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Headlines for Early July 2015


Toronto’s The Weeknd becomes the first Canadian artist to see a 2015 single earn multiplatinum status, as “Earned It” strikes double platinum for sales in excess of 160,000 copies. Other certified 2015 singles are “I Really Like You” from Carly Rae Jepsen and “Sound of Your Heart” from Shawn Hook, both gold. “Where Are U Now” which features Canadian artist Justin Bieber has gone gold as well. “Something Big” by Ontario’s Shawn Mendes, though released in November 2014, peaked on the charts this year and has gone platinum.

the weeknd


Vancouver based recording artist Wanting Qu now has scholarships named in her honour by The Art Institute of Vancouver. Launched on Canada Day, the college is now accepting applications for the Wanting Qu Rising Star Scholarship ($20,000) and the Wanting Qu Most Dedicated Artist Scholarship ($10,000). Qu was a 2007 graduate of the college with a Certificate in Electronic Music.

Wanting is featured on various artists album Herstory with Mayday. The latter is a very popular rock band based in Taiwan. The album is a compilation of some of the band’s greatest hits all covered by female superstars like Fish Leong and Sandy Lam. Wanting voices the opening track, “There Is An Absolute In Life”. See the MV below.


Things appear to be settled now on a long-running dispute between Disney and deadmau5 regarding his mau5 head. The EDM superstar had already trademarked his gear in 30 countries but was unable to do so in the United States because Disney objected saying that it bore too close a resemblance to Mickey Mouse ears. Deadmau5 retorted by demanding Disney stop using his track “Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff” in a remix featuring Mickey. The two parties seem to have realized that working together rather than being at odds would be more mutually profitable.

deadmau5 disney


Ottawan country superstar Kira Isabella will be performing July 11-12 with American artist Jason Aldean during the Calgary Stampede this year. With two stupendous albums under her belt, we do wonder why they would not have Kira headline her own show to a sold out Saddledome crowd, but the country music broadcast scene is in “bro mode” these days. In related news, the Calgary Stampede will not be serving cockroach pizza as originally planned because the critters were barred entry to Canada at the border. Last year, scorpion pizza was apparently a big hit!



BC band Hedley has created its own brand of shoes. They do look kinda nifty. Whether you use them to bowl, dance, or peddle bicycles is up to you.

Hedley shoes


Elle magazine has decided to feature Carly Rae Jepsen on the front cover, looking super cool:

Carly Rae Jepsen Elle Magazine

As promised, we leave you with Wanting Qu’s cover of Mayday’s “There Is an Absolute in Life”.

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Secret Sun Sets on the Cold Coast

Much Music is airing new MV “Cold Coast”, the title track off Secret Sun’s debut album from last year. We ranked the album as within the top 4.5% of all 2014 Canadian LPs. The electronic duo from Montreal consists of Simon Landry and vocalist Anne-Marie Campbell. The apocalyptic music video is quite spooky, shot in Oregon, USA in classic black and white.  iTunes

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Canada Day 2015 Parliament Hill Performances

While a number of recording artists performed at various cities across the country to celebrate Canada’s 148th birthday, the main televised extravaganza took place in Ottawa on Parliament Hill. It was a beautifully done affair with Francophones and Anglophones, women and men all sharing the stage together, something we need to see more often. Most performers played three songs, and a single group of professional musicians backed them all. We took some screen shots posted below with notes on each performer. You can watch a condensed version of the concert here with just one or two songs per artist.

