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Most Popular Canadian Songs of the New Millennium

Hit Singles collage

The CBC recently unveiled a list of the Top 100 most played songs on Canadian radio from January 1, 2001 to the present. The broadcaster did not provide statistics on the tally of radio spins for each and state whether or not the numbers were weighted according to station audience numbers. Cutting further confidence in the list’s accuracy is that the CBC stated it obtained the numbers from Nielsen SoundScan as opposed to Nielsen BDS. Furthermore, one may wonder why #1 smash hits like “Wavin’ Flag” did not make it or why Avril Lavigne’s #1 mega hit “Girlfriend” is not listed while second single from the same album “When You’re Gone” did.

All things considered, however, a list like this still works if seen more loosely as a review of some of the biggest Canadian hits of the millennium. Perhaps of greater value is that the list reminds us of some of the hits prior to the debut of the Billboard Canadian Hot 100 in mid-2007 when the Canadian Singles chart, based on scanty sales of CD singles, made little sense. It may thrill those who have forgotten about acts like Wave, Shaye, Default, and Mobile.

The CBC points out that Drake scored only one and there is quite a lack of rap representation. This confirms our belief that rap music in general, including stars like Drake, is much more popular south of the border than in Canada and Britain. It is that country’s brainchild after all. Justin Bieber did not make the Top 100. It is possible that he has had so many hits (47 made the Billboard Hot 100) that they had higher turnover rates on radio. One song from the 80s made the list and five from the 90s. Shania, Nelly, and Avril combined have 15 of the 100 songs. Hedley and Nickelback have seven songs each. The latter has nine if you include the two from frontman Chad Kroeger. A rock band has the #3 and #2 songs, and it isn’t Nickelback or Hedley. The #1 song does not come as a surprise as it was the #1 most purchased song of its year worldwide.

Use this list to review some of the finest, catchiest, most delicious songs created over the past 14 years by our super talented Canadian artists.

100. California, Wave, 2001
99. Out of My Head, Mobile, 2006
98. Happy Baby, Shaye, 2003
97. When You’re Gone, Avril Lavigne, 2007
96. All I Can Do, Chantal Kreviazuk, 2006
95. Up We Go, Lights, 2014
94. Never Too Late, Hedley, 2008
93. Hideaway, Kiesza, 2014
92. Crabbuckit, K-os, 2004
91. Life of the Party, Shawn Mendes, 2014

90. Like Magic, JRDN, 2011
89. Hurt Me Tomorrow, K’Naan, 2012
88. We Are Stars, Virginia to Vegas, 2014
87. Let’s Play, Kristina Maria, 2011
86. 123, Craig Smart, 2011
85. Everybody Wants to Be Like You, Snow, 2000
84. Give It to Me Right, Melanie Fiona, 2009
83. Everything, Michael Bublé, 2007
82. Rockstar, Nickelback, 2005
81. Keep Holding On, Avril Lavigne, 2006

80. Turn Off the Light, Nelly Furtado, 2000
79. A New Day Has Come, Céline Dion, 2002
78. 1234, Feist, 2007
77. Crazy All My Life, Daniel Powter, 2012
76. So Complicated, Carolyn Dawn Johnson, 2001
75. That Doesn’t Impress Me Much, Shania Twain, 1998
74. Love Song, Sky, 1999
73. Kiss Goodnight, Tyler Shaw, 2012
72. Pieces, Sum 41, 2005
71. Electric, Shawn Desman, 2010

70. Party For Two, Shania Twain, 2004
69. Good Time, Carly Rae Jepsen and Owl City, 2012
68. Hero, Chad Kroeger, 2002
67. She’s So High, Tal Bachman, 1999
66. If Today Was Your Last Day, Nickelback, 2008
65. Far Away, Nickelback, 2006
64. Heaven in Our Headlights, Hedley, 2014
63. Man! I Feel Like a Woman, Shania Twain, 1999
62. Inner Ninja, Classified, 2012
61. For the Nights I Can’t Remember, Hedley, 2007

