May 29, 2020 Releases: Guylaine Tanguay, Mirabelle…

Find below a list of this week’s Canadian artist releases. Country music fans can check out Country from Guylaine Tanguay and pop music lovers should find satisfaction with Mirabelle‘s Late Bloomer. This week’s new batch brings the running totals for 2020 to 259 LPs and 106 EPs.

Bandz Can’t Fold Burna Bandz Rap
Country Guylaine Tanguay Country
Harmony Avenue Jade Hairpins Alternative
Homme de paroles Paradox Rap
Late Bloomer Mirabelle  Pop
L’ère virtuelle  Christian P S-S
Love & Chaos (SpaceTime, Vol. II) Narcy Rap
Perhaps the Gods of Love Beth Anne Cole S-S
Pris dans nos chambres ce soir Will Murphy Pop
Sans merci Mario Peluso  Country
Sight Unseen Marin Patenaude Folk
To Suffer with a Smile On Monk.E & Zex BilangiLangi World
Travelling Shoes Lydia & Sébastien  Pop
Apres l’hiver (EP) Véronique Trudel  S-S
Every Word Is a Trap (EP) Sleepless Nights Alternative
Grunge Gospel – Side B (EP) Joel R&B
M.I.A. (EP) The Free Label Pop
Marchands de mémoire (EP) Marchands de mémoire  Country
Satellites and Secrets (EP) Andy Eichhorn S-S
Victimless Crimes (EP) Keffa R&B
Yodel Bleu (EP) Veranda Country
YYZ – LAX (EP) Smiley Rap

22 May 2020 Releases: Carly Rae Jepsen, High Valley…

Carly Rae Jepsen drops a surprise album: Dedicated Side B. As with Emotion, she puts together an album from cutting room floor pieces better than most other pop discs of the year. JUNO nominee Koriass teams up with FouKi for rap album Genies en herbe. Other nominees include critically acclaimed alternative music craftsman Owen Pallett with Island and premier country duo High Valley with EP Grew Up On That. Also good are Falling by Fonkynson on the progressive side and Tell Me What to Do by Jordan Klassen in the singer-songwriter field. Find these and more in the table below.

Aimant Mademoizelle Philippe  Rock
Dedicated Side B Carly Rae Jepsen (JW) Pop
Falling Fonkynson Electronic
Felures Les Mains Sales Punk
Genies en herbe Koriass (JN) & FouKi Rap
Island Owen Pallett (JN) Alternative
Lionheart Lynn Jackson S-S
Lonesome Stretch of Highway Mike Plume Country
Lost in Dreams Dylan Menzie S-S
Pescador de Suenos Ramon Chicharron  World
Quiet Talkers Ken Yates Folk
State of the Heart Lindy Vopnfjord S-S
Tell Me What to Do Jordan Klassen S-S
Trouver sa voie Alain Tremblay  Folk
Cola Wars (EP) ColaWars Electronic
Grew Up On That (EP) High Valley (JN) Country
Isolation Blues (Vol. 1) (EP) Touching Alternative
Philedouche (EP) Philémon Cimon  S-S

May 15, 2020 Releases: Catherine Major, Jimmy Hunt…

Six of this week’s nine albums come from JUNO nominees or winners. The winners are Jimmy Hunt with Le silence and traditional folk specialists Pharis and Jason Romero with Bet on Love. JUNO nominees are The Jerry Cans with Echoes, Catherine Major with Carte mère, The Dears with Lovers Rock, and the Gypsy Kumbia Orchestra with VelkomBak. Also out this week are at least seven Canadian artist EPs. Find this week’s releases in the table below.

