Nielsen SoundScan Top 40 Hits in Canada, 2001


Find below all Top 40 hits in Canada for year 2001 during the Nielsen SoundScan era. There are 152 of them, 14 from Canadian artists. Based on the chart performance through the year, we can say that the biggest of the Canadian hits through the year was “Days Like That” by Sugar Jones. In the tables below, sorted by peak position and then alphabetically by song title, we have included the nationality of the artist as well as the date of the chart in which the song reached its peak.














About Nielsen SoundScan Charts 2001-2007

jam canoe

The Canadian Music Blog is pleased to present charts of all Top 40 hits in Canada from 2001 – 2007 on the Nielsen SoundScan charts. We gratefully acknowledge the assistance of chart expert Anders Andersen in Denmark who painstakingly screen captured all the weekly Canadian Nielsen SoundScan charts from the old Canoe/Jam website. Forwarding the images to us via email, we converted the images to a comprehensive Excel spreadsheet. Because Canadian charts during the period are very much unavailable and sketchy, we provide all hits from both Canadian and international artists.

As has been acknowledged, there are many shortcomings of the Nielsen SoundScan (NSS) charts, but of course problematic charts are better than none at all. To minimize a misinterpretation of the data, we would like to mention a few points. First, any songs that appeared on the RPM charts have been excluded from the NSS, as it is a bit like comparing apples and oranges. RPM was influenced mainly by radio airplay with some sales data, whereas NSS is based purely on the sales of singles. Canadians usually preferred to buy albums rather than singles. Also, not all songs played on the radio were readily available as singles (whether in vinyl, cassette, or CD), and as the digital era approached and iTunes went online, physical singles became increasingly less popular.

The Nielsen SoundScan charts often included EPs, some of which had four unique tracks. Oddly, some of the entries appear to be various artist compilation LPs. Some singles continued to chart for several years, and some that were several years old began to chart or re-entered the charts. We have excluded these old “catalogue singles”. Another challenge was that Nielsen gave separate entries to various issues of the same song – released by different labels, remixes, maxi singles, extended versions, with different “B-Sides”, etc. We simply looked at which version of the single achieved the highest chart peak. The NSS charts nearly always had tie positions and counted the ranking after with skipped positions, for example: 26, 27, 27, 27, 30, 31, etc.

Despite all its problems, we provide these charts with the purpose of helping keep alive the memories of some of the most popular songs in Canada during the period. Take everything with a grain of salt and enjoy the memories!

All-Time 40 Biggest Hot 100 Canadian Hits: 2017 Update


From its launch in mid-2007 to the present time, we have ranked the 40 biggest hits by domestic artists on the Billboard Canadian Hot 100 using a points system. Total points were determined by subtracting each weekly chart position from 101 and then totalling the results. We have not included songs that were already on the Hot 100 when it launched. We have also excluded songs currently on the chart. Included are Canadian artist songs whether the Canadian was the main, co-credited, or featured artist.

The Hot 100 is a combination of success on radio as well as digital downloads from the public, all within Canada. The chart below also includes the peak chart position achieved, date the peak was reached, and the total number of weeks the song spent on the charts. Those that reached #1 have the peak in a red box. Those that spent at least one full year (52 weeks) have a yellow box. Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” reigns supreme both in terms of points and weeks spend on the Hot 100 (74 weeks, highlighted in an orange box). Did your favourite Canadian song make the all-time Top 40? Click to enlarge.


Nielsen Year-End Report

Nielsen Music has released a year-end report for 2016. Now we have the actual numbers of album and tracks sales. You can read the whole report here. Some highlights below. Total consumption refers to full albums purchased (whether digital or physical) plus track equivalent albums (10 tracks is equivalent to 1 album) and streaming equivalent albums (1,500 streams is equivalent to 1 album). 


1. Views by Drake, 457,000 units
2. 25 by Adele, 266,000 units
3. Purpose by Justin Bieber, 240,000 units
4. Blurryface by Twenty-One Pilots, 172,000 units
5. Starboy by The Weeknd, 171,000 units
6. Anti by Rihanna, 170,000 units.
7. This Is Acting by Sia, 169,000 units.
8. Encore un soir by Celine Dion, 140,000 units.
9. Lemonade by Beyoncé, 138,000 units.
10. Collage by The Chainsmokers, 136,000 units.


