2019 Canadian Artist Top Ten Albums

Seven Canadian artist albums topped the weekly Album Chart through 2019, two more than last year. However, while 22 albums made the weekly Top Ten in 2018, only 19 had the distinction in 2019. (These numbers do not include albums released in previous years that made comebacks, like Michael Bublé’s perennial favourite, Christmas). Albums authored by homegrown talent have declined in number on the charts over the past few years summarized below with the number of Top 10 Canadian albums per year.

2016 – 36
2017 – 26
2018 – 22
2019 – 19

No Canadian artist album released in 2019 has been certified platinum. Only three went gold as indicated in the list below. The 19 Top Ten albums represent artists from only three provinces: Quebec, Ontario, and BC. We’ve listed the albums chronologically by chart date and bolded those that reached #1 and reddened those that have gone gold.

Head Above Water – Avril Lavigne, #5 – Feb 26
Shine a Light – Bryan Adams, #1 – Mar 12 (Gold)
Phantoms – Marianas Trench, #4 – Mar 12
Serge Fiori, Seul Ensemble – Various Artists, #5 – Mar 19
Bad Habits – Nav, #1 – Apr 2 (Gold)
La Voix 2019 – Various Artists, #10 – Apr 30 (Gold)
Dreaming Time Again (EP) – Corey Hart, #3 – May 14
L’etrange Pays – Jean Leloup, #1 – Jun 5
Tout Ca Pour Ca – Loud, #3 – Jun 5
Case Study 01 – Daniel Caesar, #6 – Jul 9
Care Package – Drake, #1 – Aug 13
A Pill for Loneliness – City and Colour, #1 – Oct 16
Les Antipodes – Les Cowboys Fringants, #3 – Oct 16
Wave – Patrick Watson, #2 – Oct 29
A Blemish in The Great Light – Half Moon Run, #3 – Nov 12
Courage – Celine Dion, #1 – Nov 26
Chixtape 5 – Tory Lanez, #2 – Nov 26
Thanks for the Dance – Leonard Cohen, #1 – Dec 3
En Attendant Noel – Isabelle Boulay, #5 – Dec 3

The 21 Best Canadian Artist Albums of 2019

The Canadian Music Blog tracked a total of 588 Canadian artist studio albums released in 2019 (nine more than last year). To close out the 2010s’ decade, below is a ranking of our 21 favourites of these regardless of genre, language, region, and popularity of the artist. These 21 represent 3.6% of the albums. We did not consider live, various artist, Christmas, and compilation albums, none of which are included in the 588. For EPs we published a separate list. At the CMB, we like music that is sophisticated and progressive with catchy melodies and pleasing vocals (unless it is instrumental). Find below our 21 favourite Canadian artist albums of 2019 including our Album of the Year!

Eli Rose
by Eli Rose

Eli Rose took to solo flight after serving as half of applauded duo Eli and Papillon. In 2019, she launched her debut album through Universal Music, an eponymous affair with a collection of delicious pop confections. While Canadian Franco is heavily dominated by folk, singer-songwriter, and neo-trad concoctions, Eli manages to pull off a modern brand of urban pop in the French language that sounds nifty and fresh. This is a meeting of Taylor Swift and Christine and the Queens with Caribbean beats. The electropop charm of “Carousel” led the work as a single. It’s a solid effort that should propel the singer and songwriter into a successful career in music.

The Trees Are Singing
by Around Joshua

We are headed to the forest to hear what singing trees sound like. Around Joshua recorded its second album The Trees Are Singing in Morin Heights, QC and Vancouver, and it was mastered in New York. Produced by the legendary Mike Fraser (AC/DC, Aerosmith, and Metallica), the disc contains a welcome blend of hard-hitting rock tunes with a few smooth tracks, some progressive and some standard, all propped up with razor sharp electric guitars, thumping bass, blistering drums, solid vocals, as well as some satisfying keyboards. The songwriting is particularly strong making this one of the best rock albums of 2019.

? (Question Mark)

by Angela Zhang

Vancouver’s Angela Zhang celebrated 15 years in music with the release of her Question Mark album on December 18, 2019, and as one would expect, it’s a winner. Her signature slightly raspy vocals with touches of vibrato are always her strong suit, and they are given some choice songs here. Besides standard Mandopop pretty piano ballads like “River”, find artistic, bombastic cuts like “The Kite Leads the Way” which at times could pass for something from ABBA. The baroque ditty “Return” has her voice reaching sky-high levels. “Writing to You” has an air of mystery about it and “Don’t” surprises with Vocoder and ground-shaking bass. The remainder of the tracks are just as splendid.