60. Forever and For Always, Shania Twain, 2003
59. Jet Lag, Simple Plan, 2011
58. Drive My Soul, Lights, 2008
57. Seven Day Fool, Jully Black, 2007
56. Powerless, Nelly Furtado, 2003
55. Night Like This, Shawn Desman, 2010
54. All Good Things, Nelly Furtado, 2006
53. Gotta Be Somebody, Nickelback, 2008
52. Summer of ’69, Bryan Adams, 1985
51. Never Too Late, Three Days Grace, 2007

50. Santa Monica, Theory of a Deadman, 2005
49. I’m Gonna Getcha Good, Shania Twain, 2002
48. Brand New Chick, Anjulie, 2011
47. Jealous, Chromeo, 2014
46. Life is a Highway, Tom Cochrane, 1991
45. Breathing Underwater, Metric, 2012
44. Perfect, Hedley, 2009
43. Anything, Hedley, 2013
42. Up, Shania Twain, 2002
41. Someday, Nickelback, 2003

40. Innocent, Our Lady Peace, 2002
39. Money Honey, State of Shock, 2007
38. Somewhere Out There, Our Lady Peace, 2002
37. Why Don’t You and I, featuring Chad Kroeger, 2002
36. Home, Michael Bublé, 2005
35. Photograph, Nickelback, 2005
34. Crazy for You, Hedley, 2013
33. Ghost, Fefe Dobson, 2010
32. Stuttering, Fefe Dobson, 2010
31. Haven’t Met You Yet, Michael Bublé, 2009

30. Summer Paradise, Simple Plan, 2012
29. Goodbye, Glenn Morrison, 2013
28. Don’t Call Me Baby, Kreesha Turner, 2008
27. Alone Again, Alyssa Reid, 2010
26. I’m With You, Avril Lavigne, 2002
25. Dangerous, Kardinal Offishall, 2008
24. Brother Down, Sam Roberts, 2002
23. What I Wouldn’t Do, Serena Ryder, 2012
22. Closer, Tegan and Sara, 2012
21. Red Hands, Walk Off the Earth, 2012

20. Wasting My Time, Default, 2001
19. Africa, Karl Wolf, 2008
18. Blurred Lines, Robin Thicke, 2013
17. I’m Like a Bird, Nelly Furtado, 2000
16. Rude, Magic, 2013
15. Stereo Love, Mia Martina, 2009
14. Beautiful U R, Deborah Cox, 2008
13. Hold On, We’re Going Home, Drake, 2013
12. Kiss You Inside Out, Hedley, 2012
11. Stompa, Serena Ryder, 2012

10. Say It Right, Nelly Furtado, 2006
9. When the Night Feels My Song, Bedouin Soundclash, 2004
8. Bad Day, Daniel Powter, 2005
7. Complicated, Avril Lavigne, 2002
6. How You Remind Me, Nickelback, 2001
5. This Is What It Feels Like, featuring Trevor Guthrie, 2013
4. Hello, Dragonette and Martin Solveig, 2010
3. Paralyzer, Finger Eleven, 2007
2. One Thing, Finger Eleven, 2003
1. Call Me Maybe, Carly Rae Jepsen, 2012


Headlines Late July 2015

The Weeknd Dethrones OMI’s Cheerleader

the weeknd

It’s not too often we see a homegrown artist hit #1 in iTunes Canada’s Top Songs, but dethroning OMI’s “Cheerleader” today is none other than The Weeknd. We sincerely hope that he can feel his face now. Hollywood actor Tom Cruise recently performed an impressive lip sync to “Can’t Feel My Face,” and he called it “the song of the summer”.

Halifax’s Ria Mae Is One to Watch

ria mae

Shooting up the radio charts is song “Clothes Off” by Halifax’s Ria Mae, and the artist received a feature in this week’s Nielsen newsletter. She has already won at the East Coast Music Awards. Though released last year, the single charmed the folks over at Sony Music Canada and has been re-released through them with mightier force.

Justin Bieber Launching New Single

justin bieber - what do you mean

Justin Bieber, as revealed during a recent interview with American radio host Ryan Seacrest, will be releasing a new single August 28 called “What Do You Mean?” He explains that the title is a reference to his frequently encountering people who say one thing but mean something else. He often has to clarify by asking, “What do you mean?” Bieber has landed more songs on the Billboard Canadian Hot 100 than any other homegrown artist — 47 including his 2015 platinum collaboration with Skrillex and Diplo, “Where Are U Now”.