1. Views by Drake, 196,000 copies
2. 25 by Adele, 196,000 copies
3. Encore un soir by Celine Dion, 134,000 copies
4. You Want It Darker by Leonard Cohen, 106,000 copies
5. Hardwired to Self-Destruct by Metallica, 103,000 copies
6. Lemonade by Beyoncé, 101,000 copies
7. Purpose by Justin Bieber, 92,000 copies
8. Starboy by The Weeknd, 79,000 copies
9. Yer Favourites by The Tragically Hip, 75,000 copies
10. Blurryface by Twenty-One Pilots, 73,000 copies


1. Cheap Thrills by Sia, 367,000
2. 7 Years by Lukas Graham, 326,000
3. One Dance by Drake, 323,000
4. I Took a Pill in Ibiza, 303,000
5. Can’t Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake, 293,000
6. Stressed Out by Twenty-One Pilots, 283,000
7. Closer by The Chainsmokers, 276,000
8. My House by Flo Rida, 271,000
9. Love Yourself by Justin Bieber, 258,000
10. Cake by the Ocean by DNCE, 244,000

The 2016 Canadian Invasion


A number of Canadian artist singles made it onto 2016’s year-end charts in various countries. Not all countries have charts and only some who have them formulate annual ones. We looked at charts in the major Anglo country markets (Canada itself, the USA, UK, and Australia) and at Japan which is #2 in the world. In Canada itself, 32 of the Top 100 for the year were by or featured a homegrown artist. This is a new record in Canadian chart history. In the USA, there are 26 Canadian artist entries, 16 in the UK, and 14 in Australia. In Japan where, obviously, Japanese language songs are preferred, four songs from two Canuck label-mates made it into the year-end Top 100.

In the table below, you can see all Canadian artist songs that made it into at least one of the charts in the five countries. Canadian artists had the #1 song of the year in three of them (and all 3 are different songs). Canadians preferred Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” (they are stereotyped as being polite), while Americans went for “Love Yourself” (they are typecast as having narcissistic tendencies). The Brits favoured Drake’s “One Dance” (perhaps they’re asking for one more dance with Europe pre-Brexit) which was the top Canadian entry on the Australian chart at #2. Aussie artist Flume’s “Never Be Like You” which features Kai was 4th of the year down under. “One Dance” and “Treat You Better” were the most agreed upon in the four countries where they made the charts, as the positions were quite comparable. “Work” by Rihanna featuring Drake was a much bigger hit in the States (#4) than in Australia (#40). Carly Rae Jepsen continues to sweep the Japanese off their feet. “Call Me Maybe”, now over five years old, still made it onto the 2016 year-end chart. “I Really Like You” finished 6th in 2015 and squeaked into the 2016 chart as well (#95).


The Most Successful Canadian Singles of 2016


A total of 32 songs involving domestic artists made the year-end Billboard Canadian Hot 100 in 2016. This sets a new record in the history of the Canadian charts, one that had remained unbroken for 20 years since RPM’s year-end for 1996 which held the record at 31. In 1996, Alanis Morissette had both the #1 and #2 songs of the year for “You Learn” and “Ironic” respectively. Justin Bieber repeats her accomplishment in 2016 with “Sorry” and “Love Yourself” at #1 and #2 of the year. Last year, 2015, saw only 21 Canadian artist singles in the year-end top 100.

The table immediately below shows all songs by domestic artists that made the year-end Billboard Canadian Hot 100 with their position on the chart. Because a number of these songs were cross-overs from 2015, we have included the positions for those in the year-end chart for 2015. Also, find the weekly chart peak position of these songs and the year it reached the peak (either 2015 or 2016). We have also included all Canadian artist tracks that peaked within the weekly Top 40 of the Hot 100 through 2016 but didn’t make the year-end Top 100. Note that a number of these, still on the weekly charts, will reach new peak positions in 2017.

We have also listed any current Gold/Platinum certification levels achieved by the songs (these may receive higher certifications in the future). Those that haven’t received certifications have either not reached the numbers or the artist’s team hasn’t submitted applications for them through the Music Canada program. Later in 2016, the program, in the new Single Award, began including streaming data into the qualifications at the rate of 150 streams equivalent to 1 unit sold. That is in addition to digital downloads or any CD single sales. Gold is 40,000 units; platinum 80,000; double platinum 160,000, triple platinum 240,000; etc.