1. Dance music superstar Kiesza opens the event with double platinum “Hideaway” and two more songs:

01 - Kiesza

2. The large crowd cheers for Kiesza. One man held up a sign asking her to marry him:

02 - Parliament Hill Crowd

3. Beautiful fresh, young talents and two of our finest vocalists Francesco Yates and Andee welcome all to the event:

03 - Francesco Yates and Andee

4. JUNO winner Karim Ouellet performs a string of his hits. We were very lucky to acquire him from Senegal:

04 - Karim Ouellet

5. Gord Bamford gets us countrified with hits including #1 radio smash “When Your Lips Are So Close”:

05 - Gord Bamford

6. The sun begins to set in Ottawa:

06 - Sunset

7. Cassidy Mann reps The Peg and charms us with her sweet songs:

07 - Cassidy Mann

8. Jonas and the Massive Attraction rocks out equally well in both official languages:

08 - Jonas and the Massive Attraction

9. Andee showed us just how incredible her vocals are, performing Top 40 hit “Never Gone” and other delights:

09 - Andee

10. Francesco Yates proved he has natural performance talent flowing through his arteries:

10 - Francesco Yates

11. Marc Dupré no doubt had the ladies swooning with his magnetic delivery:

11 - Marc Dupre

12. MAGIC! capped things off with three including new single “Sunday Funday” getting beach balls going in the crowd.

12 - Magic

13. The night wouldn’t have been complete without a stellar fireworks display:

13 - fireworks

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Canadian Hot 100, 1 July 2015

Out on Canada Day, this week’s Billboard Hot 100 sees no drop-offs by domestic artists, and many entries have reached new peak positions. Albertan country star Brett Kissel lands his highest debut ever with new song “Airwaves”. New signee to Universal Music, Coleman Hell makes the chart for the first time with “2 Heads”. The Weeknd’s “Can’t Feel My Face” reaches the Top 10. Shawn Mendes’ “Stitches” is up to #21 and Scott Helman’s “Bungalow” #31. Mia Martina scores her fifth Top 40 hit as “Beast” vaults up to #39. Jocelyn Alice’s “Jackpot” is up 10 spots, Eric Zayne’s “Spin the World” a dozen positions, Dean Brody’s “Bring Down the House” 16 notches, and Coeur de Pirate’s “Carry On” 17!

Canadian Hot 100 - 1 Jul 2015

The current Billboard Canadian Hot 100 is HERE


RK – CanCon rank
TW – This week’s chart position
LW – Last week’s chart position
RE – Re-entry
WC – Weeks on the chart
PP – Peak chart position
OR – Provincial origin of the artist
CE – Gold/platinum certification by Music Canada
G – Gold certification (40,000 units sold)
P – Platinum certification (80,000 units sold)
xP – Multiplatinum certification
Red maple leaf – Canadian artist
Magenta maple leaf – Partly Canadian artist
Blue maple leaf – Featured Canadian artist

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Magnanimity: The Cardinal Virtue of Canadians

Taking a break from posts on music, we wanted to share this essay on Canada Day for some inspiration.

On September 11, 2001, a pair of off-duty buddy firefighters in Ontario, their personal gear stashed in the trunk, were out for a drive with the radio on. An announcement came on, stating that planes had struck the twin towers in New York creating a double towering inferno. There were a number of typical things the Canadian firefighters did not utter in response. They did not say, “There are lots of firefighters in New York; let them deal with it.” They did not say, “Well, we’re off duty, and we don’t work for free.” They did not say, “Hey, we’ve got our own concerns.”

In short, there was no pettiness in their reaction. There was no hesitation. They turned the car around and gunned the vehicle south, crossing the border and heading straight to New York to lend a hand. It was an instant response.

This is very Canadian. And there is a word in the English language to describe such behaviour: it is called magnanimity.

During their so-called 9-11 crisis, the United States closed all airports as a security measure. Planes were left stranded in the air. Canadians agreed to allow these flights to land in their airports and to accommodate passengers in their own homes. Did they say, “I don’t want any strangers staying in my house – they could be crooks”? No. It was an immediate, welcoming response, one genuine and with open arms.

Magnanimity means showing a great, noble generosity that rises above petty concerns. And it is very Canadian. Whenever there is a group of people that are in desperate need, Canadians are often the first to respond to render assistance.

This was the case in 1979. The king of Iran, known as the Shah, was booted out of the country during their Islamic Revolution. The new regime decided to target religious minority groups as scapegoats, blaming all the country’s problems on them. Their number one target was the Bahá’í community. They began burning down their homes (after looting them), imprisoning them, torturing and executing them. Canada was the first country to admit refugees from the Asian nation.