Digital & Analogue

by Total Gipsy

Are digital and analogue two great sounds that sound great together? Listen to the 2019 album from Total Gipsy to decide. The artist is a Canadian import from Haiti and is crafting marvellous instrumental electronic music. Digital & Analogue takes you on the wings of a bird through digitized clouds and a seamless sky. Sawtooth blades cut through the air in tracks like “Un signal” and “Fracture”. Breezes of cool waft over in “Poésie en I & O”. Fog creeps along in “Sur ses doigts” as we head towards the swamp thing that is “Ergo Sum”. Wintry chills blow with flurries in “L’immatériel”. All in all, this one is lots of fun.

by Marie-Eve Roy

Quebec’s Marie-Eve Roy released her excellent debut album Bleu Nelson in 2016. In 2019, she followed it up with Multicolore, a progressive singer-songwriter disc with pop leanings. The album was crafted by the capable hands of JUNO nominated producer Gus Van Go. There are a number of memorable tracks on here, most notably opener “Je pleure je ris” with its electric guitar jabs, punchy drums, and piano chord stabs. “Telephone” continues the charm adding some dreamy synth riffs with things becoming even more electronic on “Je n’ai besoin de personne”. A delicate vocal delivery adds to the lure of piano ballad “La vaise de l’insomnie”. The rest of the album fares just as well. Don’t pass this one up!

Inside Unsolved
by Project Pablo

Producer Patrick Holland operating under moniker Project Pablo has released many discs. This was his third in 2019 alone. His music seems to get better with each outing. Inside Unsolved is club leaning instrumental electronica – chillout with savory beats. Here we have four tracks long enough to make this an LP. Effortless grooves thrust forth by a driving beat in “The Solution” kick things off. The quirky, mechanical steam machine “Pill” follows. Enjoy the lush, breezy, bongo punctuated “Pressure No Impact”. Cool keys and choppy percussion closes things in “Big Room Delusion”. Why we like it is now solved.

Day Won
by Victoria Duffield (JN)

British Columbia’s JUNO nominated, platinum recording artist Victoria Duffield parted ways with Warner Music to carve out an independent route for her brand of delicious Canadian pop. The result is impressive album Day Won led by a couple of singles, such as the sugary “Wow”. We have here 10 songs that are all superb earworms. “The Feeling” is a favourite but fun fills the journey right through the disc with popular cuts like “Hiding Place”, funky jams like “My Mistake”, the frolicking “Remember You”, and a touch of rock in “Stay in Your Lane”. Won…derful stuff.

by Hua Li 化力

What Kali Uchis has done to the genre of R&B – added original, artistic elements, making it more rich and sophisticated – Hua Li has done so for the field of rap. Perhaps we can call it neo-rap. Album Dynasty is so stunning it deserves an award of some kind. Hua Li is the alias of Peggy Hogan and this album cuts through the usual fury and fluff and taps into authenticity and composure pulsating with vigour at the heart of florid soundscapes. Totally blown away.

Première apparition
by Laurence-Anne

Singer-songwriter Laurence-Anne makes 2019 the year of her debut album, Première apparition, a nine-track excursion into indie rock territory, with shrubs of folk and the occasional dream cloud floating overhead. The disc received a Polaris nod. The songs are catchy and replete with little details; there are these fuzzy, plucky sounds plunking themselves into the mix here and there which keep the interest up. Her music has been described as early Karkwa, but it is arguably her delicate vocal delivery that makes everything gel together and sound very pleasant. Don’t miss out on this golden disc.

by Sonia Johnson (JW)

JUNO award winning vocal jazz artist Sonia Johnson, who both sings and writes, released her first English-language album in 2019, and it’s a winner. Entitled Chrysalis, the work features two backing vocalists and nine musicians playing guitar, piano, keyboards, electric bass, drums & percussion, flute, alto sax, tenor sax, clarinet, bass clarinet, trombone, trumpet, and flugelhorn. Sonia’s voice is perfect for what she does, balanced and smooth. The music simultaneously relaxes and invigorates. Together, and as a whole, we have a beautifully done soulful jazz with a good groove. An added bonus is having original songs, as so much of the genre relies on covers. As a composer, Sonia shines resplendent; these tracks are fabulous. Enjoy.