Because Franco songs have a tough time reaching the chart as they do not receive broadcast-wide airplay, we have included any songs that made the Hot 100 (non-Top 40). This year, Céline Dion’s “Encore un soir” was the only song to achieve this, making it to #92. Below the first table is a second listing all French language Canadian artist songs that made the year-end Top 50 at radio network CKOI. The good folks over there have published year-end Top 50 charts since 1976. The chart includes both Anglo and Franco (and occasionally Allo) tracks and both foreign and domestic ones. You can click on the tables to enlarge them and see the text more clearly.



The Most Successful 2016 Canadian Albums


The only Canadian album released in 2016 to be certified multiplatinum by the end of the year was Celine Dion’s Encore un soir (double platinum). Highest up on the Billboard year-end albums chart was Drake’s Views at #3. Eight Canadian albums released in 2016 hit #1 on the weekly charts. Below are two tables. The first in a list of all 2016 albums that received gold/platinum certifications by the end of the year, appeared on the year-end Billboard chart, or made the Top 5 of the weekly charts. The second table has all 2016-released albums that peaked at #6 to #10 on the weekly charts. Note that only albums released in 2016 are included. There were a number of albums released in previous years (especially 2015) that appeared on the weekly and year-end charts for 2016. A number of the 2016 albums will no doubt continue to sell in 2017 and may receive higher gold/platinum certification in the future. Thirty-five 2016 Canadian artist albums made the weekly Top 10 in the Billboard Canadian Albums chart. Sarah McLachlan’s Christmas record Wonderland did not make the Top 10 but managed to go gold through steady sales over a number of weeks.



14 Canadians Who Debuted on the Hot 100 in 2016

The Billboard Canadian Hot 100, the definitive chart for measuring the relative success of songs from week to week, welcomed 14 Canadian artists for the first time in 2016. The chart, which combines measurements of digital purchases of tracks, radio airplay, and streaming data (the latter a recent addition), launched in June 2007 replacing the old, highly problematic Nielsen SoundScan charts which measured the sale of CD singles only. For one of the thousands upon thousands of Canadian artists to make an appearance on the chart, it is a very difficult task. Nevertheless, while the chart was dominated by all kinds of foreign artists and Canadian A-listers like Drake, Justin Bieber, and The Weeknd, 14 managed to climb in. Some may have lasted for only a week and some may have gotten in via a credited feature in a track, buy hey they did it, and it’s a huge accomplishment! Who are these 14 artists? Where are they from? What kind of music do they make? We intend in this post to put faces to the names. Here they are in alphabetical order. Watch for some of these slayers in 2017.

Bit Funk


Now based in New York, this Halifax lad is a producer, remixer and DJ. He is making his mark on the contemporary club scene with his EDM wizardry. In late 2015, Bit Funk released his pop crossover single “Off the Ground”. It gained traction on streaming services, gaining 4 million on Spotify, and the MV did well on YouTube. Some mainstream radio stations picked it up, and it managed to squeak itself into the Hot 100.

Bobby Bazini


This hot soul singer is known throughout the land. While scoring a pair of platinum albums and four JUNO nominations, a hit single was sure to come at some point. Voila! In 2016, “C’est La Vie” off his third album was picked up by radio, especially AC and Hot AC stations, and rocketed up to the top 20 at iTunes. It is Bazini’s first Hot 100 charting single. There will be many more to come.

Delaney Jane


Delaney is from Toronto and began making music with Shaun Frank. They teamed up with international chart topping Canadian duo DVBBS in track “La La Land” which made the Hot 100. Delaney is working on her debut EP, and collaborations with other DJs are in store.

Jonathan Roy


The star hockey player now has a star singer son. The Roys are awesome. Jonathan’s launch was helped by mentor Corey Hart, and his delicious single “Daniella Denmark” popped into the charts in February. He’s from the suburbs of Quebec City.



One of the biggest songs of the year, “Never Be Like You” peaked at #21 and stayed on the chart for 28 weeks. The EDM track is from Australia’s Flume and features Toronto singer Kai. She had previously collaborated with Adventure Club, Diplo, Skrillex, and Childish Gambino. She also wrote the song “Sweet Talker” for Jessie J. But, of course, Kai’s big breakthrough came with the Flume track. It is now up for a Grammy Award.