Going back even further, the severe winter conditions of 1944–1945 had The Netherlands is a state of doom. Some 30,000 died of starvation. Holland was occupied by the Nazis and the in-exile Dutch government, in anticipation of a German collapse, ordered a general railway strike. In response, the Germans cut off all food and fuel to the western provinces. Hunger and disease brought on by the lack of heating began to set in. Canadians could not bear it, could not stand hearing about the demise of their Dutch brethren. Risking their lives, they flew over the country and dropped thousands of large bundles of food and blankets and then made it their personal mission to free the Dutch from Nazi occupation. The Dutch people have never forgotten this and love Canadians above everyone else even to today.

Canada’s magnanimity is also demonstrated in its willingness to redress past injustices within the nation. The Canadian government has offered official apologies and compensation to past injustices slapped upon Chinese Canadians. It performed it despite the court’s declaration after review that such practices were lawful at the time.

This magnanimity has historically risen above materialistic concerns. If Canadians had adhered to the petty arguments of financial viability, their country would never have established a system of universal health care, built the Canadian Pacific Railway, adopted a policy of multiculturalism, and maintained bilingualism. When it comes to a choice between what is profitable and what is right, Canadians have shown a noble preference for the latter.

Canada faces a number of current challenges that will put its intrinsic magnanimity to the test. The most glaring among them perhaps is finding a fitting way to deal with past atrocities meted out to Aboriginal Peoples. At the present time, all we can do is cling to hope.

In a planet of nearly 200 nations, each has a role to play, a contribution to make for the good of the whole. This is ours.

—Shawn PT

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Selected New Releases 30 June 2015

30 june 2015 releases

L’autre is the new album from Montreal punk band Fortune Cookie Club. Sitting somewhere between country and folk is Vancouver duo Twin Bandit; album For You has been released through Nettwerk Music. With Grand Theft Music, Montreal’s Will Driving West offers an album of covers (e.g. “White Flag”, “Breathing Underwater”) done up in a more folky and sombre vibe. Originally from Saskatchewan, Mocky, who has done work for Feist, serves some delicious jazz fusion on brilliant new album Key Change. You will hear some 60s-flavoured Bacharach strings and Shibuya-kei among a host of other flavours. Neil Young & Promise of the Real with sons of Willie Nelson offer boomer-style protest folk in The Monsanto Years. Finally, the debut (self-titled) album is here from Toronto roots duo Scarlett Jane!

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Headlines for Late June 2015

We start with some cuteness from Mia Martina. Awwww!



Napanee, ON rock superstar Avril Lavigne appeared on Good Morning America to talk about frustrations over getting decent medical attention for Lyme disease. She broke down in tears. However, once she got that off her chest she was all smiles as hubby Chad Kroeger is unable to talk after receiving vocal cord surgery to remove a cyst (similar to what Victoria Duffield had to go through last year). Avril teased, “Husbands not allowed to talk !!! (vocal rest) Hahahah lol. Shhhh. Best day ever??!!??” Avril will be performing at the Opening Ceremony of the Special Olympics on July 25 with a host of stars including Cody Simpson and Stevie Wonder.

Chavril cruisin


Mission, BC pop princess Carly Rae Jepsen has released her third album Emotion in Japan first, and it is doing very well. At one point, the album was at the top of iTunes Japan. Currently it sits at #2 behind Japanese group GReeeeN (as super as a Ruby Rhod spiel). The Japanese market, though 2nd in the world, is a tough nut to crack for Anglo music, so Carly deserves much credit. Carly was impressed by Japan’s proclivities for adding plush cuteness to interview backdrops.

carly japan plush


Also from beautiful British Columbia, Shawn Hook has inked a deal with Republic Records in New York to promote and distribute his music States-side. We’re not sure what colour the ink was, but the label has signed a number of colourful Canadian characters: Bahamas, Drake, Nickelback, and The Weeknd. Shawn will be busy over the next little while striving to bring his fine works to the attention of American ears. We wish him the best.