Rule the Gold Bungalow

goldmember copy

Music Canada has confirmed gold certification for Scott Helman’s “Bungalow” as well as Walk Off the Earth’s “Rule the Word”. They are the 6th and 7th 2015 singles involving Canadian artists to receive gold/platinum certification. For Canada, a single (i.e. digital download) must achieve 40,000 purchases to go gold.

Shawn Mendes Dabbling in TV Acting

shawn mendes the 100

While Shawn Hook’s songs are being featured in TV series Rookie Blue, Shawn Mendes will be testing out his acting skills by appearing in the Season 3 premiere of series The 100. All we know at this point is that he will be playing a scrappy young Ark survivor who gets into a tricky situation and has to use his talents to get out of it. Mendes recently performed a duet with actress Hailee Steinfeld for his current hit single “Stitches”. We hope she gave him some acting tips.

Hit and Run at YYZ


From the city that supposedly rhymes with piranha, dance duo YYZ has garnished excellent third single “Hit & Run” with an MV. Check it out below and if you like what you hear you can grab a copy of the track on iTunes.

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Canadian Album of the Month Series: January to June 2015


Our album of the month picks are back! We have listened to all LPs from Canadian artists released through the first half of 2015 and settled on our favourites by month of release. The number of albums that came out each month are as follows: January 2015 – 30, February – 57, March – 67, April – 61, May – 56, and June – 47. Pictures of our picks are below with brief write-ups on each work. We highly recommend checking out these charmers. They contain really good songs throughout.


Album of January 2015 copy

British Columbia’s Scott Shea has graced 2015 with clearly one of its best albums, Let It Storm. This is his debut solo LP (he previously recorded music in a duo with his brother), and the writing is first rate. The singer-songwriter’s style of choice is folky roots music. Scott’s father Red Shea was guitarist for such legends as Gordon Lightfoot and Ian and Sylvia, so the greatness that is Scott’s is definitely in his blood. Some impressive players joined him on the album including Willie Nelson’s sister Bobbie and Gordie Johnson (Big Sugar). Even if you are not into roots music, you will appreciate the writing and skilled delivery from the genius of Scott Shea. Beautiful album. iTunes


Album of February 2015 copy

Vancouver’s Savannah Leigh Wellman proves her songwriting genius on new solo album, Night Eyes. She previously led folk act Redbird, and now as a soloist shifts gears into a rich and tasty brew of catchy alternative rock delights complete with gritty vibes, punchy beats, reverb-drenched electric guitars, and fuzzy bass throbs. Little splashes of new wave appear at times to add extra charm. “Trust the In Between”, “Gravity”, and “The Tower” are fine examples of very sharp composition making Night Eyes one of the year’s best albums to date. iTunes


Album of march 2014 copy

Julie Fader and Graham Walsh (the latter worked on LIGHTS’ Siberia album) are duo Etiquette, releasing debut album Reminisce. Avoid the danger of lumping the act in with other electronic outfits. The hooks dangle in abundance as the music waddles its way through raw climes decked in some of the experimental garments worn by such predecessors as The Legendary Pink Dots and Cabaret Voltaire. It’s not all subdued; there are a couple of peppy inclusions that twinkle like stars on and on. Overall, on Reminisce, the ethereal drones effectively hypnotize in ways that will leave you reclining in satisfaction. iTunes


Album of april 2015 copy

Montreal band Suuns bonds with Jerusalem in My Heart, a project of producer Radwan Moumneh, and the result is music that is undefinable and fairly glorious. Suuns and Jerusalem in My Heart is a mostly instrumental album of heavily spicy rather than light and sweet electronica injected with Middle Eastern flavours and chants. The atmosphere is dense, gritty, and ethereal as if we are stranded in the midst of a desert sandstorm brightened by fluorescent lights. This album will perk up your ears and get your heart pumping. It’s pretty wonderful stuff. iTunes