Leonard Cohen


Leonard Cohen? Yes. Remember that the Canadian Hot 100 has been around only since mid-2007. Following his heartbreaking death, Leonard’s song “Hallelujah” became a hit at iTunes and undoubtedly received some radio spins. It debuted on the chart at #17 remaining for just the one week. The same week, “You Want It Darker” from his last studio album charted at #73. It is a nice way to cap off the Montrealer’s legacy.

Lucky Rose


Vincent Carrier, a.k.a. Lucky Rose, is a DJ/producer from Quebec City who specializes in tropical pop. Lucky released his first official single “The Way You Want Me” featuring Yan Etchevary, and it was picked up by the Virgin radio group across Canada. It made the Hot 100 in February.

Michelle Treacy


This youthful star from Ottawa is red hot. She was selected to perform with Lady Gaga and was quickly signed by Sony. Michelle released her debut single “Armageddon” which remained on the Hot 100 for several weeks. Its music video racked up 300,000 views by the end of the year. Keep your eyes on this singer!



Being the first one signed to Drake’s OVO Record Label doesn’t hurt when it comes to breaking out in the urban music market. This Mississaugan’s real name is Jahron Anthony Brathwaite. He made the chart a few times through the year including as a collaborator. His first charting single (which incidentally featured Drake) was “Come and See Me” which peaked at #73.

Ruth B


The most successful newcomer in 2016 was Edmonton’s Ruth B who scored a triple platinum single for her delicate piano ballad “Lost Boy”. It was on the Hot 100 for 28 weeks peaking at #14. She may just be western Canada’s answer to Alessia Cara.

Shaun Frank


Shaun is the Toronto based DJ/producer involved in the aforementioned Delaney Jane and DVBBS track “La La Land”. He has done work with the likes of Borgeous, Kiesza, Down with Webster, and The Chainsmokers.

Sleepy Tom


Speaking of EDM crafters, Vancouver’s Sleepy Tom (Cam Tatham, born in Squamish, BC) teamed up with Diplo to score the charting single “Be Right There”. It garnered 160 million streams worldwide and went gold in Britain peaking at #8 on the official British charts! Sleepy has worked with Zeds Dead and Martin Solveig.

The Strumbellas


Another of the bigger successes of 2016 was Toronto roots leaning, JUNO award winning group The Strumbellas. “Spirits” peaked at #23 and went platinum. It also saw big success internationally. The photo above is the band being presented with a gold award by Germany.

Yan Etchevary


Yan, from The Magdalen Islands, was featured in the aforementioned single “The Way You Want Me” by Lucky Rose. The song was included in Sony compilation album Just the Hits 2016.

2016 CKOI Year-End Top 50

lettrage-camion-ckoiMontreal radio station CKOI has published a year-end Top 50 chart annually since 1976. It includes international songs as well as both Canadian Anglo and Franco songs. While the latter have a tough time making it onto the national charts, the CKOI chart gives us a good idea of the most popular Franco songs by year. Of all the year-end charts, this one is the most inclusive offering a very balanced presentation. There is greater variety of genres with pop, rock, dance, R&B, folk, soul, and even country. Because of this and other factors, you may find on the chart international Anglo songs that are absent from English language radio playlists. It has been a tough year for Franco music in France, as Anglo music, due to materialistic forces, has taken over the charts in the country. Canada, and the province of Quebec in particular, has more effective legislation to protect music from such interests. The top Canadian Franco song of 2016 on the chart is Les Cowboys Fringants’ “Marine marchande” at #6 overall. In classic radio style, let’s count them down from #50 to #1. Canadian artists are bolded in red. Of the 50, 18 involve Canadian artists.

