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Is the End of the Album in Sight?

There has been recent chatter of an inevitable demise of the album with the rise in popularity of streaming. Some foresee that things will revert back to the 1950s when the single was the main release and studio albums were simply greatest hits or various artist compilations or, as was the case with The Beatles in the early days of the band, a collection of additional songs.

Talk like this is not new, as the same points were put forth when iTunes went live allowing the public to download individual tracks from albums.

While it is a fact that the purchase of physical and digital albums as a whole has been in decline for some time now, there is no indication that the number of studio LPs being released is on the decrease. The Canadian Music Blog has been tracking albums for several years now. In 2014, the number of professional Canadian artist studio albums that came to our attention was 620. That number dropped in 2015 to 591 and again in 2016 to 510. However, it rose again to 623 in 2017. With still a few weeks left to go in 2018, the number is currently 540. So, the numbers are up and down from year to year but remain within the 500 to over 600 range.

In countries (not mentioning any names) with 99% piracy, where streaming and free downloads have been going on for many years, studio albums continue being made at a feverish pace.

Speaking from the perspective of music consumers, we have observed that, while creating and listening to various artist playlists of favourite tracks has its rewards, sometimes we miss and feel a yearning for listening through a studio album, especially one that is solid from start to finish. When all songs on the disc are good, it serves to take us on an enjoyable ride that has its own special appeal. We can all think of albums that do the trick, and listening to them on a good stereo system with a high bit rate (i.e. CD quality) is a very gratifying experience. We can all think of that one album that changed our lives. Usually we heard it in our youth. It knocked our socks off and remains an entertainment highlight that we never forget. We would venture a guess that with that kind of valuable phenomenon affecting the masses, it is unlikely that the album will cease to exist in the future.

November 16, 2018 Releases: Michael Bublé, Fred Pellerin…

Multiplatinum 2x JUNO nominee Fred Pellerin returns with nicely done singer-songwriter LP Après, his fourth work as a soloist. Fred is known for his exquisite storytelling, and the album takes us to peaceful realms.

Going Late is the new disc from JUNO nominated Vancouver band Humans, a funky electronic excursion through alternative territory.

Allan Rayman was nominated for the Breakthrough Artist of the Year at the 2018 JUNOs. His song “13” from last year was very popular. Allan has a unique singing style which you may or may not like, but there should not be too many voices of dissent for the musicality of his new album despite the risqué name Harry Hard-On. Check out track “Never any no good” for something … good.

Burnaby’s Michael Bublé swings out his 10th studio album, Love. The 13-time JUNO award winning diamond recording artist co-produced the new disc with Canadian producer David Foster. It contains mostly covers arranged into his signature peppy vocal jazz sound.

Jules engages in People Watching, a pleasant surprise of a pop album. The Oakville native grew up loving the music of Pink and Avril Lavigne dreaming of one day making good music of her own. With this debut album of hers, she has done so.

World music is done incredibly well by JUNO nominated group Ayrad on new album Zoubida. The collective manages to tighten up south Asian, west Asian, flamenco, and reggae styles into catchy numbers tasty to Canadian ears.

Nova Scotian R&B star JRDN, a JUNO award winner, serves his latest concoction via EP Supply & Demand. He has managed to place five songs on the Billboard Hot 100 over the years.

Find these and more in the table below.

Other goodies this week include various artists EP mau5ville: Level 2 helmed by deadmau5. Lights is featured on track “Drama Free”.

Simple Plan, Garou, and Lara Fabian are just three of the stars with tracks on the soundtrack LP La course des Tuques (La trame sonore).

88Glam2 88Glam Rap
A Grand Façade Old Man Canyon Alternative
Apres Fred Pellerin (2 JN) S-S/Folk
Ca va aller Denis Levesque S-S/Folk
En pays lointains Ellemetue  Alternative
Going Late Humans (1 JN) Alternative
Harry Hard-On Allan Rayman (1 JN) Alternative
La vraie nature Pilou S-S/Folk
love Michael Buble (13 JW) Jazz
Midnight, Let’s Get a Hot Dog The Seasons Alternative
Oath of the Storm Trollwar Metal
People Watching Jules Pop
Roses on the Vine Christine Fellows S-S/Folk
Zoubida Ayrad (1 JN) World
Blackball (EP) The Tallest 3’s R&B
Don II (EP) Just John & Dom Dias Rap
Higher Self (EP) Naya Ali Rap
Je suis a l’ame (EP) Danny Boudreau  S-S/Folk
Supply & Demand (EP) JRDN (1 JW) R&B


JW – JUNO award wins

JN – JUNO award nominations

S-S – Singer-songwriter

Crave Is the Latest Gem from Ruth B.