Aux enfants de demain Claude Gauthier S-S
Bet on Love Pharis & Jason Romero (JW) Folk
Capitaine Canada  Capitaine Canada  Rap
Carte mere Catherine Major (JN) Alternative
Echoes The Jerry Cans (JN) Alternative
Le silence Jimmy Hunt (JW) Alternative
Lovers Rock The Dears (JN) Alternative
St. Helens The Tourist Company Alternative
VelkomBak Gypsy Kumbia Orchestra (JN) World
Dem Times (EP) Roy Woods Rap
Derailed (EP) Noble Oak Alternative
Force Majeure (EP) Ten Kills the Pack S-S
Gone Is Yesterday (EP) Pat Lok Dance
Right Now (EP) Malachi R&B
Solo (EP) Margo Alternative
They Call Me Tiago (EP) Tiagz Rap

May 8, 2020 Releases: Mara Tremblay, Big Sugar, David Myles

Blues-rock reggae-fusion outfit Big Sugar sweetens the avenues with Eternity Now, the band’s first album in five years. The disc includes a punchy cover of Gary Wright’s “Love Is Alive”. This week also sees the release of Good Intentions from popular rapper Nav. Ditty champion David Myles delivers his latest pleasant work, Leave Tonight. One of our finest neo-trad crafters, Mara Tremblay, is back with Uniquement pour toi. And Astrocolor glistens with progressive waves on Hue. Find these and more brand new Canadian artist releases in the table below.

Arroser les fleurs Émilie Landry  Country
Drifters Joe Nolan S-S
Elle dormait encore Elie Raymond Ambient
Eternity Now Big Sugar (JN) Rock
Good Intentions NAV (JN) Rap
Hue Astrocolor Alternative
It Can Do Moka Only Rap
Leave Tonight David Myles S-S
Legacy Aquakultre R&B
Pantayo Pantayo Alternative
Songs of Harry Throat Littlefolk Alternative
Tombstone Piledriver Golden Age of Wrestling Electronic
Uniquement pour toi Mara Tremblay Alternative
Aller simple (EP) Nayka Rap
Julyan (EP) Julyan Pop
Kids (EP) Busty and the Bass Alternative
La Finale Hit (EP) Emmanuel Travis  R&B
Tilsen (EP) Tilsen Pop

May 1, 2020 Releases: Drake, Austra, Peripheral Vision

Canada’s most famous rapper Drake has dropped a new LP – Dark Lane Demo Tapes. Something tells us the tracks are not really from demo tapes. The cuts on this one should hit the spot for those who missed Drake’s more chill side.

Another prominent act – the always fab Austra – delivers the oddly titled HiRUDiN which is technically an EP. It is perhaps mellower than previous upbeat synthpop effort Future Politics.

We have a choice jazz album from JUNO nominated group Peripheral Vision, the soothing and invigorating Irrational Revelation and Mutual Humiliation.

JUNO nominated pop-rock trio Courage My Love returns with 7-track Spectra.

Synthpop lovers have a couple of nifty discs to indulge in: the eponymous Super Plage and Mood Swings from Los Angeles based ace Maddie Jay. Absolutely Free presents beautifully done electronic soundtrack Two Cares Due None in case you are pining for something more atmospheric. Check out these and more in the table below.

Ars elaboratio Ensemble Scholastica & R. Bain Classical
Bonjour, hi David Campana Rap
Combat Rave Shade Rock
Concerta Fantasio Mudie Punk
Dark Lane Demo Tapes Drake (JW) Rap
Irrational Revelation… Peripheral Vision (JN) Jazz
Out for a While Tunnel  Alternative
Preliminaires SVP Adamo  Rap
Super Plage  Super Plage  Pop
Two Cares Due None Absolutely Free Soundtrack
Camping (EP) Simon Alain  Country
Équinoxe (EP) Boots Rap
Fanta$Y (EP) Tyleen Rap
HiRUDiN (EP) Austra (JN) Alternative
Honesty (EP) Conversation Punk
La Barquetterie SS2 (EP) Benny Adam Pop
Late Bloomer (EP) SLMN R&B
Mood Swings (EP) Maddie Jay Alternative
Songs to Break Up To (EP) Wild Rivers S-S
Spectra (EP) Courage My Love (JN) Pop-Rock


April 24, 2020 Releases: The Washboard Union, Lennon Stella…

This week’s batch of new releases includes new albums from JUNO award winning group The Washboard Union (Everbound) and nominee Lennon Stella (Three. Two. One). Also find the curious SOMMM which is a supergroup of artists including Ariane Moffatt and Marie-Pierre Arthur in collaboration with producer DRMS (Étienne Dupuis-Cloutier). Be sure to check out some well done progressive pop on Adaline‘s Dear Illusion. Find these and more in the table below.