shawn hook republic records


Many recording artists will be performing in events across the country in various cities celebrating Canada Day. The flagship televised event at Parliament Hill in Ottawa will feature performances by … are you ready? Andee, Cassidy Mann, Francesco Yates, Gord Bamford, Jonas and the Massive Attraction, Karim Ouellet, Kiesza, Marc Dupré, MAGIC!, and The Jerry Cans! Oh my goodness! And if that’s not enough, ad hoc events at Jacques Cartier Park in the Gatineau will see Brigitte Boisjoli and David Myles, as well as Shad rippin’ things up in Major’s Hill Park! Below: Andee and her squadron of dancers rehearse for the big performance.

Canada Day rehearsal Andee

We leave you with the brand new MV for Top 20 hit (#3 in the UK!) “Where Are U Now” by the Dipster and Skrillster featuring The Biebs. Love the artwork blends!

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Prepare for Canada Day with a Fitting Playlist

Below is our playlist for Canada Day. It was created by determining which Canadian song (i.e. song by a Canadian citizen) was tops in the charts on July 1st every year from 2000 to 2014. Relive past Canada Day greatness with these classics. Which one was your favourite? Even more Canadian is that some of these, like “Jet Lag” and “Kiss You Inside Out”, have exquisite bilingual versions available!

Canada Day Playlist 1

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Marie-Mai’s New Anglo Track, “Almost”

Marie-Mai chillin

Marie-Mai is an adventurous one. She has hopped over the fence to do things from the other side. From back-to-back sold out shows at the Bell Centre in Montreal not too long ago, she is now performing three nights at the quaint, 1,100 capacity House of Blues Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, USA. The classic rickety venue will be shutting down in August with plans to build in its place. With Marie-Mai performing there in its final days, it will definitely be going out in a blaze of glory! In celebration, the platinum superstar has also cartwheeled over from her usual electrifying Franco rock to acoustic Anglo with new song “Almost”. She sounds just as good. We have embedded the new music video below.

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Selected New Releases 23 June 2015

23 jun 2015 releases

Fiona Bevan is a Canadian singer-songwriter based in the UK. Her wonderful album Talk to Strangers was released on the eastern Atlantic last year and has just now come out in Canada. Busty and the Bass gives us one of the better urban releases this year; we were quite taken aback by the quality of album GLAM which has some R&B singing as well as rapping. A new live various Canadian artists compilation has hit the market, all players specializing in world music; the Franco title is Les Syli d’Or de la musique du Monde 2015. Previously capping off his Hakate trilogy, exceptional jazz artist Thomas Carbou adds bonus album Other Colours of Hekate. Blues enthusiasts can dig Treat Her Right from The Stephen Barry Band. All the above artists aside from Fiona are from Montreal. A couple of new singles from high profile artists join the albums. The pop-punk superstars of Simple Plan reinvent the Bay City Rollers with new song “Saturday”. The multiplatinum band is expected to release an album later this year. Golden synthpop star LIGHTS is featured in the Bogeous track “Zero Gravity”.

Releases usually slow down a bit during July and August picking up again in September. We will continue to keep you updated on new music. Remember that beginning July 10, release day will switch from Tuesdays to Fridays.

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LIGHTS Featured in New Borgeous track, “Zero Gravity”


John Borger, better known as Borgeous, the American record producer who helped Canadian EDM duo DVBBS top the British charts with “Tsunami” has engaged in a new pairing. This time around it is LIGHTS and the track “Zero Gravity”. Both the digital single and music video are out. The MV has LIGHTS at a one-loonie car wash and involves some red light running. The Toronto synth pop marvel said that they had police escorts while shooting to help them dodge the traffic lights.  iTunes

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Canadian Hot 100, 24 June 2015