I put on a front, make it look like I don’t care
In reality, I feel you, see you everywhere
Wonder if you ever sit and wonder about me?
Tell me, does it kill you, everything that we could be?

Edmonton’s Ruth B. is a quintuple platinum recording artist thanks to her breakout hit “Lost Boy”. In 2017, she won the Best New Artist JUNO. Ruth’s debut LP Safe Haven was certified gold by Music Canada, and as her fans eagerly await album number two, the singer and songwriter recently released a new song called “Crave”. We could not be happier with it. Rather than doing what everyone else is, she has created something different. Its teasing synth pulses and raspy beats should hook you immediately. Have a listen below.  iTunes

Kelly Yu Launches Album Two, Undefined

Scoring major Mandopop hit “Ti Mian” (Decent) this year, theme song of Chinese feature film Ex-Files 3: Return of the Exes, Canadian singer and actress Kelly Yu follows up with her first album in four years after debut LP Spirits. Though the Vancouver raised star gained fame with her roles in TV series One and a Half Summers and blockbuster film Ex-Files 3, Yu in fact graduated from the prestigious Berklee College of Music and was guitarist in a backing band before launching her own solo career in music.

Kelly’s new album, entitled Undefined, consists of ten soothing ballads including previous hits “Can’t Steal Now” (Track 1), “Past” (Track 4), and of course “Decent” (Track 8). The album also contains English language number “Save Me”. Undefined’s standout track, though is possibly, “Accompaniment” (Track 7) which does what Mandopop does best, hooks us onto an irresistible melody with soul-piercing vocals over some killer piano. Hear some heart-melting keys and strings on concluder “You Are Mine”. See the newly released MV below of track 7 with some nice shots from The Bund in Shanghai.  iTunes

All the Hours with Sarah MacDougall

With as voice as enticing as Coeur de pirate’s and as enchanting as Anna of the North’s, The Yukon’s Sarah MacDougall scores a winner in recent new wave folk album All the Hours I have Left to Tell You Anything. By her own unveiling, the lyrics deal with “strength, identity, death, the breakdown of relationships, birth, and the ghosts we honor and carry throughout”. These themes were influenced by the passing of her grandparents, birth of her niece, and a breakup. The music’s atmospherics were shaped by the vast and desolate Yukon terrain as well as the shadowy splendour of her country of origin: Sweden. One of the disc’s chief strengths lies in Sarah’s ability to craft sky-scraping choruses that do more than satisfy. Listen too for some savoury electric guitar solos. All the Hours was heralded by singles “Empire” and “We Are Fire” but has much more to offer, such as the slow-burning drive of “Bleeding on the Dancefloor”, stabbing thrill of “Animal”, and synth tingles of “Cruel Spring”.  iTunes

Allie X Witnesses a Super Sunset

There is no question that Allie X has delivered one of the best pop albums of 2018 (technically, it is an EP) with the slickly produced Super Sunset. Although none of the tracks could boast a stroke of genius in the songwriting department propelling it up into the heights of Hot 100 hits (yet), everything on the disc is a savoury treat of pop song magic. Allie’s early single “Catch” scaled up to #55 in May 2014 before streaming data was incorporated into the chart in September of that year. The Oakville, ON native continues her fascination with plastic legs and saves the year that was bypassed by the A-listers of the genre who delayed their album releases to 2019.