50. Send My Love, Adele
49. Let It Go, James Bay
48. Crier tout bas, Coeur de Pirate
47. Cold Water, Major Lazer ft. Justin Bieber
46. Liberté, Groenland
45. Don’t Wanna Know, Maroon 5
44. Just Like Fire, P!nk
43. Octobre, Les Cowboys Fringants
42. My Way, Calvin Harris
41. Fireproof, Coleman Hell
40. That Love, Shaggy
39. Daniella Denmark, Jonathan Roy
38. Black Black Heart, David Usher ft. Marie-Mai
37. Adventure of a Lifetime, Coldplay
36. 24K Magic, Bruno Mars
35. Starboy, The Weeknd
34. Willing to Die, Gin Wigmore
33. Polaroid, Alex Nevsky
32. The Greatest, Sia
31. Ride, Twenty One Pilots
30. Hymn for the Weekend, Coldplay
29. 33 tours, 2Frères
28. Broken Arrows, AVICII
27. My House, Flo Rida
26. Can’t Stop the Feeling, Justin Timberlake
25. I Took a Pill in Ibiza, Mike Posner
24. Pas plus que ça, Gabrielle Goulet
23. Come, Jain
22. Honest Song, Ryan Kennedy
21. Can I Get a Witness, SonReal
20. Castle in the Snow, The Avener
19. Spirits, The Strumbellas
18. Way Down We Go, Kaleo
17. Love Yourself, Justin Bieber
16. Speeding Cars, Walking on Cars
15. Belle Montrealaise, Sam Harvey
14. Make Up, R. City
13. M’aimerais-tu pareil, 2Frères
12. Cake by the Ocean, DNCE
11. Human, Rag’n’Bone Man
10. Heathens, Twenty One Pilots
9. This Girl, Kungs
8. Faded, Alan Walker
7. Lost on You, LP
6. Marine marchande, Les Cowboys Fringants
5. Catch & Release, Matt Simons
4. Don’t Be So Shy, Imany
3. The Sound of Silence, Disturbed
2. 7 Years, Lukas Graham
1. Cheap Thrills, Sia

Billboard Canada 2016 Top Artists by Radio Format


1 Justin Bieber Justin Bieber
2 Adele Drake
3 Twenty One Pilots Alessia Cara
4 Alessia Cara Twenty One Pilots
5 Shawn Mendes The Chainsmokers
6 The Weeknd Selena Gomez
7 Coleman Hell Adele
8 DNCE The Weeknd
9 Drake Coleman Hell
10 Justin Timberlake Hedley
1 Adele Adele
2 Justin Bieber Justin Bieber
3 Hedley DNCE
4 Twenty One Pilots P!nk
5 DNCE Justin Timberlake
6 Shawn Mendes Lukas Graham
7 P!nk Taylor Swift
8 Justin Timberlake Charlie Puth
9 Coleman Hell Hedley
10 Meghan Trainor Shawn Mendes
1 Wintersleep Keith Urban
2 Cage the Elephant Luke Bryan
3 The Struts Carrie Underwood
4 Kaleo Florida Georgia Line
5 Twenty One Pilots Tim McGraw
6 Red Hot Chili Peppers Blake Shelton
7 The Strumbellas Thomas Rhett
8 Monster Truck Jason Aldean
9 Arkells Eric Church
10 Blink-182 Dallas Smith

Billboard Canada’s Top 50 of 2016 at Country Radio


You’ll have to scroll down quite a bit to find a Canadian artist on Billboard Canada’s year-end country airplay chart. Tops was Eric Church’s “Record Year”. Dallas Smith had the most played song by a Canadian; “One Little Kiss” was 30th overall. Eleven of the Top 50 were by Canadian acts representing only 17.6% of the total spins. This is the lowest percentage by far among all radio formats. The 11 is down from 14 Canuck tunes in 2015. Canadian artists are bolded in blue in the list below. The data was collected between the dates of December 5, 2015 and November 26, 2016.