Album of may 2015 copy

In the Canadian music scene for 15 years, Félix Dyotte has both sensitive talent and seasoned experience. He made his debut in 1997 in the group The Undercovers who recorded an album with producer Gus Van Go and then transformed into 2-time JUNO winning group The Stills. In 2006, Felix formed Chinatown who released a couple of discs. The success of the group’s music enabled Dyotte to work with a number of high profile artists including Jean Leloup, Pierre Lapointe, and Valérie Carpentier. Under Coyote Records and with support from Malajube’s Francis Mineau, Philippe Brault, and new recording artist Kandle Osborne (daughter of 54-40’s Neil Osborne), Félix Dyotte has launched a self-titled solo album, and it is absolutely brilliant. The album very cleverly blends 60s baroque pop, orchestral flourishes, carnival pep, good bass grooves, and shimmering synth accents. This is a fine work of art. iTunes


Album of june 2015 copy

The expert songstress from Windsor, ON is giving it all she has and going for the jugular of success on her newly released, big, anthem-drenched album Love Life. You will hear the finest examples of all elements of the recording process: writing, singing, arrangement, and production. There is not a weak moment on the entire disc; every track oozes with class and charm. Deep grooves, nocturnal ambiance, romantic vibes, and warm sparkles abound. The songs contain meticulously crafted, catchy details like little electronic riffs which make the music highly engaging. Even if R&B is not your cup of tea, we guarantee that this excellent work will win you over. Tamia’s Love Life is one of the finest R&B albums ever to proceed from a Canadian artist. iTunes

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Gold/Platinum Certifications June – July 2015

certifications jun - jul 2015

Certification Definitions: Gold = 40,000 copies sold, Platinum = 80,000, Double Platinum = 160,000.

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Lexi Strate’s “Antidote” MV

Lexi Strate - Antidote

lexi strate

You meet someone, initially just wanting a ride. Things get romantic, but you realize the person is nothing but trouble, and two weeks later it’s over. However, you find yourself having difficulty getting that person out of your mind. You hide a personal possession of his to create an excuse for him to come back for a visit. You just can’t find a rational explanation as to why you keep going back to Mr. Trouble.

Yes, it’s that toxic relationship where that one who makes your heart skip a beat is both the antidote to your woes as well as the poison in your veins. Beyond that, the person becomes your poison just so that he gets to apply the antidote. He makes you cry so hard just so he can kiss it better.

Most of us have probably ended up in some kind of relationship like this, and Alberta’s Lexi Strate spells it all out in her newly released music video for “Antidote” one of the most delicious pop songs of the year. The Canadian recording artist even steals some thunder from Katy Perry in the picturesque production with a white picket fence and bow in her hair. It’s charming, it’s smart, it’s funny, and most importantly it’s garnished with the beauty of Lexi’s unique, spicy vocals. All this, and she’s just getting started. We love it! iTunes

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Canadian Hot 100, 27 July 2015

Canadian Hot 100 - 27 July 2015 copy

The current Billboard Canadian Hot 100 is HERE


RK – CanCon rank
TW – This week’s chart position
LW – Last week’s chart position
RE – Re-entry
WC – Weeks on the chart
PP – Peak chart position
OR – Provincial origin of the artist
CE – Gold/platinum certification by Music Canada
G – Gold certification (40,000 units sold)
P – Platinum certification (80,000 units sold)
xP – Multiplatinum certification
Red maple leaf – Canadian artist
Magenta maple leaf – Partly Canadian artist
Blue maple leaf – Featured Canadian artist

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Trevor Guthrie Likes Summertime


North Vancouver’s Trevor Guthrie is shining with new single “Summertime”, and a new Beachcombers-themed music video is giving it some extra sparkle. The former lead singer of Soul Decision returned to the spotlight when he teamed up with Dutch EDM maestro Armin van Buuren in the double-platinum smash “This Is What It Feels Like”. The “Summertime” MV succeeds at representing west coast life with forests and speed boats, which could theoretically pass for the east coast or even the Great Lakes region too. If you feel the need for speed on the water, this should hit the spot. The song is currently sitting at #57 on the Billboard Hot 100. Don’t forget to check out the cool remixes too.  iTunes