by Jesse Mac Cormack

Jesse Mac Cormack of Montreal presented his first full-length album in 2019, Now. It unravels like a grand display in an isolated, desolate place. The music is unpredictable in its operation and the voice impassioned, detached, and determined in its execution. Both unfold in an off-kilter genius that unmasks intricate detail. The metronomic “Give a Chance” conveys a sense of urgency, and with that opener, we are off to the races, exhilarated through laid back numbers like “No Love Go” and rousing anthems like “Stay”. The short “Passageway” is a ballad with a surprise electronic twist, bursting into some sort of Divergent zip-line scene. Mac closes things off with smoky cactus rambler “Nothing Lasts”. Now is an artistic album to be savored.

Let Me Show You
by Lydia Persaud

Toronto’s Lydia Persaud takes us on a time machine ride back to the 70s thanks to her soulful album Let Me Show You which may remind some of Carole King or Stevie Wonder. She hits the mark in both the singing and songwriting departments and was able to keep us engaged through the whole disc. One of her secrets is dashes of various spices here and there, like analog synthesizers on delicious opening track “Hold On”, some reggae on “Honey Child”, lullaby crooning on “Low Light”, and atmospheric backing vocals on the title-track. This is an amazing record and deserves a trophy.

by Shay Lia

A number of EPs this year upgraded themselves to LPs through a re-release with additional tracks. This is one of them and is dubbed Dangerous (Deluxe). Canada is dabbling in the R&B soup factory like nobody’s business and are perfecting the recipe, in large part by focusing on melody, something of which their southern neighbours have fallen short. Shay Lia seems a natural at this. Dangerous is mood music to drool over. Some big names appear on this, including Kaytranada and BadBadNotGood. “I’ll Be There” is our favourite track, and the general public seems to dig “Voodoo” and “Find a Way”, but every slice here is brimming over with cool endeavours.

by Radiant Baby

Synthpop specialist Radiant Baby released his debut full-length album in early 2019, Restless, opened by exquisite 80s themed song (it even has a saxophone solo!) “Firecracker”. Through the disc, he keeps things perky, funky, and danceable. You will, however, hear the album shifting gears at a couple of turning points. After the first four breezy tracks, he really gets the beats going on “Out Crowd”, and heightens the pace on “Funny Games”. He slows things down into some sentimentality on “Don’t Push” and closes out on a darker note with the spooky title-track. We need more music like this. Wonderful!

Heavenly: A Second Collection of Songs
by Rosemary Fairweather

Toronto’s Rosemary Fairweather sprinkled the atmosphere with magical fairy dust in her brand of angelic synth pop in debut outing Heavenly: A Collection of Songs which was essentially a grouping of previously released singles into a digital album package. She was signed to Universal and all set to break out but suffered an unfortunate concussion from an accidental fall. A slow recovery ruled out performing but she was able to craft new music when feeling up to it. Her second collection of songs began with synth pop charmer “MTV” which set in motion a string of new songs furthering her brand. Just about all the tracks on this are … well … heavenly.

by Louise Burns

Cranbrook, BC native Louise Burns, twice Polaris nominated, released her fourth solo album in 2019 (she is the former bass player for band Lillix). Musically, Portraits is generally a brighter effort than at least her previous two discs, though the lyrics contain various sentiments. “Like a Dream” opens things up nicely with torch-bearing beats and an ambient cruise through an emotional chorus. “Cry” can perhaps boast the catchiest earworm on the hooks, the sort of tune that gets stuck in your head but you are glad to have it there. Steel drum sounds decorate the perky “Just Walk Away”, the album’s lead single. Burns went for single-word titles beginning with a C for four of the album’s tracks. Aside from the aforementioned “Cry”, we have “Cherry”, “Cheers”, and “Clowns”. The first is the most progressive track on the record and our favourite. “Everything You Got” benefits greatly from the erhu sound which complements Louise’s savory voice.