1 RECORD YEAR Eric Church 20,486
2 DIFFERENT FOR GIRLS Dierks Bentley 18,940
3 YOU LOOK LIKE I NEED A DRINK Justin Moore 18,782
4 SNAPBACK Old Dominion 18,638
5 MAKE YOU MISS ME Sam Hunt 18,399
6 CONFESSION Florida Georgia Line 18,078
7 BREAK ON ME. Keith Urban 18,064
8 WASTED TIME Keith Urban 17,877
9 T-SHIRT Thomas Rhett 17,793
10 HUMBLE AND KIND Tim McGraw 17,636
11 H.O.L.Y. Florida Georgia Line 17,572
12 HEAD OVER BOOTS Jon Pardi 17,040
13 CHURCH BELLS Carrie Underwood 16,995
14 HUNTIN’, FISHIN’, LOVIN’… Luke Bryan 16,979
16 WE WENT Randy Houser 16,690
17 DRUNK ON YOUR LOVE Brett Eldredge 16,436
18 I LIKE THE SOUND OF THAT Rascal Flatts 16,346
19 CAME HERE TO FORGET Blake Shelton 16,302
20 SOMEWHERE ON A BEACH Dierks Bentley 16,064
21 HOMEALONE TONIGHT Luke Bryan 15,760
22 DIE A HAPPY MAN Thomas Rhett 15,710
23 BEAUTIFUL DRUG Zac Brown Band 15,420
24 THINK OF YOU C. Young/C. Pope 15,262
25 PETER PAN Kelsea Ballerini 15,150
26 HEARTBEAT Carrie Underwood 14,861
27 MY CHURCH Maren Morris 14,815
28 IT DON’T HURT LIKE IT USED TO Billy Currington 14,658
29 LIGHTS COME ON Jason Aldean 14,477
30 ONE LITTLE KISS Dallas Smith 14,468
31 LAWN CHAIR LAZY James Barker Band 14,207
32 SETTING THE WORLD ON FIRE Kenny Chesney 14,184
33 CASTAWAY Zac Brown Band 14,100
34 YOU SHOULD BE HERE Cole Swindell 13,809
35 MOVE Luke Bryan 13,799
36 NOISE Kenny Chesney 13,758
37 I HATE YOU FOR IT Chad Brownlee 13,302
38 PICK ME UP Brett Kissel 13,246
39 SHOT OF GLORY Washboard Union 13,244
40 GOOD KINDA LOVE Jojo Mason 12,959
41 TAKE ME HOME Jess Moskaluke 12,866
42 FIX Chris Lane 12,841
43 STOMPIN’ GROUND Tim Hicks 2,816
44 I LOVE THIS LIFE LoCash 12,681
45 LOVE WOULD BE ENOUGH Dean Brody 12,663
46 HEARD YOU IN A SONG Gord Bamford 12,571
47 HEARTS ON FIRE Chad Brownlee 12,542
48 NOBODY TO BLAME Chris Stapleton 12,447
49 SHE’S GOT A WAY WITH WORDS Blake Shelton 12,393
50 COME ON DOWN High Valley 12,205

Billboard Canada’s Top 40 of 2016 at Rock Radio


Halifax’s Wintersleep topped the rock radio year-end Billboard Canada chart with “Amerika” which received 19,724 spins in 2016, about 3000 ahead of the #2 track. Fifteen of the Top 40 were by Canadian acts representing 38.5% of the total spins. The 15 is up from 12 Canuck tunes in 2015. Canadian artists are bolded in green in the list below. The data was collected between the dates of December 5, 2015 and November 26, 2016.

1 AMERIKA Wintersleep 19,724
2 DARK NECESSITIES Red Hot Chili Peppers 16,716
3 BORED TO DEATH Blink-182 15,187
4 AFRAID OF HEIGHTS Billy Talent 14,738
5 PUSH + PULL July Talk 14,135
6 MESS AROUND Cage The Elephant 13,268
7 DITMAS Mumford & Sons 13,207
8 SAINT CECILIA Foo Fighters 13,005
9 SPIRITS The Strumbellas 12,972
10 PRIVATE SCHOOL Arkells 12,013
11 KISS THIS The Struts 10,747
12 OPHELIA The Lumineers 10,380
13 NO GOOD Kaleo 10,369
14 BANG BANG Green Day 9,836
15 WAY DOWN WE GO Kaleo 9,615
16 IF YOU WANT IT Sam Roberts Band 9,541
17 TRIP SWITCH Nothing But Thieves 9,323
18 COULD HAVE BEEN ME The Struts 9,076
19 IN A WORLD POSSESSED… The Tragically Hip 8,858
21 …MY BROKEN HEART Chris Cornell 8,389
22 DON’T TELL ME HOW TO LIVE Monster Truck 8,112
23 I’M GONNA BE MYSELF The Sheepdogs 7,897
24 FOR THE PEOPLE Monster Truck 7,865
25 OH LORRAINE Temperance Movement 7,802
26 S.O.B. N. Rateliff/Night Sweats 7,639
27 STRESSED OUT twenty one pilots 7,512
28 TROUBLE Cage The Elephant 7,128
29 VICTORIOUS Wolfmother 6,918
31 HEATHENS twenty one pilots 6,518
33 RISE Sixx: A.M. 6,344
34 WASTE A MOMENT Kings Of Leon 6,208
35 SWOONER The Zolas 6,036
36 SOMETIMES ON A SUNDAY The Glorious Sons 5,962
37 WASTED LOVE City And Colour 5,932
38 LOVER COME BACK City And Colour 5,927
39 RIVER Bishop Briggs 5,823