We would venture a guess that “Not So Bad in La” is not a reference to the U.S. “province” of Louisiana but contains her musings on happenings in her adoptive city of Los Angeles. This one could qualify as the catchiest tune on the disc. Most adorable though is the Robyn-styled entry of “Little Things”; it comes complete with some seductive beats. 80s themed “Science” dreamily wallows up to the playful “Girl of the Year” where Allie X, like a chameleon, slips her vocals into a grand … Ariana Grande pose. “Can’t Stop Now”, another catchy nugget, sets things up for the funky, nocturnal closer that is “Focus”. Super Sunset by Canadian recording artist Allie X is warm, charming synth pop to drool over.  iTunes

Gold/Platinum Certifications: Drake’s “God’s Plan” Strikes 8x Platinum

It’s been a while since we listed Music Canada’s latest certifications from its gold and platinum program. Find all on Canadian artist singles and albums from May to October 2018 below. Drake’s “God’s Plan” is champion for the singles, as it reaches the eight times platinum mark. Blockbuster smash “Body” by Loud Luxury featuring Brando sizzles at six times platinum. Edmonton’s Ruth B. snatches quintuple platinum with her hit “Lost Boy”. Gowan’s 1985 hit “Criminal Mind”, after all these years, achieves platinum status. Drake’s Scoripion is the only Canadian artist album released in 2018 to strike double platinum. Life Starts Now, the 2009 album from Three Days Grace matches it.

Multiplatinum Singles

God’s Plan by Drake (Eight Times Platinum)

Body by Loud Luxury ft. Brando (Six Times Platinum)

Lost Boy by Ruth B. (Quintuple Platinum)

Nice for What by Drake (Quadruple Platinum)

Jackie Chan by Teisto & Dzeko (Triple Platinum)

In My Blood by Shawn Mendes (Double Platinum)
Yes Indeed by Lil Baby & Drake (Double Platinum)
Figures by Jessie Reyez (Double Platinum)
In My Feelings by Drake (Double Platinum)
Reminding Me by Shawn Hook (Double Platinum)

Platinum Singles

Lost in Japan by Shawn Mendes & Zedd
Youth by Shawn Mendes
Champion by NAV
A Criminal Mind by Gowan
Best Part by Daniel Caesar
Get You by Daniel Caesar
Nonstop by Drake
I’m Upset by Drake
Lonely Drum by Aaron Goodvin
That Ain’t Classy by Classified
Rx by Theory
Ain’t Easy by Elijah Woods x Jamie Fine

Gold Singles

Love No More by Loud Luxury x anders
Denim on Denim by Tebey
IDWK by DVBBS & Blackbear
Almost Home by Sultan + Shepard
Long Live the Night by The Reklaws
Don’t Matter to Me by Drake
Mob Ties by Drake
Can’t Take a Joke by Drake
Elevate by Drake
Emotionless by Drake
I’m Working by James Barker Band
Bali by 88Glam
Everything Is Alright by The Glorious Sons
Distance by Killy
Parallel Lines by DVBBS x CMC$
Somethin’ We Shoudn’t Do by Chad Brownlee
Dear Life by High Valley

Double Platinum Albums

Life Starts Now by Three Days Grace
Scorpion by Drake

Platinum Albums

Shawn Mendes by Shawn Mendes
One Good Friend by George Canyon

Gold Albums

Reckless by NAV
Freudian by Daniel Caesar
Side Effects by Dallas Smith
Little Machines by Lights
No. 2 by Bernard Adamus
Handshakes and Middle Fingers by Classified
Solitudes by Matt Holubowski
Morning Report by Arkells

November 9, 2018 Releases: Marie-Mai, Paul Brandt

2018 Canadian artist LPs tracked to date: 529
2018 Canadian artist EPs tracked to date: 152

This week we look at 17 newly released Canadian artist albums and 10 EPs for a total of 27 discs. Find them in a table below, but let us highlight a few.

Ensign Broderick, alias of Jason Sniderman and a member of Blue Peter, has put out several albums of unreleased material this year thanks to Six Shooter Records. BloodCrush is his first album of strictly “new” material. He describes his music as “glam and rock opera-wattage sparkle”.

Geneviève Leclerc gifts us with perhaps the year’s most beautiful vocal album, Celle que je suis. It contains a mix of vocal jazz and adult contemporary treats expertly arranged and produced and dressed to a T with her gorgeous vocals. She also joins the growing trend of artists tacking on a Christmas song to albums released late in the year.

