Get Hypnotized by Loscil’s Sea Island

Loscil - Sea IslandVancouver’s Loscil (i.e. Scott Morgan) has just released one of the greatest ambient electronic albums ever to come out of Canada, Sea Island. Its flavour is less poppier than, say, Ulrich Schnauss and more along the lines of Steve Roach with some of those atmospheric bell-like synth chimes of Vangelis. Sweeping and airy, it subdues, it captivates, and it tugs the listener into a glorious hypnotic state. Scott has been at it for quite some time both in terms of the Loscil project (a name derived from the term looping oscillator) as well as drumming for band Destroyer. On Sea Island, everything comes together, and he hits his stride. Track “Iona” alone is a world-class masterpiece of ambient electronica.  iTunes