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Malajube Frontman Releases Fontarabie

FontarabieThe members of JUNO winning progressive band Malajube have been busy with solo projects as of late. Last year, drummer Francis Mineau released an excellent new wave album under the Oothèque moniker. And now, lead singer Julien Mineau has released Fontarabie. While working with Malajube, Julien began making songs of a different style in 2009 that did not fit with the band’s repertoire. The new sound was an experimentation in music that both caused and remedied fear and anxiety. He became enamoured with the celesta, a musical instrument similar to a piano but that uses steel plates instead of strings. Russian composer Tchaikovsky used it to give his music that special haunting sound. Other interesting instruments joining Mineau’s half-whispered vocals are the marxophone, Wurlitzer, ukelin, mellotron, lap steel, theremin, and sousaphone. Guest musicians include Timber Timbre’s Simon Trottier.

PragueThe overall flavour of the album is one of spook, but neither the Wendy Carlos & Rachel Elkind wits-leaving kind nor the Danny Elfman fluffy Hollywood kind; it’s light, fun, and Casper-friendly without being too sugary. The sudden release of the album was a pleasant surprise for us and has attracted a number of accolades from prominent recording artists. Coeur de pirate sent out the tweet: “Pour tout ceux et celles qui s’ennuient de la musique dans les films d’Harry Potter, et de Malajube,” (For those of you tired of Malajube and the music in the Harry Potter films…) You can listen to the album in full here.  iTunes

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Debut MV from JUNO Winners A Tribe Called Red

A Tribe Called Red - Nation II NationHot off a much deserved JUNO win, cutting edge EDM powwow trio A Tribe Called Red has released its first music video for “Sisters” (featuring Northern Voice), the most popular track from album Nation II Nation. What we especially love about this is that its special effects, innovative flashy lights and magical colours combined with beautiful Aboriginal fashions and art makes First Nations culture very, very trendy. It’s an inspiration and gives Canada’s most precious people something to cheer about and hold their heads high. In fact, it’s something that all Canadians can celebrate and be proud of. Well done and bravo to these brilliant DJs!  iTunes

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Les Hay Babies Get Mon Homesick Heart Beating

Les Hay Babies - Mon Homesick HeartFrom the Atlantic province of the balsam fir, a roots trio was born. Les Hay Babies are three wonderful women Julie, Vivianne, and Katrine from hometowns Memramcook, Rogersville, and Dalhousie. Now based in Moncton, their popularity has risen like a rocket. The group released its debut EP, Folio, in 2012. This year, it was named Francophone Recording of the Year by the East Coast Music Awards. Now comes the debut full-length album, Mon Homesick Heart, which easily whisked itself into the iTunes Top 10 upon release. Track “Bonnie and Clyde” was named song of the week. These fine Canadian talents are able to weave a full, rich, captivating sound often with only a guitar, banjo, and ukulele. Warm vocal harmonies shine with peace and colour much like a hot air balloon over a country meadow. This recording is just fabulous. Live performance of track “Fil de telephone” below.  iTunes

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Gord Downie Joins The Sadies Beneath The Conquering Sun

Gord Downie The Sadies and the Conquering SunToronto quartet, The Sadies, has been releasing music for 16 years. JUNO nominations have happened twice. As well, Mike Roberts’ fiery animation for The Sadies’ “Rumbleseat” MV won an award. Tragically Hip frontman Gord Downie has teamed with the band on new album The Conquering Sun. The two bands have toured together many times, so the teaming was almost inevitable. Downie has always been a great lyricist, and his twangy singing style is a good match for The Sadies’ roots music. The result is a cerebral and energetic metropolitan country sound that rocks as much as it wagon wheels. MV for “Crater” below.  iTunes

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Rachel Woznow Is Turning the Spotlight On Edmonton

Edmonton1Edmonton, the northern metropolis nestled in wild rose country, is beginning to shine brightly with fresh faces making and voicing some fabulous music. When founding father of the city’s music community, Wes Dakus, passed away last year, the city seemed to respond well, honouring his pioneering work by gathering its best talents and bolstering its glory. Bands and soloists on the rise include country singers Livy Jeanne and Brett Kissel, singer/songwriter Chloe Albert, roots band 100 Mile House, EDM specialist Sirch, rockers Rend, and pop singer Bryan Finlay. These artists all won at the recent Edmonton Music Awards. A compilation album of tunes from many of the winners and nominees has been released which you can check out here.

Rachel Woznow - SpotlightNominated for two EMAs was 18 year-old wonder Rachel Woznow. You may recall her name if you are an avid watcher of YTV. That’s because in 2011 Rachel won the network’s Virtual Next Star Competition from more than 3,000 competitors from across Canada. In order to do so, she received over 150,000 votes and was flown out to Toronto to appear on the finale of the show. Rachel has attracted the attention of Matthew Tishler who has written for Disney, Tyson Kuteyi, JUNO winning producer for Nelly Furtado, and Universal Music’s Martin Acosta. Last year, she began releasing singles produced by Hands Up! Music (featured in Entertainment Weekly) and engineered by Chris Athens who has done work for Michael Jackson, Nicki Minaj, and Coldplay! Rachel Woznow’s powerful vocals and catchy pop music have drawn comparisons to Katy Perry and Demi Lovato.

In all honesty, we did not have to see the list of big names in the production field to mark Rachel Woznow as one of the best rising pop stars in the whole country but simply listen to a finished product, “Spotlight” which said it all. Last week, Rachel released a lyric video for the track which we have embedded below. Wonderful, wonderful song!  iTunes


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Gilles Vigneault Is Still Going Strong

Gilles Vigneault - Vivre deboutCanadian folk music legend Gilles Vigneault has unveiled his first album of original material since 2008, Vivre debout. The man is 85 years old and still writing and performing. Good for him! Many of Gilles’ earlier compositions have been honoured by the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame. They are such classics that anyone who is Canadian-born will recognize them, despite perhaps not knowing them by name. While acclaimed as a poetic master, he has also been able to reach into the heavens and pull out a timeless, original melody. On the new album, his ripened voice is accompanied beautifully by piano, bass, strings, and horns. The overall flavour is classy jazz-lounge, though there are moments of folk. The final three tracks of the 15 have him reciting rather than singing the poems, with musical accompaniment. This is quite an outstanding work from the national treasure who is Gilles Vigneault.  iTunes

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Lexi Strate Is Going To Take Her Chances

Lexi Strate1Emerging Alberta singer Lexi Strate has recorded her fourth single, “Chances,” produced by the competent team at Vancouver’s Milk Music. North Vancouver’s Laurell (Barker) lent a hand in both the writing and production of the track. Laurell is a Billboard Canadian Hot 100 charting artist thanks to “Can’t Stop Falling” in 2010. Lexi has shot her first professional music video for the song which is just wonderful. It’s about the sweet time in one’s life when one experiences the joys of independence and makes choices about apartment decorations, paint colours, car brands, and background tunes. In Lexi’s case, that would be purple walls, a red Mini Cooper, and the Tragically Hip. The video perfectly captures the spirit of young adulthood: before settling down with careers, mortgages, and raising a family, it’s always nice to take some time out to explore and “live a little”. The video contains some beautiful shots of Canadian winter. It’s just fabulous.

“Chances” will be available on iTunes soon. We will post the link once available. In the meantime, enjoy the MV!

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