– Platinum superstar Marie-Mai launches her sixth studio album, Elle et moi following a change of long-time musical partnerships. Onboard are British producer Oliver Som and Canadian aces Koriass, Ingrid St-Pierre, Tawgs Salter, and more. Gone in the new sound are the rock guitar riffs as she delves into techno pop complete with those clicky, snappy things that have animated many pop songs these past couple of years. The boss new album leads this week’s Canadian artist discs in terms of digital sales, currently sitting at #3 on iTunes.

– JUNO winning rapper Jazz Cartier drops Fleurever. All 16 tracks run under four minutes, and the work is available in both clean and dirty language versions.

– Twice JUNO nominated Toronto group The Philosopher Kings, a brainchild of hitmaker Jon Levine, has been the focus of media hype for a year and a half regarding a new album in over a decade; Return of the Kings is finally out.

– Rock group Caravane can boast one of the best discs of this week’s batch, Supernova. Tracks range from the noisier to more moderate synth dressed modern rock to dreamier burbles.

– Female rappers are in short supply, which is why Tommy Genesis‘ eponymous debut album is a cool breeze of fresh surf. This ultra talent is originally from Vancouver, and the album sounds better than most 2018 works of the genre.

– Vancouver’s Kelly Yu, after scoring one of the year’s biggest Mandopop hits, releases full-length album Undefined, a soft, breezy effort of beautiful adult contemporary numbers.

– A strong contender for the year’s most delicious jazz album is Volume 2 from John MacMurchy’s Art of Breath: sophisticated musicianship, the occasional inclusion of synthesizers, a chillout vibe, and soft soulful vocals make this one not to be missed.

Barbra Lica is a JUNO nominated jazz artist. Arguably, her new album You’re Fine takes a seat in the adult contemporary realm. But pigeonholing aside, this one’s a winner.

Dear Denizen has the week’s best synthpop effort, a four-track EP entitled BEC.

– EP Coup d’coeur appears from JUNO nominated folk artist Vilain Pingouin, pure fun.

– For those of you wishing more artists would make that shoegazy dream-pop stuff that Alvvays does so well, you’re in luck. Entering the arena is Ellis and very good EP The Fuzz.

– Last but not least, Calgarian country superstar Paul Brandt delivers his latest disc, EP The Journey BNA: Vol. 2.

BloodCrush Ensign Broderick Alt
Celle que je suis Genevieve Leclerc AC
cursed Seas Alt
Elle et Moi Marie-Mai Pop
Fleurever Jazz Cartier (1JW) Rap
Helas Vegas David Marin S-S/Folk
Le cauchemar de l’amerique SF34  Rap
Les Matricides Fuudge Rock
Quand qu’on s’est rencountry La Famille Day  S-S/Folk
Return of the Kings Philosopher Kings (2JN) Pop
Sing the Winter Away Naming the Twins Holiday
Supernova Caravane Rock
Tommy Genesis Tommy Genesis Rap
Trioliloquy A/B Trio Jazz
Undefined Kelly Yu AC
Volume 2  John MacMurchy’s Art of Breath Jazz
You’re Fine Barbra Lica (1JN) AC
BEC (EP) Dear Denizen  Alt
Coup d’coeur (EP) Vilain Pingouin (1JN) S-S/Folk
Everything, All at Once (EP) Shagabond & Noah R&B
More Honey (EP) Goodbye Honolulu Alt
Prelude/ Impending Outcome (EP) Fractal Cypher Metal
Roaming (EP) Langston Francis Pop
Spadina (EP) Patrik Rap
The Fuzz (EP) Ellis Alt
The Journey BNA: Vol. 2 (EP) Paul Brandt (8JW) Country
Thinkin’ (EP) The Denim Daddies Country