Them Spirits
by Akua

The gold pocket watch swings back and forth, and we feel ourselves getting sleepy. Such is the hypnotic power of nu-R&B ace Akua (Carson) of London, Ontario, a Canadian of Ghanaian descent. She is a singer, producer, and songwriter whose rich brews of musical genius embrace R&B, pop, and electronic flavours. She released 7-track album Them Spirits in March, a superb disc dressed handsomely with her silky vocals and spellbinding in terms of its dreamy atmospherics. The beautiful package flows gracefully. In fact, opening track “Righteous Way” would have lulled us into a perfect snooze, but the nice addition of carefully placed piano strokes kept consciousness alive. “Heaven”, the standout track, will blow your mind. It builds gradually from a velvety slow-burn to a shuffle of bass and soft cords, and finally to an exhilarating electronic heavy chorus. “My Body”, musically sophisticated, throws in some interesting sounds to drool over. Akua shows some vocal prowess on track “Queen” satisfyingly backed by orchestral tip-toes. Lyrically, Akua centers the album’s theme on the passing of her father.

Open Reduction Internal Fixation
by Blue Hawaii (JN)

The JUNO nominated duo that is Raphaelle Standell-Preston and Alex “Agor” Kerby titled its fourth album after heel surgery the latter received. Masters of chillout electronica burbling out of a unique, carved out niche, Blue Hawaii has created its best album yet, Open Reduction Internal Fixation (known in the medical world as ORIF). The choppy waves of “Still I Miss U”, the bouncy surf of “All That Blue”, the creeping tides of “Sparkle”, and the splashes of cuteness in “Trust” are all first-rate cuts.

Dawn Chorus
by Jacques Greene (JN)

In his second LP Dawn Chorus, electronic maestro and JUNO nominee Jacques Greene pulls out all the stops. It has moods, melodies, and textures to die for. “Drop Location” skulks along with big booms and flailing vocals before we experience the trippy “Do It Without You” which combines shuffling beats with Laika atmospherics and vocal woos. Rapper Cadence Weapon slaps his rhythmic vocals on “Night Service” to make it an ultra cool bop. In “Sel”, hear fluttering synths and airy vocals get bounced up by thick beats. “For Love” is a more energetic offering with some 70s jazz-funk and bongos in the mix. “Sibling” calls to mind Mu-Ziq with its sawtooth spells and frothy pulses. Our favourite track “Understand” conveys a sense of urgency but also eeriness. “Distance” presents interesting vocal samples over ethereal climes. This is a very solid record and one not to be missed for fans of the genre.

New Day New World
by Spoons (JN)

JUNO nominated Burlington, Ontario band Spoons, active since the early 80s, delighted us with its first disc in eight years, New Day New World, recorded in Guelph. The group’s last offering, 2011’s Static in Transmission, was well received. This one is just as grand from our reckoning. While many have commented on the smart stylings of the album, of how it bridges 80s new wave with modern pop-rock and electro, what makes the album so good is the songwriting. Frontman Gordon Deppe, with assistance from Sandy Horne, continues to channel inspiration in penning catchy tunes. The atmospheric sweep and thundering booms of the album’s title track has chants from online fans mixed into the chorus. “All the Wrong Things” proves the band has still retained its energy. As has been pointed out, “Beautiful Trap” recalls the doot-doots of 1984 song “Romantic Traffic”, something the band says is in its DNA. Find those nuggets of fun as well on “For the First and Last Time”. Another gem is “Repeatable” with some wonderful bass work. The interplay among that playful bass plus, the synth pulses, and higher-pitched plucks, makes this track simply irresistible and, well, repeatable. “Life on Demand” progresses from simple piano keys to a very satisfying chorus. For those hungry for something heavier on the electronic side, “Landing Lights” should hit the spot. It has a great snare-beat as well. The charming “Paint by Number Day” is melodically similar to “For the First and Last Time” but with pleasant female-led vocals.

Canadian Music Blog’s
Album of the Year 2019

It was a long wait, rewarded in part by a soundtrack album, for this Canadian duo to release a followup studio album to the brilliant Innerworld from 2014. The anticipation was rewarded, the artistry hit progression, and there were few albums released in 2019 throughout the planet that were this good. Dynamic vocals, cascading synthesizers, and emotional depth dot the landscape with vivid colours. Pulsating “The Life”, wispy “Arawa”, 80s-esque “Breathless”, and dreamy “Real Ones” effectively open up the dazzling world of electrifying tranquility. And then comes the captivating “On My Own” which really gets the ride going. The vocals are as angelic as ever and the path breathtaking. “Thirteen” is a nice throwback to the Innerworld era with those pulsating bass synths. But it is perhaps the melodic, delicately crafted, and a touch creepy “Evergreen 143” that serves as the album’s best track. Canadian Music Blog Declares Memory Emotion by Electric Youth as 2019’s album of the year!