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Avril Lavigne Performs Fly at Special Olympics Opening Ceremony

avril lavigne special olympics opening

LOS ANGELES, USA – Some 6,500 athletes from 165 countries, the most to converge on the city since the 1984 Summer Olympics, made their way to the Pacific metropolis to participate in the 2015 Special Olympics World Games. It is the pinnacle of sporting events for those with intellectual disabilities. The Opening Ceremony was held yesterday to a sold out crowd of over 90,000 people at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. The event’s opening message was delivered by the First Lady of the nation, Michelle Obama. “My husband and I, we are so proud of you, so incredibly proud of you, and we love you all from the bottom of our hearts,” she said.

On hand to sing her self-penned theme song of the Games, “Fly”, was Canadian recording artist Avril Lavigne. It was her first live performance in over a year, as the native of Napanee, Ontario has been chronically disabled by an illness that had most physicians outsmarted, Lyme disease. It was an emotionally triumphant return to form. She sang with beautiful acoustic accompaniment while the torch, arriving from Greece, was passed from athlete to athlete on the coliseum floor.

Other talents participating in the ceremony were Stevie Wonder, O.A.R., Cody Simpson, Nicole Scherzinger, J Balvin, Becky G, Cassadee Pope, and Siedah Garrett with special appearances by Jimmy Kimmel, Eva Longoria, Lauren Potter, Michael Phelps, Collin Farrell, Greg Louganis, and more.

The Special Olympics were the 1968 brainchild of Eunice Kennedy Shriver, sister of former United States President John Kennedy. She said she believed everybody should have a chance to feel special. During the opening ceremony, her daughter, Maria Shriver, addressed the crowd saying, “She was so proud of you and wanted more than anything for you to be respected, valued, appreciated for who you are.”

Rock superstar Avril Lavigne burst onto the scene in 2002 when she was 17 years old. Since then, she has released five studio LPs, won seven JUNO Awards, and sold 35 million albums and 50 million singles worldwide.

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“Bring Me To Life” MV by Candice Sand

candice sand1

Saskatchewan’s Candice Sand, whose voice is oh so heavenly, blends the RnB wholesomeness of Alicia Keys with the pop sensibilities of Natasha Bedingfield. She launched fabulous EP Against Concrete Walls last year under the professional hands of Kuya Productions in Toronto (Shawn Desman, JRDN), and she graces 2015 with a music video for track “Bring Me To Life” which we have embedded below. If you like her style, be sure to check out her EP on iTunes!

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10+1 Anticipated Albums Out Before September 2015

upcoming summer collage 2015 artistic1

As future Canadian works come into focus, we are super stoked for what’s about to drop prior to the shallow-angle sun rays of September!

Burlington, Ontario rock band, known for radio staples like “Paralyzer”, draws five crooked lines with finger eleven to spell out a new album release set for July 31! August 7 will see another one surfed up by Edmonton blue wave jangle popper Mac Demarco as well as a dose of faded gloryville by exquisite Toronto country superstar Lindi Ortega! Holy smokes! But that’s not all…

Led by sumptuous female vocals, hard rock enthusiasts are pining heavily for the new release by Toronto’s Diemonds, Never Wanna Die, out August 14! Wow! But brace yourselves! One of the most anticipated albums of the year, Emotion, by Mission, BC superstar Carly Rae Jepsen graces August 21 in addition to Hideaway from Winnipeg’s marvellous JP Hoe! And if that’s not exciting enough…

Slated for launch on August 28 are a batch of mouth-watering delicacies! Toronto urban wizards k-os and The Weeknd BOTH churn out respectively Can’t Fly Without Gravity and Beauty Behind the Madness! Oh my freaky-deaky gosh! Even more, Vancouver alt-rock master Destroyer takes us into Poison Season, while Outremont, QC’s Coeur de Pirate will have everything comin’ up roses! How about one more?

Plus, rumoured for an August 21 release is the debut album by superb young hot shot Francesco Yates!

Consider us completely floored!