JN – JUNO award nominations

JW – JUNO award wins

S-S – Singer-songwriter

AC – Adult Contemporary

Alt – Alternative

Ariane Moffatt Holds Precious Little Hands

Originally from Saint-Romuald, QC which has now been amalgamated with Lévis, Montreal-based electropop ace Ariane Moffatt recently released her sixth studio album, Petites mains précieuses. Her debut album, Aquanaute (2002), went platinum, and her third, Tous les sens (2008), won a JUNO award. The new album is perky with some dark patches and modern sounding with occasional tips towards 1970s grooves. It is always a pleasure to listen to her velvety voice which wisps through the tracks gracefully. Popular cuts include stringy opener “Du souffle pour deux” (see MV below), funky “Les apparences” (see MV below), and the driving “Pour toi”. As interesting musically as its title, we enjoyed the fluttering “Cyborg” and more heavily electronic “ONO” which stands for One Night Only. Not many artists can boast six solid albums, so Ariane Moffatt is among the elite.  iTunes

With Maïa, Pop Music Is More Than Alive

Roots music outfit Ladies of the Canyon was a successful quartet, nominated for the CCMA Rising Star Award in 2011. After two albums, the group felt it had reached a crossroads, its members wanting to embark on separate paths. Maïa Davies had already released solo album Héritage paying homage to the Francophone side of her bilingual roots. But her path eventually began to veer in a more progressive direction, and at some point along the way she bumped into JUNO award winning producer Gavin Brown who has crafted works from Mother Mother, Metric, The Tragically Hip, Sarah Harmer, and Three Days Grace. Maïa’s penning catchy songs began to attract more stellar names to join her team: Kevin Hearn of Barenaked Ladies and JUNO nominated recording engineer Gus Van Go.

The new album, Plus que vive, marks Maïa‘s first foray into the exciting kingdom of pop music with electronic trimmings. You will also hear some choice nuggets of progressive rock, some of which outshine even the immediately catchy pop charmers like “Alléluia” and “Échos”. Opening with the electronic boom of atmospheric “Années-lumière”, a piece that smartly combines Maïa’s angelic vocals with processed vocoder backups, we were immediately hooked. Fortunately, her songwriting skills come complete with big, satisfying choruses heard in cuts like “Éternellement”, something with which other renowned pop artists seemed to struggle in 2018.

Maïa also has a knack for creating addictive beats – in “Folie” for instance – a cut that is drenched in a dizzying wall of sound. The driving “Les couleurs me reviennent” presents another example of an exhilarating chorus. It’s not all a high wattage pop electronica however, as “Seule comme une étoile” injects a cool dose of soul-stirring piano, haunting like a Sarah Brightman song. Oh, and feel free to clap along to “Içi dans les nuages” – good music is meant to inspire you to do so. We come to closer “Comme un homme” with electric guitar themes that remind us of Gary Numan’s “Ancients” (that’s meant as a huge compliment by the way). Her vocals on the track are simply delicious.

Front runner for 2018’s pop album of the year? No need to look at anything released before Maïa’s Plus que vive. The great voice, songwriting, and production make this thing a triple threat that should unravel the prowess of all A Listers.  iTunes

The Coriolis Project Examines a Demagogue

British Columbian outfit The Coriolis Project is back in 2018 with album Demagogue presenting its brand of ambient music with a driving edge. Unsealing track “Branches” switches on an atmosphere that swings coolly thanks to some nice ride cymbal percussion and ultimately excites with bristling guitars and ultra spicy synth riffs. Another standout for us is “Mephistopheles” opening with icicle clicks, wind chimes, and Gregorian type background chanting, augmented with electrifying guitar strums, haunting bells, and thunderclaps. Past the halfway mark enter electronic bass pulses to bring things to a glorious climax. Brilliant.  iTunes

Munya Makes Rounds from North Hatley to the Hotel Delmano

Munya is the alternative pop music project of Canadian recording artist Josie Boivin. She intends to kick things off with three extended play releases. The first, released May 5, 2018, was a delightful three-track offering entitled North Hatley, a village located close to and southwest of Sherbrooke. Her second, Delmano (Oct. 5), revolves around Hotel Demano, an establishment situated in Brooklyn, New York. The six tracks from these first two discs are all superb and present a breezy sound that is dreamlike and slightly haunting in effect. We definitely look forward to Munya’s third effort.

November 2, 2018 Releases: Les Trois Accords, Mother Mother, Dan Mangan…

This week’s batch of 24 Canadian artist LPs brings the year to date count to well over 500. An additional 3 EPs grace November 2nd’s platter. Highlights are many.

