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All Digital Singles That Have Sold Half a Million Copies in Canada

It’s been a while since we listed the best-selling digital singles of all-time in Canada. There have been a few changes. Gold/Platinum Canada has officially certified Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” a 9x Platinum digital download. This makes it the all-time best-selling digital single from a Canadian citizen domestically, as it has surpassed Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” which sits at 8x Platinum. The Black Eyed Peas’ “I Gotta Feeling” remains the best-selling digital single of all-time in Canada, the only one to attain diamond certification to date. In Canada diamond certification is equivalent to 10x Platinum or 800,000 copies. In all, 14 digital singles have sold in excess of half a million copies in Canada.

Blurred Lines 9x Platinum Tweet

Prior to the digital era, Canadians preferred to buy albums rather than singles (be they on vinyl, cassette, or CD). Many radio hits from the past were scarcely available as singles. The best-selling physical single of all-time was Elton John’s “Candle in the Wind” which sold 190,000 copies in Canada.

All-Time Best-Selling Digital Singles in Canada

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Some Upcoming Releases Aug-Oct 2014

Upcoming Releases - Late Summer - Early Fall 2014

Below is a list of some upcoming Canadian album releases that have come to our attention. This is by no means a complete list. Also bear in mind that release dates often change due to record company strategy. Many of these albums are now available for pre-order via iTunes, HMV, Amazon, and the usual outlets. See if your favourite Canadian artist is releasing an album among these. Are you familiar with all these artists? Which release are you most looking forward to?

Willows Willows Aug-25
Three Poisons Elephant Stone Aug-25
Brill Bruisers The New Pornographers Aug-25
Neuroplasticity Cold Specks Aug-26
Apt 13 Gob Aug-26
Oxygen: Inhale Thousand Foot Krutch Aug-26
Rubix (EP) Stef Lang Aug-26
Classic Zeus Zeus Sep-02
Chien noir Caravane Sep-02
Nos coeurs ensemble Alfa Rococo Sep-02
Some Songs Terri Clark Sep-02
The Physical World Death From Above 1979 Sep-09
Wallflower Diana Krall Sep-09
Commonwealth Sloan Sep-09
Reve americain Hotel Morphee Sep-09
Ephemeral Rich Aucoin Sep-09
Ocean at the End The Tea Party Sep-09
Because of Billie Molly Johnson Sep-09
We Go Home Adam Cohen Sep-15
We Loved Her Dearly Lowell Sep-16
Popular Problems Leonard Cohen Sep-22
Little Machines LIGHTS Sep-23
Pan Fanny Bloom Sep-23
A*Star Is My Name A*Star Sep-23
27 fois l’aurore Salomé Leclerc Sep-23
Neverlove Buck 65 Sep-30
Innerworld Electric Youth Sep-30
Mended With Gold Rural Alberta Advantage Sep-30
Accords Sylvain Cossette Oct-07
Our Love Caribou Oct-07
No One Is Lost Stars Oct-14
Caffeine and Big Dreams Kira Isabella Oct-14
Second Sight Hey Rosetta! Oct-21
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Stereotype, Karl Wolf

Karl Wolf - StereotypeTo those who find States-side R&B a bit overdramatic, compare the works of Canadians who have developed a more refined and elegant style. Few Canucks do it better than Montreal’s Karl Wolf. His culturally rich music brings in various elements and has seen ample success. Wolf’s reworking of Toto’s “Africa” attained triple platinum status. Four additional singles have gone gold. Karl has landed eight songs on the Canadian Hot 100. His latest album is Stereotype which sees him working with Timbaland who previously joined Nelly Furtado on her multiplatinum work, Loose. Karl Wolf’s new album includes recent charting single “Magic Hotel” as well as his latest tune, “Summertime”. There is a nice variety on the disc, all tracks delivered in a perky and energizing spirit.  iTunes

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Canadian Hot 100, 20 August 2014

Top Canadian Entry by Chart - 2014-08-20

Billboard Canadian Hot 100 - 2014-08-20

A visual presentation of the current Billboard Canadian Hot 100 is HERE


Nielsen compiles weekly data on sales and radio airplay of singles and ranks them in the Canadian Hot 100 which is published by Billboard. Here we list all entries from the chart that are in whole or in part by Canadian artists.

RK = Rank. OR = Provincial origin of the artist. PS = Position on the Canadian Hot 100. CG = Change from last week’s position. WC = Weeks on the chart. PP = Peak position. Foreign artist in grey. RE = Re-entry. Most impressive numbers in last columns appear in red.

Note: The date of the chart corresponds to the release of Nielsen Music’s Canadian Update newsletter which is normally 10 days less than on the online Billboard chart.

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Alfa Rococo Releases MV for Hit “Lumière”

Alfa Rococo - Nos coeurs ensembleElectro pop duo Alfa Rococo will be launching its third studio album, Nos coeurs ensemble, on September 2. We are very excited about this release. The outfit won a pair of Félix awards in 2008 and has kept improving. Now with hit single “Lumière” currently sitting at #4 on the CKOI chart, Alfa Rococo is set to become a very big deal. Filles Sourires, a blog in English about international Franco music, stated, “David and Justine (they are Alfa Rococo) prove with this new single that a) Canadians do it better and b) they haven’t lost their touch to write cool pop tunes.” We agree on both counts. The music video for “Lumière” is a blast, with the band jamming it out amidst a mash up video montage of all things cool. Check it out below.  iTunes

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“Seul” is the New Single From Sylvain Cossette

Sylvain Cossette - SeulSylvain Cossette is a platinum Canadian recording artist who has won multiple Félix awards and been nominated at the JUNOs. He started out with the band Paradox that scored the #24 hit “Waterline” in 1989. As musical style has become somewhat polarized as of late, Sylvain provides a refreshing middle ground on the pop/rock spectrum. Fluently bilingual, he has recorded songs in both official languages. In recent years, he released a series of albums called 70s in which he covers (and does an excellent job we might add) classic English songs, like “Takin’ Care of Business”, “Let It Be”, and “Message in a Bottle”.