Bobby Joe Hope Jon McKiel Alternative
Dear Illusion Adaline Pop
Everbound The Washboard Union (JW) Country
Heartbreak & Landscape B.Knox Country
L’echappee Marquise Desmarais  S-S
Les animaux sauvages Fantômes  Folk
Little Flower  Emily Rockarts Alternative
Mieux s’y voir Catherine Dangenais S-S
Mises en scene KPLR  Rock
Off the Cuff Lenoire Alternative
Old Future Norma MacDonald S-S
Queen and Judgement The Battle of Santiago World
Rivals The Treble Pop
SOMMM SOMMM Alternative
Spirit Rising Philip Sayce Rock
Survival Wares Alternative
The Happening Logan & Nathan Alternative
Three. Two. One Lennon Stella (JN) Pop
We Still Go to Rodeos Whitney Rose Country
Joyride (EP) Loony R&B
Judee Justin Arthur Mary (EP) Luka Kuplowsky Alternative
P2-etre (EP) Sibo R&B

April 10-17, 2020 Releases: Crystal Shawanda, Joel Plaskett…

Due to a low number last week, we combine the past two weeks of new releases together. We have four Juno winners plus a nominee. Tory Lanez furthers his take on urban music with The New Toronto 3. Joel Plaskett ambitiously churns out a quadruple album – yes, four discs, each disc done in a different subgenre. The album title of 44 marks both his age and a total of 44 tracks (11 on each disc). The prolific Ron Sexsmith delivers his 16th studio album, Hermitage. Crystal Shawanda furthers her love of blues music on the superb Church House Blues. R&B outfit dvsn contributes A Muse in Her Feelings. A couple of splendid alternative works we recommend are What We Started from Ottawa’s Paragon Cause and No Earthly Sound from Bruce Peninsula. Find these and more in the table below.

Ever Ahead Joey O’Neil S-S
Maelstrom Lily KO Pop
The New Toronto 3 Tory Lanez (JW) Rap
44 Joel Plaskett (JW) S-S
A Muse in Her Feelings dvsn (JN) R&B
All in One Jaunt Alternative
Church House Blues Crystal Shawanda (JW) Blues
Hermitage Ron Sexsmith (JW) S-S
It Was Fun While It Lasted The Pack AD Rock
J’veux D’l’amour Fred Perreault  S-S
Miss Colombia Lido Pimienta Alternative
Nene ILAM World
New Beautiful Sherman Downey S-S
No Earthly Sound Bruce Peninsula Alternative
Peace Love and Outer Space Roy Rock
Sins We Made Harrow Fair Country
What We Started Paragon Cause Alternative
Cheap Therapy (EP) Ezra Jordan Pop
Cream (EP) Kalisway R&B
Sky (EP) Webster & 5 for Trio Rap
Half Bad (EP) Jon Bryant Alternative
La fin du printemps (EP) Mariko S-S
Les voix levees (EP) Jean-Christophe Lessard  S-S
The Devil Will Give You Candy (EP) Tiny Bill Cody S-S

3 April 2020 Releases: Purity Ring, Souldia…

The number of new releases is lighter this week; however, there are some nifty works in here. There are four JUNO nominated artists among them. Edmonton electropop champion Purity Ring delivers Womb, alt-rock crafter Born Ruffians contributes the Juice, bluesy musing rock man Allan Rayman begets Christian, and rap collective Snotty Nose Rez Kids ruminates on being Born Deadly (an EP). Ellis also talks about birth in Born Again. Scott Hardware gets artistic on Engel, and TOPS is happy on I Feel Alive. The latter three works are worth some spins or streams. It seems birth and life are this week’s themes with titles like Womb, Born Again, Born Deadly, Shelf Life, and I Feel Alive. You can decide whether A Few More Hours at YYZ would constitute life or death. Check out these and more in the table below.