Outselling the others, at least digitally, is the latest disc from rock band Les Trois Accords. Beaucoup de Plaisir is the twice JUNO nominated band’s sixth studio album. Also attracting a pair of JUNO proposals is Vancouver squelch rock outfit Mother Mother who suggests it is time to Dance and Cry. BC native Dan Mangan, who has two JUNO trophies in his display cabinet, contributes More or Less.

There is no dearth of Canadian legends this week. Country icon Renée Martel sings of Arrière-saison. Pop-rock ace Diane Dufresne launches Meilleur après. The house of Dufresne is fortified too with the release of La Révlution pas tranquille by Annie Dufresne.

JUNO nominated New Brunswicker Natasha St-Pier, with one of the most beautiful voices in the land, gifts us with beautiful adult contemporary album Aimer c’est tout donner, not to be missed. Also with a past nomination is Caracol (stage name of Carole Facal) who serves album Symbolism. Rock specialist Travis Cormier, runner up in season 4 of The Voice, should satisfy fans of the genre in album Dollars & Hearts. Stéphanie Boulay, one-half of popular duo Les Sœurs Boulay, offers finely crafted LP Ce que je te donne ne disparaît pas.

One of the hottest emerging artists in pop – Allie X – could well be running neck and neck with Robyn for 2018’s pop album of the year with the wonderful Super Sunset. Also exquisite is Comrades from soft pop marvel Elliot Maginot which is just as superb as his last outing. Sarah MacDougall, our lucky acquisition from Sweden and based, of all places, in the Yukon (!), delights with tantalizing alternative album All the Hours I Have Left to Tell You Anything.

Find these and many more in the table below.

Aimer c’est tout donner Natasha St-Pier (1JN) AC
All the Hours … Sarah MacDougall Alternative
Arriere-saison Renee Martel Country
Beaucoup de plaisir Les Trois Accords (2JN) Rock
Ce que je te donne… Stephanie Boulay S-S/Folk
C’est pas la qualite qui compte Qualite Motel Alternative
Comrades Elliot Maginot  Pop
Dance and Cry Mother Mother (2JN) Alternative
Dansons donc un quadrille… Carotté S-S/Folk
Dollars & Hearts Travis Cormier Rock
Fearless and Kind Way North Jazz
Revlution pas tranquille Annie Dufresne Rock
Meilleur apres Diane Dufresne Pop
More or Less Dan Mangan (2JW) Alternative
No God No Ghost No Saints Gutter Demons Rock
Petikat Matiu Blues
Quintessence du cool Benoît Paradis Trio  Jazz
Reney Ray  Reney Ray  S-S/Folk
Settling Up Simone Morris Jazz
Starter Home Doug Paisley S-S/Folk
Super Sunset Allie X Pop
Symbolism Caracol (1JN) Alternative
Island of Form Ethan Ardelli Jazz
Romance of Improvisation… The Romance of Improvisation Jazz
Feu de foret (EP) Antoine Corriveau S-S/Folk
Past Lives (EP) Wooden Horsemen Blues
You Don’t Know Me (EP) Will Murphy Rap

JN – Juno award nominations
JW – Juno award wins
S-S – Singer-Songwriter

Carly Rae Jepsen Celebrates a Party for One

British Columbian recording artist Carly Rae Jepsen has released her first new song not associated with the Emotion era. The latter saw a critically acclaimed album including a gold single, a disc of album outtakes as Side B, and final single “Cut to the Feeling” arguably the best track of all.

Her new song “Party for One”, currently sitting at #6 on iTunes, heralds her upcoming fourth studio LP which is expected out in 2019.