Sylvain Cossette - AccordsSylvain’s most recent studio album of originals was 2012’s Le jour d’apres which earned a #7 Billboard placement. Back in April this year, he released a greatest hits collection. It appears Sylvain is eager to give us some new music, as forthcoming album Accords is set for release October 7, 2014. He gives us a taste with the stunning lead single “Seul” which shows us just how great a singer (and songwriter) he is. Just fabulous.  iTunes

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Debunking One-Hit Wonder Myths

One-Hit Wonders NOtWe are blowing the whistle on the tactics used by the crafters of sleaze (i.e. the media) who ceaselessly attempt to discredit recording artists by relegating their handiwork to the storage box labelled “one-hit wonder” tacking on phrases of false apology like, “it’s nothing against them”. Canada has very few actual one-hit wonders, part of the reason being CanCon legislation which helps ensure artists don’t get sidelined by British and American invasion traffic and cultural imperialism. Because the “one-hit wonder” term is often used negatively, we will not mention who the actual Canadian ones are but instead point out those who are constantly accused of this but who are in fact not.

A “one-hit wonder” is defined as an artist who has scored only one Top 40 hit on the official charts of the country. In Canada, the official charts are the RPM top singles chart from 1964 to 2000, the Canadian Singles Chart from 2001-2007, and the Billboard Canadian Hot 100 from 2007 to present. One of the treasonous habits of the Canadian media is that, for some odd reason, the journalists do not look at the performance of Canadian artists on Canadian charts (which are a reflection of Canadian tastes in music) but on the charts of a foreign country. The last time I checked, Canada was still under the Queen, but oddly, they do not look at chart performance in the UK, rather the USA. Strange, not to mention unprofessional.

Below is a list of Canadian artists who are often charged with one-hit wonder status but who, in reality, are not. In other words, these artists have scored more than one Top 40 hit on the Canadian charts.

“When I Die” topped the charts in 1969; however, the London, ON band scored a second Top 40 hit the same year – “Memories of a Broken Promise”. Motherlode is not a one-hit wonder.

Crowbar was a rock band from Hamilton. “Oh What a Feeling” peaked at #10 in 1971 but it was not the band’s only Top 40 hit. “Million Dollar Weekend” reached #22 in 1974. Crowbar is not a one-hit wonder.

Terry Jacks
“Seasons in the Sun” was a #1 hit in 1974, but Terry was anything but a one-hit wonder. He scored several Top 40 hits including “I’m Going to Love You Too” #7 in 1973 and “Christina” #9 in 1975. Terry Jacks is far from being a one-hit wonder.

Sweeney Todd
Not quite. “Roxy Roller” hit #1 in 1976 but the same year “Sweeney Todd Folder” made the Top 40. Sweeney Todd is technically not a one-hit wonder.

The Payola$
Not even close. “Eyes of a Stranger” was a #3 hit in 1982. However, “Soldier,” “You’re the Only Love,” “Dirty Water,” “I Will,” plus “Never Said I Loved You” (with Carole Pope) were all Top 40 hits. Not a one-hit wonder at all.

The Partland Brothers
“Soul City” was a moderate hit at #25 in 1986. The group’s “Honest Man” did slightly better at #24 in 1990. Not a one-hit wonder.

“Bye Bye Mon Cowboy” hit the airwaves in 1988. But it was not the female soloist’s only hit. “Heading West” and “Loving Me is Not a Sin” both made the Top 40. Mitsou is not a one-hit wonder.

“More Than Words Could Say” reached #1 in 1990. “Waiting For Love” made #4 in 1991. Moreover, “Haunted Heart” and “The Power” both made the Top 40. Alias is not a one-hit wonder.

“Informer” peaked at #9 in 1993. But the male soloist scored an even bigger hit in 2000 – “Everybody Wants to Be Like You” reached #2. “Legal” and “Girl I’ve Been Hurt Before” were also Top 40 hits. Snow is not at all a one-hit wonder.

Bass is Base
“I Cry” made it to #18 in 1996. The same year “Why” also made the Top 40. Bass Is Base is not a one-hit wonder.

Bran Van 3000
“Drinking in LA” is cited as the outfit’s only Top 40 hit (it peaked at #35 in 1997). Two of its subsequent hits performed much better: “Everywhere” #12 in 1998 and “Astounded” #9 in 2001. Bran Van 3000 is not a one-hit wonder.

Tal Bachman
“She’s So High” hit #3 in 1999. The same year his song “Strong Enough” reached #31. Tal Bachman is not a one-hit wonder.

Daniel Powter
“Bad Day” made the Top 30 in 2005 at #27. 2013’s “Crazy All My Life” did even better at #23. Daniel Powter is not a one-hit wonder.

Carly Rae Jepsen
Carly Rae Jepsen is absolutely not a one-hit wonder. While “Call Me Maybe” was #1 for four weeks in the winter of 2012, she has scored several other Top 40 hits. “Curiosity” peaked at #18. It and two other Top 40 hits achieved gold certification. For those who think “Call Me Maybe” was her only international hit, wrong! “Tonight I’m Getting Over You” was a Top 40 hit in several countries including Britain and “This Kiss” in New Zealand. Carly Rae Jepsen is not even close to being a one-hit wonder. Sorry, detractors.

If we want to talk about an actual one-hit wonder, the media, which seems so intent on glorifying American musician Lou Reed, ought to walk on the wild side and mention the fact that Lou Reed was a one-hit wonder. … It’s nothing against him.

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