Les cormorans Sandra Le Couteur  Folk
Backstage Souldia Rap
Born Again Ellis  Alternative
Can You See Me? Maya Rae  S-S
Christian Allan Rayman (JN) Alternative
Engel Scott Hardware  Alternative
Healing Through a Sonic Figure Juniper Bush  Rock
I Feel Alive TOPS Alternative
Juice Born Ruffians (JN) Alternative
Shelf Life Slow Leaves  S-S
Womb Purity Ring (JN) Electronic
You and Your Friends Peach Pit Alternative
A Few More Hours at YYZ (EP) Billy Raffoul   Pop
Anderson I (EP) Ti Boeuf  Alternative
Bermuda (EP) Bermuda  Alternative
Born Deadly (EP) Snotty Nose Rez Kids (JN) Rap
California King (EP) Sykamore Country
Highway Mile (EP) Aaron Allen Country
Kara (EP) Christian Marc Gendron Pop

27 March 2020 Releases: Laila Biali, Jessie Reyez…

A large number of new releases are out this week. Coming to our attention are 21 LPs and seven EPs. This means we now have 150 studio albums and 52 extended plays so far in 2020. Juno award winners number at three in the new batch: vocal jazz ace Laila Biali brings us something Out of Dust, emerging R&B star Jessie Reyez brings life Before Love Came to Kill Us, and dance duo Loud Luxury contributes four-track EP Nights Like This. Juno nominees also number at three: singer-songwriter Basia Bulat asks us Are You in Love?, David Jalbert flips the finger of honour on Le doigt d’honneur, and urbin outfit Partynextdoor instructs how to hold a Partymobile. We recommend checking out The Grand Mirage by Robotaki, a succulent electronic based party album; Nowhere in Time by Sheenah Ko, a great new wave disc; Holiday by Jennah Barry, a soothingly beautiful coffee house record; and Vena by Rachel Therrien, a superb trumpet-led jazz album. Find these and many more in the table below.

Are You in Love? Basia Bulat (JN) S-S
Before Love Came to Kill Us Jessie Reyez (JW) R&B
Cupidon Israël Proulx  Folk
Glu Zen Bamboo Alternative
Greatest Hits Vol.1 P’tit Belliveau S-S
Holiday Jennah Barry  S-S
Le doigt d’honneur David Jalbert (JN) Folk
Love and Leave You 100 Mile House  Folk
My Magic Dreams… Nick Storring  Ambient
Mythologies Lex Leosis Rap
Nowhere in Time Sheenah Ko Alternative
Out of Dust Laila Biali (JW) Jazz
Partymobile Partynextdoor (JN) R&B
Regle d’or Marie-Gold Rap
Rose et gris La Carabine  Rap
Rude Kevin Rolly Rap
Snapshot of a Beginner Nap Eyes Alternative
Tavie Mister Nobu Alternative
The Grand Mirage Robotaki Electronic
Vena Rachel Therrien  Jazz
Yesterday Is Gone Dana Gavanski  S-S
Devour (EP) Wizard Of Dance
DNA Activation (EP) Witch Prophet Alternative
Fine, Thank You! (EP) Deborah Holland  S-S
Nights Like This (EP) Loud Luxury (JW) Dance
Nos felures precieuses (EP) Jonny Arsenault S-S
Revenge (EP) Moula 1st Rap
Woman, Here (EP) Ada Lea Alternative

Spring Equinox 2020 Releases: The Weeknd, Louis-Jean Cormier…

We welcome the spring with a fresh batch of Canadian artist albums, and there are some big guns among them. Multiplatinum R&B crooner The Weeknd is back with After Hours that displays an album cover that’s … bloody well right, I guess. It includes his recent new wave tinged smash “Blinding Lights”. Artistic singer-songwriter Louis-Jean Cormier, a JUNO award winner, delivers his latest, Quand la nuit tombe. Opener “100 Metre Hurdles” is a slice of nice. Folk slayer Gordon Lightfoot (JW) proves, on Solo, that sometimes an acoustic guitar is all you really need. David Clayton-Thomas (JW) always has something satirically satisfying to say, and the blue-eyed soul man fails to disappoint on Say Somethin’. Legendary Jean-Pierre Ferland (JN) contributes a fine adult contemporary disc, Partir au vent, and JUNO nominee Alain Bedard, with his players, serve us with jazz on Exalta Calma. For something different, check out L’enfer chez les autres from vice E roi which we could describe as, say, progressive baroque folk. Find these and more in the table below.