Memory Emotion
by Electric Youth

The Seven Best Canadian Artist EPs of 2019

An extended play record (EP), as far as we are concerned, is one with at least three original tracks that have a combined run time of less than 25 minutes. In some cases, remixes of one or more tracks on the EP result in a disc run time of over 25 minutes. We still consider these to be EPs. We do not count as an EP a disc with only one or two original songs plus various remixes of them.

Through the year, we tracked 196 qualifying extended play records from Canadian artists released, which is 18 more than last year and 68 more than 2017. This number does not include various artist, Christmas, or live discs which we do not consider for year-end lists. We listened to all 196 and settled upon a year-end ranking of our seven favourites regardless of genre.

Find below our seven favourite Canadian artist EPs of 2019 including our 2019 Extended Play Record of the Year!

Nathan Micay
Butterfly Arcane

Technically, this is a long play record; however, one of the tracks from the four-entry affair was previously released on an album, and so we included it here where EPs roam. Nathan Micay’s 11-track offering Blue Spring came out earlier this year. It was a sparser, more experimental excursion into the electronic genre. This “EP” Butterfly Arcane has a tighter, more beat-driven sound that is ripe for the club. In the handclapping march of an opener “I’m Your Huckleberry,” hear chirps animate growling synthesizers. Things slow down into wintry trudges on “Did U Know I Cannot Die” and then the disc picks up in pace on closing track “The Party We Could Have”. Nathan is very good at what he does, and we are grateful to have him onboard Team Canada.

Shallow Waters

The immediate effect of giving this richly produced 2019 EP a whirl is the engaging chill of drifting through a wintry dream. Shallow Waters from expert duo Fjord is the followup to 2016’s Textures. It is a smooth brew of ambient moods and careful pacing. But what is particularly important here is the memorable composition which unveils its striking countenance on most of the tracks. Place on that the crown of velvety vocals, and we have a winner. Immediately likeable is “Lay Down Your Veil” while all tracks are to be commended. This is not a disc to rock out to and bust some moves but one that soothes, captivates and props up the arm hairs in anticipation of what ear-popping wonders lie temporarily concealed around the bend. Beautifully done.

Orange Gecko
Amour et stupefiants

Orange Gecko is all beefed up as a sextet, led by the salacious vocals of Noémie Lafortune. Amour et stupefiants is the outfit’s debut EP, a five-track fusion extravaganza that steeps in pop, funk, jazz, soul … you name it. The disc’s title-track – a bold title it is – opens up the show with a mesmerizing bass groove leading us into a stirring chorus. Energizing lead single “Phosphore” takes the funk up town. The hazy and sensual “Volcano” follows. “Dans un snowglobe” contains bits of welcome urban jazz. Bright and cheery closer “Chrysalide” brings everything together in a cacophony of all things splendid. The EP is both creative and sophistocated. And while music that is refreshingly intelligent nabs serious bonus points, the main … point … is this is all a whole lot of fun.

Émilie Proulx
Tu pourras te reposer

Émilie Proulx is an excellent singer-songwriter. Her four-track EP Tu pourras te reposer (You can rest), a little melancholy, a bit dreamy, presents a rich fabric of melodic and smooth alternative folk. One cannot help but fall in love with such an enjoyable ride through wisps of intricate wonders. The playing is beautiful, delicately delivered with such care that one gets drawn into the warm flow of the dark blue waters in a picturesque brook. The haunting impression imprinted on one’s aural recesses lasts for some time after giving the disc a whirl, an indicator of music that strikes a nerve or two. On a side note, with so many trashy album covers being slopped together these days, Émilie scores bonus points for taking the time to make a nice one.

Grace Lachance
When Lightning Strikes

Ottawa’s Grace Lachance has a likeable style, as heard on her EP of diggable pop confections, When Lightning Strikes. This is the 18-year-old’s first outing following the release of a few singles. Front and center are powerful vocals; she was certainly born to sing. Add to that catchy songwriting, choice beats, and shimmering synths, and we have a winner. For those frustrated with an overabundance of anticlimactic choruses these days, you will find this disc refreshing; the choruses are big, boisterous, and thrilling with the chuck and jive sonics of opener “The Undone”, the thunders of “Mile Too Far”, electrifying sparkle of “Grow” (our favourite track), and swaggering splendours of “Save It For Tomorrow”. Grace smartly caps the EP with a sonorous ballad, the striking “Strong”.