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New Releases 16-24 July 2015

new releases 16-24 july 2015 copy

Victoria’s Nick La Riviere drops his second album Another Time Around. The adult contemporary work is a grand effort. Ontario roots group Slocan Ramblers get the folk rolling at an exciting pace on Coffee Creek. Alberta’s Livy Jeanne turns heads with her debut album Dashboard Renegade which just may be the best country LP of the year to date.

Roots specialist Old Man Luedecke is back with more splendour on Domestic Eccentric. He’s from Chester, NS. November is a wonderful adult contemporary album and the fourth from Wingham, ON’s Lesley Pike. Afternoons in Stereo is the brainchild of Hamilton’s Greg Vickers. He puts 70s fusion dance, jazz, R&B, and funk into modern lounge. The superb Retrospective is somewhat of a greatest hits package containing two new tracks.

Head-bangers will enjoy self-titled album from Nova Scotia metal outfit A Sight For Sewn Eyes. Originally from Montreal, Thomas Arsenault now based in the States continues his experimental project Mas Ysa with new album Seraph. Finally, talented North Vancouver rapper Madchild dishes out his latest, Silver Tongue Devil.

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Alexe Gaudreault Has the Placebo

alexe gaudreault - placeboAlexe Gaudreault was a finalist in Season 1 of The Voice and recently dropped a 3-track EP to introduce us to what she is capable of creating. The EP is Placebo, and the title track is now a Top 10 CKOI hit! We love all three tracks, especially opener “Couleurs”. Last week a live performance video of track “Placebo” came out which we have embedded below. Therein, Alexe has the looks of Britain’s Katy B, but her style is more mainstream pop – rock. Rather than pressing the placebo that is the intersection walk signal button, we vow now to press the ‘play’ button for Alexe’s marvellous EP.  iTunes

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A Pair of Canadians Up for Awards at the VMAs

Where_are_u_nowThe MTV Awards known as the VMAs are on again this year and will be hosted by the champion of prurience, Miley Cyrus. As YouTube and other online platforms have been pegged as stakes to the heart for music video channels, executives are counting on awards shows as key attention (i.e. dollar) grabbers. Nominees for this year’s show are already helping pump up spotlight wattage by engaging in Twitter battles. While last month’s MMVAs saw a wins shutout for women, VMA nominations see few Canadians in the mix: just The Weeknd and Justin Bieber as a featured artist. Likely to be an un-family friendly broadcast, the show will air live from Los Angeles, USA at 9 p.m. ET on Sunday, August 30. The Weeknd’s “Earned It” is up for Best Male Video and his “Love Me Harder” with Ariana Grande is up for Best Collaboration. Justin Bieber featured in “Where Are U Now” is nominated for Best Art Direction, Editing, and Visual Effects. View a full list of nominees here.

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2015 Is Awash in Rookie Power!

The year’s best-selling Canadian album is an artist’s debut and a total of seven singers have scored their first major hits: two Francophone artists have made the Billboard Hot 100 for the first time and five Anglophones have broken into the Top 40. It would appear that 2015 belongs in large degree to the rookies, although some have been at it for a while and seen previous success in other ways and regions. This post will introduce you to this fine, fresh Canadian talent. Who are these stars? What is their story? Where do they come from? What is their style of choice?


It’s always exciting to see a teen star. The new single “Here” from Toronto’s Alessia Cara has smashed into the Billboard Top 40. While the song contains a vibe that will bring Portishead to mind, this R&B singer is flooring most with her vocal talent. Is she Canada’s answer to Ariana Grande? A younger version of The Weeknd? However you may wish to think of her, this girl has talent seeping through her veins and is set to conquer the masses with her upcoming album. This summer she will be giggin’ it States-side and playing shows in the UK after that.


coeur-de-pirateWe can hardly call Beatrice Martin a.k.a. Coeur de Pirate a rookie. The native of suburban Montreal has scored platinum albums and big hits internationally, but 2015 saw her make the Billboard Hot 100 for the first time thanks to single “Carry On”. She has also released a Franco version, “Oublie-Moi”. All indications point to her vaulting over to the mainstream in Canada. She has a new album in the works. Coeur de Pirate made her mark performing stripped down piano and voice only tracks but is beefing things up for a full-blown CHR sound.