Billboard Canada’s Top 40 of 2016 at AC Radio

Shawn Hook

DNCE topped the Adult Contemporary radio year-end Billboard Canada chart with dance funk smash “Cake by the Ocean”. The top spun Canadian artist track at the format was Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself” at #2, the only Canuck tune in the top 17.  Sixteen of the Top 40 were by or featuring a Canadian artist representing 32.7% of the total spins. The 16 matches the number of Canadian tunes on the AC chart in 2015. Canadian artists are bolded in purple in the list below. The data was collected between the dates of December 5, 2015 and November 26, 2016.

2 LOVE YOURSELF Justin Bieber 12,530
3 CAN’T STOP THE FEELING! Justin Timberlake 11,987
4 7 YEARS Lukas Graham 11,821
5 JUST LIKE FIRE P!nk 10,636
6 SEND MY LOVE Adele 10,040
7 LIKE I’M GONNA LOSE YOU Meghan Trainor 9,578
8 LOCKED AWAY R. City 9,103
9 STAND BY YOU Rachel Platten 8,966
10 CHEAP THRILLS Sia 8,099
11 WHEN WE WERE YOUNG Adele 7,957
12 ONE CALL AWAY Charlie Puth 7,939
13 HELLO Adele 7,799
14 WILDEST DREAMS Taylor Swift 7,725
15 RENEGADES X Ambassadors 7,648
16 LET IT GO James Bay 7,254
17 PIECE BY PIECE Kelly Clarkson 7,226
18 SORRY Justin Bieber 7,096
19 TREAT YOU BETTER Shawn Mendes 6,744
20 WASTED TIME Keith Urban 6,686
22 WHEREVER I GO OneRepublic 6,516
23 2 HEADS Coleman Hell 6,445
24 WILD THINGS Alessia Cara 6,269
25 WHAT YOU WANTED Andrew Allen 6,262
26 PERFECT One Direction 6,190
28 HELLO Hedley 6,059
29 PILLOWTALK Zayn 5,380
30 EX’S & OH’S Elle King 5,276
31 ON MY MIND Ellie Goulding 5,034
32 THIS IS WHAT YOU CAME FOR Calvin Harris 4,962
33 GOT YOUR NUMBER Serena Ryder 4,924
34 WICKED Tyler Shaw 4,913
35 SPIRITS The Strumbellas 4,814
36 ONE LOVE Marianas Trench 4,742
37 HOLD ON (THE BREAK) Walk Off the Earth 4,554
38 LOST BOY Ruth B 4,375
39 NOBODY BUT ME Michael Buble 4,033
40 RELAPSE Shawn Hook 4,024

Billboard Canada’s Top 40 of 2016 at Hot AC


DNCE topped the Hot Adult Contemporary radio year-end Billboard Canada chart with dance funk smash “Cake by the Ocean”. The top spun Canadian artist track at the format was Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself” at #3.  Seventeen of the Top 40 were by or featuring a Canadian artist representing 40.7% of the total spins. The 17 is up from 14 Canadian tunes in 2015. Canadian artists are bolded in orange in the list below. The data was collected between the dates of December 5, 2015 and November 26, 2016.