The music video for “Party for One” has received glowing reviews from Billboard and surpassed a cool million views in its first 24 hours of release. The MV, which you can view here, turns the sting of heartbreak into a celebration of being single and enjoying a party for one.  iTunes

2018 ADISQ Main Gala: Hubert Lenoir Cleans Up

Celebrating 40 years of handing out Félix trophies (named after galaxy class folk maestro Félix Leclerc), the main gala of the Quebec music industry awards (ADISQ) took place tonight opened by funny host Louis-José Houde. The evening began with some archival footage and a montage of 39 song of the year winners since the ADISQ gala’s inception in 1979. Not uncommonly, it was a clean sweep for the gents this year, as a female won the only award she was guaranteed – Female Artist of the Year. Klô Pelgag took it, dressed up like a man complete with a fake moustache. Newcomer Hubert Lenoir, in drag, scored a hat trick winning New Artist of the Year, Pop Album of the Year (Darlène), and Song of the Year (“Fille de personne II”). Given his choice of apparel, Louis-José described him as a mix of Iggy Pop, Francis Reddy, and Joe Bocan. Lenoir also won an award at the Premier Gala, for Album of the Year – Critical Acclaim. The album was put together in only six days in Quebec City. Philippe Brach won the most Félix awards overall this year – two tonight and three at the Premier gala for a total of five.

Hubert and the other four nominees for New Artist of the Year were part of the first performance segment. Loud, one of the five took the statuette for Rap Album of the Year.

After winning adult contemporary album of the year, Pierre Lapointe performed immediately before indie rock group Galaxie. Folk stars 2Frères performed together with Andréanne A. Malette. The former took home the award for Group or Duo of the Year. A standout performance from the evening was Isabelle Boulay’s heartfelt presentation; she then joined Tire le coyote and his distinctive twang.

A number of contemporary artists provided their interpretations of songs from Harmonium accompanied by the OSM. Video tributes and accolades from a number of major players honouring the legendary band were shown as well.

Find a list of nominees and winners for tonight’s categories below.

Album of the Year – Adult Contemporary

La route (2Frères)
En vérité (Isabelle Boulay)
Nos histoires (Maxime Landry)
La science du cœur (Pierre Lapointe) WINNER
Marée haute (Émile Proulx-Cloutier)

Album of the Year – Rap

La joie (Eman X Vlopper)
Zay (Fouki)
Une année record (Loud) WINNER
Mille soleils (Rymz)
Grosso-Modo (Seba et Horg)

Album of the Year – Pop

Ludovick Bourgeois (Ludovick Bourgeois)
Dysphorie (Roxane Bruneau)
Nos idéaux (Dumas)
La vie qu’il nous reste (Marc Dupré)
Darlène (Hubert Lenoir) WINNER

Author-Composer of the Year

Fanny Bloom
Philippe Brach WINNER
Pierre Lapointe
Tire le coyote

Song of the Year

Comme avant (2Frères)
J’en ai plein mon cass (Émile Bilodeau)
Faufile (Charlotte Cardin)
Une raison d’exister (Marc Dupré)
Fille de personne II (Hubert Lenoir) WINNER
Pour que tu m’aimes encore (Les sœurs Boulay)
Toutes les femmes savent danser (Loud)
Fou (Andréanne A. Malette)
La saison des pluies (Pascal Michaud)
À hauteur d’homme (Vincent Vallières)

Group or Duo of the Year

2Frères WINNER
Alfa Rococo
Les sœurs Boulay

Female Artist of the Year

Isabelle Boulay
Debbie Lynch-White
Andréanne A. Malette
Klô Pelgag WINNER
Guylaine Tanguay

Male Artist of the Year

Ludovick Bourgeois
Philippe Brach
Marc Dupré
Hubert Lenoir
Patrice Michaud WINNER

New Artist of the Year

Ludovick Bourgeois
Roxane Bruneau
Lydia Képinski
Hubert Lenoir WINNER

Concert of the Year – Author-Composer-Interpretation

Le silence des troupeaux (Philippe Brach) WINNER
Marc Dupré au Centre Bell/Là dans ma tête (Marc Dupré)
La science du cœur (Pierre Lapointe)
Un village en trois dés (Fred Pellerin)
Désherbage (Tire le coyote)

Concert of the Year – Interpretation

Pour une dernière fois (Angèle Dubeau/La Pietà)
Demain matin, Montréal m’attend (Various Artists) WINNER
En vérité (Isabelle Boulay)
Ludovick Bourgeois (Ludovick Bourgeois)
Agnus Dei & Noël ensemble – Le spectacle (Mario Pelchat et les prêtres)