Sleepy Tom

In 2016, British Columbia’s Sleepy Tom (professional alias of Cam Tatham) scored a Billboard Canadian Hot 100 charting single and British Top 10 hit with Diplo called “Be Right There”. Sleepy is a JUNO nominated EDM creator, and graced 2019 with an EP entitled Amateurs. Featured are half a dozen singers through the six delicious cuts, the most prominent being platinum recording artist Lights who opens the EP with its electrifying title-track. Other highlights are “Wrap Around Your Heart”, bright, cheery, and a little jazzy, and the funky and saxified “Move”. Choppy charmer “The Times” should get you dancing in no time. Sleepy Tom’s Amateurs is loads of fun and not to be missed especially for EDM and pop enthusiasts.

Canadian Music Blog’s
EP of the Year 2019

This JUNO award winning artist from Edmonton is best known for her quintuple platinum single “Lost Boy” (#14 in 2016). She decorated 2019 with five-track EP Maybe I’ll Find You Again. The genre-defying disc contains elements of singer-songwriter, adult contemporary, pop, soul, alternative, and R&B. It opens with the hot, hazy summer afternoon breeze of “Don’t Disappoint Me”, a winner by its sophisticated orchestral arrangements alone. “Slow Fade” tricks the listener with sudden stops building from an easy-going piano-bass combo into a whirling chorus. “Crave”, perhaps the catchiest of the set, showcases the singer and songwriter’s stroke of creative genius. “Sycamore Tree” cranks up the feels, presenting her trademark balladry. And, ending on a strong note, “Rare” benefits from nice vocal work, dazzling keys, and nifty percussion. Canadian Music Blog declares Ruth B.’s Maybe I’ll Find You Again as 2019’s extended play record of the year!

Ruth B.
Maybe I’ll Find You Again

November 29, 2019 Releases; Marc Dupré, The Tea Party…

The highest profile release this week is the new one from pop ace Marc Dupré, Rien ne se perd. Back at it is alt-rock JUNO nominated band The Tea Party and EP Black River. Pop marvel Ian Kelly delights with an EP as well; Sous la glace is superb. There are a number of ambient and electronic works out. After many extended plays, The Coriolis Project pulls off the ultimate with LP Council of Three. Also worth checking out is Total Gipsy‘s Digital & Analogue. Find these fine discs and more in the table below. We’re approaching 600 LPs for the year and 200 EPs.

Constance David Giguere Pop
Council of Three The Coriolis Project Ambient
De temps et de vents Bodh’aktan Celtic
Debout! Le Diable à Cinq  Folk
Digital & Analogue Total Gipsy  Electronic
Fear the Leader  Fear the Leader  Metal
Gentil pour un noir Raccoon City  Rap
Jay III Jay Arner Electronic
Qama’si Q052  Rap
Rien ne se perd Marc Dupre Pop
Temporary Cures Kliffs S-S
Trèdouluxe Vendou  Pop
Versatilite, Versatility Francis Tétu  Jazz
Black River (EP) The Tea Party (JN) Rock
Sous la glace (EP) Ian Kelly  S-S

November 22, 2019 Releases: Leonard Cohen, Maxime Landry…

A posthumous album of unfinished material from Quebec poet – recording artist Leonard Cohen is out. Thanks for the Dance is sitting at #2 at iTunes behind the new Coldplay album. Len’s son Adam dressed his dad’s vocals with musical arrangements for the disc. JUNO nominee Maxime Landry celebrates a decade in music with 10 ans déjà containing self-penned tunes as well as a bonus acoustic version of his big hit “Cache-cache”. Two pop princesses launch LPs. Delaney Jane of Toronto echoes Jolin Tsai’s ugly beauty concept with Dirty Pretty Things and Jocelyn Alice of Calgary points the finger in How Dare You. Both are Billboard Hot 100 charting artists and definitely on the move.

There are a couple of choice EPs worth checking out. Get funky with Orange Gecko‘s Amour et stupéfiants and enjoy some pleasant singer-songwriter delights in Jeanne Côté‘s Aller-retour. Find these and more in the table below.