The Much Music Video Awards, though late in the week, have no doubt had an impact on this week’s charts. Most performers see gains in their music, whether in terms of airplay, sales, or both. Walk Off the Earth’s new album debuts on the albums chart at #2 and song “Rule the World” steps up two notches to #22 on the Billboard Hot 100. Carly Rae Jepsen’s “I Really Like You” moves up seven positions, Mia Martina’s “Beast” up four positions, and Shawn Mendes’ “Stitches” up a dozen spots. Scott Helman benefitted most, as “Bungalow” leaps sixteen positions to enter the Top 40 at #35. New on the Hot 100 this week are “Spin the World” by Montreal’s Eric Zayne and “Gone Long Gone” by Newfoundland country musician Jason Benoit.

Canadian Hot 100 - 24 Jun 2015

The current Billboard Canadian Hot 100 is HERE


RK – CanCon rank
TW – This week’s chart position
LW – Last week’s chart position
RE – Re-entry
WC – Weeks on the chart
PP – Peak chart position
OR – Provincial origin of the artist
CE – Gold/platinum certification by Music Canada
G – Gold certification (40,000 units sold)
P – Platinum certification (80,000 units sold)
xP – Multiplatinum certification
Red maple leaf – Canadian artist
Magenta maple leaf – Partly Canadian artist
Blue maple leaf – Featured Canadian artist

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SOCAN Honours Kiesza, Salomé Leclerc, Warren Pash, and Many More!

SOCAN 2015 awards1

The Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada (SOCAN) is a 130,000 member non-profit organization that represents Canadian performance rights. At Toronto’s Westin Harbour Castle, the organization recently held its 26th annual awards gala in celebration of great Canadian music creators. Highlights included a performance by Cold Specks of Hall & Oates’ “Private Eyes” which was co-written by Canada’s Warren Pash. The song was awarded for its achievement of 100,000 spins on Canadian radio. The night was not all about honouring classic music, however. Many newcomers were awarded as well, Kiesza, MAGIC!, and Shawn Mendes among them. More information on the night, photos, and a complete awards list can be found here.

Salome Leclerc 2

Extraordinary singer-songwriter Salomé Leclerc was selected by a jury of both journalists and industry representatives as the 2015 winner of the prestigious Prix Félix-Leclerc. For the first time, SOCAN became involved, by awarding Salomé with a cash prize. She also won the 2014 Rapsat-Lelièvre Award. More details can be found here.

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The 2015 MMVAs Get Toronto in Macho Mode

back to the future

While Much Music itself has been tangled in the throes of Much Less Music in recent years, laid off some of the country’s brightest TV personalities, and killed off New Music Live, arguably the best segment of its kind nationwide, the channel once again diverted all eggs into the annual basket of Ontario’s grand spectacle – the Much Music Video Awards. The night’s big winner was The Weeknd who won four awards including Video of the Year for “Often”. Twinkling with bright star power in a universal mixture of domestic and foreign talent, actors, recording artists, and athletes entered the premises in flamboyant style.

Ed Sheeran mmvas

Red Carpet Highlights

Jamaica’s OMI who recently topped Canada’s Billboard Hot 100 with his hit song “Cheerleader” performed it on the red carpet. He was joined by cheerleaders with large cardboard photo masks of other artists like Ed Sheeran and Carly Rae Jepsen. Pop group Marianas Trench entered the red carpet in water ski attire. The members of Walk Off the Earth each had several clones; we had to look carefully to identify the original. The carpet was also rolled upon by a host of classy vehicles.

