Selected New Releases 10 February 2017


Vibrant Heels of Lévis, QC contributes a good metal album for fans of the genre. Crank up Driven for some concussion inducing hard rock tunes. It’s not all noise and fury but offers too some skilled instrumentation and blends in a little alternative rock which makes the disc more engaging.

Winnipeg’s The Treble could not be more excited to release its debut album Modernaires, and we are impressed with it. The group has a pleasant, driving folk-pop sound which will get you slapping your knee along to the well-crafted tunes.

Vancouver alternative group Mother Mother delivers No Culture. Described by iTunes as a mix of “crunchy rock and explosive pop”, it debuted on the platform’s chart at #2. It is certainly a fun album to listen to with ample theatrics and pizzazz.

Like Mother Mother, but more on the roots as opposed to progressive side, two JUNO nominations deck The Sadies‘ halls. The new album Northern Passages blends several genres together resulting in an alternative soup that is quite delicious.

Surprisingly fine is the self-titled album from Cape Breton’s Port Cities. Smooth groove and punchy pop music with some heartland ambiance makes this one of the best releases this week.

Raton Lover does soft rock right on Le sens du vent. The band is from Quebec City. You will hear the occasional spark of country and some clever hooks yielding a rewarding listening experience.

Our pick for the week is electronic project Teen Daze from the Fraser Valley, BC’s exceptionally talented Jamison Isaak. Album Themes for Dying Earth is both soothing and dazzling, conjuring up an atmosphere of futurism and dreamy melancholy that transported us to another dimension. The album is unbelievably good.

Those eager for some 60s style French pop, look no further than the new album from bilingual artist Sally Folk, 3e acte. She’s from Montreal.

There are a few EPs this week to talk about. Montreal’s Nicolas Patterson contributes a really nice singer-songwriter disc Everything Is Changing. Begonia, project of Chic Gamine singer Alexa Dirks, releases alternative EP Lady in Mind. Raphaël Dénommé of Quebec makes decent blues trash rock on a new eponymous disc. Finally, Vancouver’s Emma Citrine serves gritty folk rock on EP Sad Surprise.


Selected New Releases – St. Patrick’s Day 2015

New releases - 17 march 2015 copy

With the luck of the Irish, some of this week’s new Canadian releases will become big successes. We start things off with Montreal garage rock band King Khan & BBQ and new album Bad News Boys. This is for those who like their barbecue sauce raw. Toronto pianist Chilly Gonzales who has worked with Drake and France’s Daft Punk gets classical on Chambers containing instrumental pieces, mainly piano with some strings. Changer d’air is the new pop album from New Brunswick’s Maxime McGraw. Multiplatinum songstress Marie-Élaine Thibert is featured on one of the tracks.

A jaw-dropping work this week comes from Sally Folk. In terms of quality, Deuxième acte ranks alongside works by French diamond recording artist Zaz. It’s that good. Sally blends rock, jazz, 60s pop and more on this outstanding album. Another charmer is Goon by Vancouver’s Tobias Jesso Jr. He’s a piano pop guy (think of a style like John Lennon’s “Imagine”). Also from Vancouver is new duo Sur Une Plage. Synth wave album Legerdemain reminds us of some of the early stuff from Images in Vogue, Ultravox, or Trans X. It has vintage robotic drum machines with stand-alone analogue synthesizers: quirky and fun.

Milk & Bone is a highly praised duo from Montreal that has drawn comparisons to Purity Ring: beautiful female vocals with smooth electronic shimmers. Album Little Mourning features some acoustic sounds as well making for a sweet alternative vibe. Ottawa’s Sarah Burton gives us adult contemporary work Make Your Own Bed showcasing some very decent composition. Quebec’s Athena contributes this week’s major heavy metal work, LP Mononucléose.

Dartmouth, NS’s gold-certified JUNO winner Joel Plaskett gets folky when taking The Park Avenue Sobriety Test. JUNO winning classical pianist Alain Lefèvre, whom we acquired from France, releases the beautiful album Rive gauche. Guest musicians include Angèle Dubeau. New album WOW appears from R&B master Karl Wolf whom we acquired from Lebanon. Karl has been nominated for three JUNOs, scored a triple platinum single, and four gold. His new album is the first worldwide release on his own record label.

The aforementioned Marie-Élaine Thibert, a JUNO winner, Star Academy finalist, triple-platinum album and 6x platinum single author, launches her latest, an LP of lullabies, aptly titled Mes berceuses. Not only do we get her beautiful voice, but soft, soothing, beautiful music flows augmented by some world influences including Chinese instrumentation, and you just might hear a little Tchaikovsky as well. This is a gorgeous album!

Marie-Elaine Thibert - Mes berceuses

But that’s not all, folks. Yorkton, SK has produced a country artist named Samara Yung. This Is Me is the name of her new EP. Codie Prevost guests on the disc.

At least one of these albums should hit the spot for you. Enjoy the music!


Sally Folk

Sally FolkMontréal’s very beautiful and very bilingual Sally Folk previously released an English album, Sally and Me, and this year a French album (self-titled). The lead single, “Heureux infidèles” has topped the CKOI chart and been in the top 10 of the iTunes Franco chart for weeks. Sally’s father is Algerian and mother is Canadian. She explored musical interests while hanging out in Honduras and took up the guitar. Her hit single is hushed and haunting, cool and classy, and we have embedded the music video below.