2 CAN’T STOP THE FEELING! Justin Timberlake 36,588
3 LOVE YOURSELF Justin Bieber 31,090
4 JUST LIKE FIRE P!nk 30,667
5 SEND MY LOVE Adele 30,069
6 CHEAP THRILLS Sia 29,075
7 7 YEARS Lukas Graham 26,552
8 HELLO Hedley 26,401
9 TREAT YOU BETTER Shawn Mendes 25,937
10 WILD THINGS Alessia Cara  25,427
11 HELLO Adele 24,553
12 STRESSED OUT twenty one pilots 24,141
13 THIS IS WHAT YOU CAME FOR Calvin Harris 23,959
14 2 HEADS Coleman Hell 23,836
15 SORRY Justin Bieber 22,736
16 SPIRITS The Strumbellas 22,608
17 PILLOWTALK Zayn 21,317
18 LIKEI’MGONNALOSE YOU Meghan Trainor 20,550
20 WHEN WE WERE YOUNG Adele 19,385
21 I TOOK A PILL IN IBIZA Mike Posner 18,174
22 WICKED Tyler Shaw 18,111
23 ONE DANCE Drake 18,063
24 LOSE CONTROL Hedley 17,068
25 WILDEST DREAMS Taylor Swift 15,730
26 STAND BY YOU Rachel Platten 15,720
27 ON MY MIND Ellie Goulding 14,408
28 LOST BOY Ruth B 14,173
29 I DON’T WANNA GO TO BED Simple Plan 14,005
30 WORKFROMHOME Fifth Harmony 13,998
31 ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME Coldplay 13,798
32 RIDE twenty one pilots 13,702
33 DON’T LET ME DOWN The Chainsmokers 13,701
34 GOT YOUR NUMBER Serena Ryder 13,691
35 OOH LOVE Ria Mae 13,538
36 COLD WATER Major Lazer Ft. Justin Bieber 13,415
37 HIDE AWAY Daya 13,390
38 IN THE NIGHT The Weeknd 12,765
39 LET IT GO James Bay 12,501
40 WHEREVER I GO OneRepublic 12,266

Billboard Canada’s Top 40 of 2016 at CHR


While DNCE and Justin Bieber dominated all-format airplay, when it came to CHR (contemporary hit radio), the king of the airwaves was Drake, as “One Dance” was 2016’s most spun track on the format. Australia’s Sia was in 2nd spot with “Cheap Thrills”. Seventeen of the Top 40 were by or featuring a Canadian artist representing 42.9% of the total spins. The 17 is up from 14 Canadian tunes in 2015. Canadian artists are bolded in red in the list below. The data was collected between the dates of December 5, 2015 and November 26, 2016.

1 ONE DANCE Drake    45,764
2 CHEAP THRILLS Sia 42,434
3 THIS IS WHAT YOU CAME FOR Calvin Harris  40,977
4 WILD THINGS Alessia Cara 37,593
5 SORRY Justin Bieber  37,277
6 LOVE YOURSELF Justin Bieber  37,195
7 I TOOK A PILL IN IBIZA Mike Posner  35,708
8 CAN’T STOP THE FEELING! Justin Timberlake 35,347
9 WORK FROM HOME Fifth Harmony  32,463
10 DON’TLETMEDOWN The Chainsmokers 31,709
11 STRESSED OUT twenty one pilots 30,672
12 PILLOWTALK Zayn    30,381
13 TREAT YOU BETTER Shawn Mendes 29,530
14 TOO GOOD Drake 28,015
15 MY HOUSE Flo Rida  27,973
16 COLD WATER Major Lazer Ft. Justin Bieber 27,812
17 2 HEADS Coleman Hell  27,760
18 MIGHT NOT Belly Ft. The Weeknd 27,597
20 HELLO Adele    26,910
21 ROSES The Chainsmokers  26,512
22 CLOSER The Chainsmokers  23,301
23 SAME OLD LOVE Selena Gomez  22,247
24 LOSE CONTROL Hedley 22,135
25 7 YEARS Lukas Graham  21,617
26 DANCING KIZOMBA Alx Veliz  21,456
27 SEND MY LOVE Adele    20,501
28 IN THE NIGHT The Weeknd  20,485
29 HANDS TO MYSELF Selena Gomez  20,464
30 FIREPROOF Coleman Hell  20,456
31 HOTLINE BLING Drake    20,259
32 ME, MYSELF & I G-Eazy x Bebe Rexha 19,565
33 RIDE twenty one pilots 19,027
34 HELLO Hedley    18,647
35 THIS GIRL Kungs vs Cookin’ On 3 Burners 18,632
36 DANGEROUS WOMAN Ariana Grande  17,606
37 HIDE AWAY Daya    17,558
38 JUST LIKE FIRE P!nk    17,468
39 LET ME LOVE YOU DJ Snake Ft. Justin Bieber 16,566