lights and liz

The Proceedings

mmvas 2015British superstar Ed Sheeran co-hosted the spectacle. An improvement over past years was that the discourse from Ed and the presenters did not come across as woodenly scripted, and most of the jokes did not fall flat. Sheeran performed twice, first with “Photograph” and second with his Marvin Gaye “Let’s Get It On” replica, “Thinking Out Loud”. First up, however, was U.S. group Fall Out Boy with their homage to actress Uma Thurman, sporting The Munsters’s theme. Carly Rae Jepsen performed a more original song, “I Really Like You” and American newcomer Tori Kelly impressed with “Nobody Love”. Local Toronto artist Scott Helman played his “Bungalow” and Walk Off the Earth “Rule the World”, the latter complete with paint-stained smocks. The Weeknd did two, “The Hills” and platinum single “Earned It”. Mia Martina gave us perhaps the most visually pleasing performance, complete with cages, red lighting, and red riding hood attire. She was accompanied by American rapper Waka Flocka Flame. “Stitches” proceeded from Shawn Mendes, “Chains” from Nick Jonas, and “Want to Want Me” from Jason Derulo to cap off the evening.

the weeknd mmvas 2015

There were nearly 20 presenters many of whom were American actors. The MMVAs have been quite insightful in terms of identifying and inviting foreign acts who are more popular in Canada than in their homelands. One example this year was Adam Lambert who singles have all charted much higher in Canada than in the United States. Canadians presenting this year were recording artists Francesco Yates, Shawn Hook, LIGHTS, Arkells, Marianas Trench, Tyler Shaw, and Dan Talevski. Drake made an unscheduled surprise appearance to hand out an award.

mendes mmvas

The Awards: An All-Male Sweep

carly rae mmvasWhile Christine Sinclair and Team Canada were taking care of business defeating Switzerland 1-0 in Vancouver to advance to the quarterfinals of the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup, Toronto’s MuchMusic Video Awards were not about handing trophies out to female superstars, not even one. Conspiracy theorists might propose that Jian Ghomeshi is secretly working for Bell Media. Casual misogynists might attempt to rationalize it in pointing out that the awards show took place on Father’s Day. We have found however that these things usually result from collective mindlessness where decision makers abandon the rudder to the control of materialistic currents. Beneath the glitz and glamour of the spectacle, the underlying message the MMVAs offered to the public was that the works of female artists are not award worthy. The media sidestepped the issue, fixated as always on the best dressed dolls of the ball. It is something most will overlook. We will not.

mia martina MMVAs

Watch the 2015 MMVAs online here.

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Music That Got Us Through the Winter of Early 2015 – CMB Picks

Winter 2015 Picks

From the beginning of the year to the spring equinox, a whole bunch of Canadian music was released to make our ears happy. Just in terms of LPs, there were 128! We have listened to everything and settled on our picks. These winter 2015 releases of albums, EPs, songs, and MVs were the ones we couldn’t get enough of and are happy to share them with you.

In terms of LPs, the Portrait of Ludovico Einaudi by Angele Dubeau and La Pieta proved to be classical music at its best. Elliot Maginot’s Young Old Everything In Between is an album that sets the standard for any aspiring singer songwriter with beautifully crafted, rich, folky treats. Jerome Miniere’s Une Ile, worth buying as a whole, is a quirky, fun electropop ride. Alternative rock didn’t get much better than Savvie’s Night Eyes. Scott Shea’s gorgeous Let It Storm gave us roots music to die for. There is no question that Beatrice Deer had the season’s finest EP, Fox, an eclectic brew of savory pop-rock.

Singles that bowled us over included Carly Rae Jepsen’s golden delight “I Really Like You”, Ryan Stewart produced dancefloor thumper “Spotlight” by Every Last Chance featuring the exquisite vocals of Crystalyne’s Marissa Dattoli, Jean Leloup’s delicious novelty rock anthem “Willie”, Navert’s progressive gem “Ma Chanson”, and pop-rock charmer “Aime/pardonne” by Tremblay. We would also add tracks from the aforementioned albums: “Still Alive” by Elliot Maginot and “Gravity” by Savvie. We’ll let you decide on the best track from the Miniere, Shea, and Deer albums. Although we cannot classify it as Canadian, we sneak in the honourable mention of “Lighthouse” by Emmalyn Estrada and G.R.L.

In the realm of music videos, there is no question that Carly Rae Jepsen’s “I Really Like You” with Tom Hanks was a standout. We also liked Ariane Moffatt’s eye pleasing “Debout”.

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