Francesco-YatesGotta love that hair. It’s either natural or he has an ace stylist. Francesco is another teen star from Toronto and shared emcee duties last Canada Day with Andee in the nation’s capital. His raw talent has impressed Pharrell Williams who said he’s going to be a huge star and was … happy … to produce Yates’ debut album which is scheduled to drop August 21. His groovy 70s style track “Better To Be Loved” cracked the Billboard Top 40. Francesco is featured in an upcoming single by German deep house DJ Robin Schulz called “Sugar”.


jocelyn aliceThe Calgary electropop artist recently broke into the Top 40 with the year’s biggest offbeat hit “Jackpot”. Release of her album Summer Life has been postponed. Hopefully it will come out by summer’s end, else she’ll have to change the title. On the other hand, rumour has it that the big record companies are all fighting over her: Island Records, Universal Music Canada, Warner Music Canada, Sony Music Canada, Disruptor Records, and Fontana North. She gets to auction her talent off to the highest bidder while working on her next single!


kevin bazinetKevin is soul superstar Bobby Bazini’s little brother. He was off to a good start releasing an album in 2009 which opened some doors in France. EMI was interested in him but of course the record label folded, and things were thrown into chaos. Kevin took time out to get into meditation, make attempts to tackle anxiety, and he quit smoking. He hoped to get back in the game by participating in The Voice this year, and … he won! Kevin released the single “Jusqu’ou tu m’aimes” which made it into the weekly Billboard Hot 100.


scott-helmanOur third Toronto teen star made the Billboard Top 40 with “Bungalow”, and the single was declared gold certified just this morning by Music Canada. Scott was one of the performers at this year’s Much Music Video Awards, his being nominated for an award. He’s just 19 years old and released mini album Augusta this year, named after the street on which he played his first shows and wrote many of his songs. With Warner Music, he worked with producer Thomas “Tawgs” Salter who has worked with a number of artists including LIGHTS.


Shawn HookShawn is from small town BC. He released album Cosmonaut and the Girl with EMI. It spawned a couple of minor hits. With the changeover to Universal, he began working with new co-writers and producers. “Million Ways” was the single that got the buzz going, but it was “Sound of Your Heart” that secured his breakthrough. It made it up to #23 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was certified gold. His second album Analog Love came out recently. Shawn is a highly skilled pianist and solid songwriter. His main style of choice is electropop.


YoanYoan was last year’s winner of The Voice and has a stunning baritone. His self-titled country album is the year’s best-seller from a Canadian, now at 100,000 copies and platinum certified. The album contains songs, many of which are covers, in both official languages, mostly English, as well as duets with high profile artists Brett Kissel and Isabelle Boulay. It is remarkable for a debut album to outsell works from the veterans, especially given the lack of cross-Canada radio airplay, but his voice is so delicious and refreshing, we can see why.

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Canadian Hot 100, 20 July 2015

The Weeknd’s “Cant Feel My Face” is now at #3. The big news on the chart however is that two Canadian artists have entered the Top 40 for the first time: Calgary’s Jocelyn Alice with “Jackpot” at #38 and Toronto teen star Alessia Cara with “Here” at #39. Jocelyn is the first artist from Alberta to score a Top 40 hit this year. New on the chart this week is Dallas Smith’s “Cheap Seats” at #79. Trevor Guthrie’s “Summertime” gains 36 positions from last week vaulting from #93 to #57.

Canadian Hot 100 - 20July 2015 copy

The current Billboard Canadian Hot 100 is HERE


RK – CanCon rank
TW – This week’s chart position
LW – Last week’s chart position
RE – Re-entry
WC – Weeks on the chart
PP – Peak chart position
OR – Provincial origin of the artist
CE – Gold/platinum certification by Music Canada
G – Gold certification (40,000 units sold)
P – Platinum certification (80,000 units sold)
xP – Multiplatinum certification
Red maple leaf – Canadian artist
Magenta maple leaf – Partly Canadian artist
Blue maple leaf – Featured Canadian artist

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