After Hours The Weeknd (JW) R&B
Exalta Calma Alain Bedard et al. (JN) Jazz
Fingers Crossed JJ Shiplett Country
Le temps qui passe  Tommy Boulanger  S-S
L’enfer chez les autres vice E roi Alternative
Les rêves sont faits  Tomas Jensen  Folk
Naked Aliocha Alternative
Neve Campbell Rouge Pompier  Metal
Partir au vent Jean-Pierre Ferland (JN) AC
Quand la nuit tombe Louis-Jean Cormier (JW) S-S
Say Somethin’ David Clayton-Thomas (JW) S-S
Solo Gordon Lightfoot (JW) Folk
Still Believe in Rock and Roll The Wild! Rock
Godspeed: Baptism (EP) Naya Ali R&B
In My Corner (EP) Charlotte Cornfield S-S
Safe Harbour (EP) Christa Couture  AC

March 13, 2020 Releases: Sass Jordan, Felix Stussi…

Stocking up on TP, masks, and hand sanitizer? Isolation isn’t complete without good music. Thank Generation X for learning how to make the most of indoor living. They had help from the introduction of video games, movie rentals, TV dinners, and of course the ghetto blaster. New releases out this week include JUNO winner Sass Jordan who gives a shot of the Rebel Moon Blues so hot it should cook away any traces of COVID-19 within a 5 km radius. Jazz enthusiasts can enjoy JUNO nominee Felix Stussi‘s Supernova4. Off the beaten path is Mille Milles, an eponymous work of instrumental music with some more electronic and some more orchestral pieces. Also good is the melancholy All for Nada by Alex Nicol. Among this week’s EPs is If I Were You from Winnipeg’s fine country artist David James.

All for Nada Alex Nicol  Alternative
Apres l’orage Cindy Bedard Folk
Broderie Olivier Belisle Folk
Cours, Binette! Cours! Binette  Rock
Great Minuscule AC
Kimberlite Significant Other  Alternative
Memoires Foisy Alternative
Mille Milles  Mille Milles  Instrumental
Rebel Moon Blues Sass Jordan (JW) Blues
Supernova4 Felix Stussi (JN) Jazz
Desolation Sounds (EP) Ayla Brook Roots Rock
Feet off the Brakes (EP) Gerry Gareau Country
If I Were You (EP) David James Country
Ta constellation (EP) Juste Robert  S-S
The Ride (EP) Many Masks  Alternative

6 March 2020 Releases: Kiesza, Luce Dufault…

There are not many new albums out this week. We find nine with no extended plays. JUNO nominee Luce Dufault contributes fine AC album Dire combien je t’aime. Also nominated is jazz specialist Ernesto Cervini who brings guitarist Nir Felder on board for Tetrahedron. This week’s pleasant surprise is This New Hurricane from PEI’s Brielle Ansems – folky with well written songs and beautiful production. Find these and more in the table below. Singles this week include “All of the Feelings” from JUNO winning dance pop star Kiesza.

A Beautiful Place to Drown Silverstein (JN) Rock
Cent millions d’annees Christine Melanson  S-S
Danser dans la tornade Fuso S-S
Darker Than Your Dark Melissa Payne S-S
Dire combien je t’aime Luce Dufault (JN) AC
Oma R Grunwald Classical
Peace of Mind Jay Whiss Rap
Tetrahedron Ernesto Cervini (JN) Jazz
This New Hurricane Brielle Ansems Folk

28 Feb 2020 Releases: Caribou, Virginia to Vegas…

JUNO winners Caribou and Boogat join pop specialist Virginia to Vegas, a JUNO nominee, for new releases this week. Caribou’s Suddenly is an urban inflected electronic album. Boogat is a champion of world music, and his new EP is entitled El Gato y los Rumberos. And pop slayer Virginia to Vegas, no stranger to the Billboard Hot 100, drops extended play A Constant State of Improvement. Find these and other nifty works from Canadian artists below.

