3, 2017


We kick off this week’s releases with Almanach from Cap-Chat, QC’s Patrice Michaud. It debuted at #3 in the iTunes chart and is essentially a pop album with some rock and singer-songwriter flavours in the mix. It’s a nifty little album.

For blues-rock lovers, Matt Minglewood is the man. The native of Glace Bay, NS releases the fine work, Fly Like Desperados.

Edmonton’s Peter Sagar, recording under the moniker Homeshake, contributes alternative disc Fresh Air. He is now based in Montreal.

Ottawa’s Her Harbour may oscillate between soloist Gabrielle Giguere and a band but new album Go Gently into the Night settles on a relaxed, sparsely arranged folk album.

Big Wreck needs no introduction. The acclaimed rock band debuts at #2 on iTunes with Grace Street.

How about giving Montreal gridlock a dose of grit rock from local band Le Trouble. But be careful. The new album may lead to Making Matters Worse.

How about that JUNO Award winner Rose Cousins? The Halifax folk artist is back with a very good album as usual—Natural Conclusion.

Kitchener-Waterloo group Courage My Love launches album Synesthesia which should impress fans of Crystalyne and Hedley.

Last but not least is our favourite album of 2017 to date: Young Mopes from Cranbrook, BC’s Louise Burns. It’s guitar-oriented new wave with some synth touches and reminds us that she stands as one of Canada’s most gifted recording artists. A wonderful album.


Getting Fired Up Every Day with Patrice Michaud’s New Album

Patrice Michaud - Le feu de chaque jourFollowing release of his debut album, Patrice Michaud received four Félix nominations in 2012 and won two of them. Patrice comes from a town with a nifty name—Cap Chat—on the Gaspé Peninsula. He has recently released his sophomore LP, Le feu de chaque jour. Although classified as folk, Patrice gives us so much more on the disc. The music is electrified with bluesy guitar riffs, cowboy percussion, hearty vocals, jingly piano, Wurlitzer, and handclaps, all buttressed with clean, pristine production. Just a cursory listen and you will be very impressed with the talent in this man.  iTunes