Animal Social Gautier sans h  Alternative
Blue Rosie Valland Alternative
Boite aux lettres Les Hay Babies S-S
Dreamweaver Anachnid  Alternative
Homme objet Luis Clavis Alternative
La Vie Est Dure  Alex & Alex Jr. Meunier Folk
Lighter Fluid Les Deuxluxes Rock
Motion Control Port Juvee Rock
Rythme de passage Emie R Roussel Trio Jazz
Silent Conversations Mute Choir Alternative
Starlit Afternoon Craig Stickland S-S
Suddenly Caribou (JW) Alternative
Synthetic Soul Chiiild R&B
Taxi Dancers Gord Sinclair Rock
The Romantic Taylor Ashton Folk
Triste pareil Gab Bouchard S-S
50 Milles (EP) Briche Rock
Constant state of improvement (EP) Virginia to Vegas (JN) Pop
El Gato y los Rumberos (EP) Boogat (JW) World
ID (EP) Liza R&B
Mickey (EP) Michael Haze R&B
quietype (EP) quietype  Alternative
Self Aware B**** (EP) Anna Sofia Pop

Feb 21, 2020 Releases: 2Frères, Sarah Harmer…

This week sees a number of acclaimed artists drop new works: five JUNO Award winners and an additional four nominees. Find below a list of 17 new albums and six EPs. The most successful of all these at iTunes is new album À tous les vents from folk pop duo 2Frères. The JUNO award winners are electropop wizard Grimes whose release bears the title Miss Anthropocene, singer-songwriter Sarah Harmer and Are You Gone, Matthew Good and Moving Walls, and folk specialist Rose Cousins and Bravado. Hawksley Workman teams up with JUNO nominee Sarah Slean on These Two, an EP. Other nominees are Storry who contributes CH III: The Come Up, country artist Tim Hicks and Wreck (EP), and The Franklin Electric and In Your Heart (EP). Many of the other discs in the list are just as savory as these, so listen away.

A tous les vents 2Frères  Folk Pop
Abducted Bitter Harvest Electronic
Apres Midi Le Grand Dam  S-S
Are You Gone Sarah Harmer (JW) S-S
Beige Ariane Zita  Pop
Bravado Rose Cousins (JW) Folk
Cape God Allie X Pop
CH III: The Come Up Storry (JN) Soul
Forever Is a Pretty Long Time Elaquent Rap
Kinley KINLEY Pop
Loss Jean-Paul De Roover Rock
Miss Anthropocene Grimes (JW) Alternative
Moving Walls Matthew Good (JW) S-S
Quel Drag Boids Rock
The Mean Nature Of Folk
Weird Ones Matt Holubowski Alternative
Zoo Baby Zoo Baby Pop
In Your Heart (EP) The Franklin Electric (JN) Alternative
J’me dompte pas (EP) Grand Fanal  Rock
Sainte-Colere (EP) Etienne Dufresne Pop
These Two (EP) H. Workman (JW) & S. Slean (JN) Alternative
Vietnam (EP) Fullum  Punk
Wreck (EP) Tim Hicks (JN) Country

2020 Valentine’s Day Releases: Justin Bieber, Florence K…

JUNO winner and multiplatinum recording artist Justin Bieber releases his latest album Changes. In terms of style, it follows his Journals era with downtempo R&B. Double JUNO nominee Florence K drops Florence, an artistic adult contemporary effort. In terms of EPs, east coast slayer Alan Doyle returns with Rough Side Out. Country superstars Jess Moskaluke and Dean Brody join him in a couple of tracks. Find these and more in the listing below.

De pire en pire – William Hennessey – Pop
A chacun son Waterloo – Orloge Simard – Pop
Little Misty – Little Misty – S-S/folk
Florence – Florence K (JN) – Alt-AC
Entre deux paradis – Charles Landry – S-S
Changes – Justin Bieber (JW) – R&B
Boniface – Boniface – Alt-Pop
Hollow – Elephant Stone – Alternative
Chickaboom! – Tami Neilson – Americana
Perfectionism – Hotel Mira – Alt Rock
Elephant in the Sea – Wes Carroll Confabulation – Jazz
Love Writes Itself – Dralms – Alternative
Tripolaire (EP) – O Linea – Rock
Rough Side Out (EP) – Alan Doyle (JN) – Country