Thanks for the Dance Leonard Cohen (JW) S-S
The Perpetual Optimist Luke Lalonde Roots Rock
America, Vol. 2 Alaclair Ensemble Rap
Dirty Pretty Things Delaney Jane Pop
Ceci est une espece aimee Saratoga Folk
The Dark Jocelyn Alice Pop
Softie Dan Edmonds Alternative
Benevolence Alexandria Maillot S-S
Confessions Sarah Jane Scouten Folk
10 ans deja Maxime Landry (JN) S-S
Love Ales Loverde  Rock
Les aleas (EP) Deeshorty Rap
Telescope (EP) Tennyson Alternative
You Can Walk on Water (EP) Kyp Harness S-S
The Swagged Out Pedestrian (EP) Swagger Rite Rap
Amour et stupefiants (EP) Orange Gecko  Funk
Aller-retour  (EP) Jeanne Côté  S-S

15 Nov 2019 Releases: Céline Dion, Sonia Johnson, Andee…

Queen Céline drops album Courage, the deluxe version of which contains 20 original tracks. Among the songwriters are David Guetta, Skylar Grey, Sia Furler, Stephan Moccio, Jon Levine, Jessica Mitchell, and Sam Smith. JUNO winner of vocal jazz Sonia Johnson is in top form on her new one, Chrysalis. Find fresh discs as well from JUNO winners Tory Lanez (rap) and Stephen Fearing (folk). Some diverse flavours of music are new to shelves including instrumental music from Gregory Charles and heavy metal from Despised Icon. Both are JUNO nominees. On the light side is beautiful alternative work La solitude des flocons from Sarah Toussaint-Léveillé. Pop enthusiasts can check out Rings from DYLN. Alternative disciples ought to lend their ears to Legal Vertigo‘s Tragic Future Film Star.

EPs include Flashbacks & Fantasies from emerging synthpop specialist Ralph. Her song “Gravity” is getting significant radio airplay across the nation. Billboard Hot 100 charting artist Andee (“Never Gone”, “Sorries”) is back after a few years with EP One. Find these and more in the table below.

Adorable Les Ticky Jones  Folk
Bipolaire Guy Brière  S-S
Brown Baby Gone Brown Family  Rap
Chixtape 5 Tory Lanez (JW) Rap
Chrysalis Sonia Johnson (JW) Vocal Jazz
Courage Celine Dion (JW) Pop
D’Amour et Rock’n’roll France D’Amour  Rock
Into the North The Dreadnoughts Folk
J’ai toujours su Geneviève Jodoin  S-S
Knowhere DillanPonders Rap
La fille du coin Ta gueule dandy  Punk
La solitude des flocons Sarah Toussaint-Léveillé  Alternative
Len Gregory Charles (JN) Instrumental
Purgatory Despised Icon (JN) Metal
Rings DYLN Pop
The Unconquerable Past Stephen Fearing (JW) Folk
Tragic Future Film Star Legal Vertigo Alternative
Trente-trois Hert LeBlanc  Folk
Tropicale Apocalypse Louis-Philippe Gingras  Alternative
Bread Winner (EP) Malachi Rap
Dans les frousses (EP) Fred Beauchamp  S-S
Flashbacks & Fantasies (EP) Ralph Pop
One (EP) Andee Pop
Project (EP) Just John & Dom Dias Rap

Remembrance Day Releases: Louise Burns, Alex Nevsky…

Twice Polaris nominated British Columbian recording artist Louise Burns has released her fourth album, Portraits, and it’s definitely a winner. Check it out. Two-time JUNO nominee Alex Nevsky graces the plate with his latest, Chemin sauvage. Also JUNO approved is fusion genius Iskwe whose new one bears the title Acakosik. A couple of interesting electronic releases appear: Made Me Feel from Fabrikate and Stephen Hamm‘s Theremin Man. New EPs on the market include JUNO nominee Shaun Frank with Activ8. Yes, let’s activate it. Find these and more below.

 Awe  Woolworm Punk
 Element   Aphrose R&B
 Theremin Man  Stephen Hamm Electronic
 The Family Curse  Sarah Jickling and Her Good Bad Luck Pop
acakosik Iskwe (JN) Alternative
Almost Naked Ruby Waters Alternative
Ça promet  Atchoum et Pépé et sa guitare  Children’s
Chemin sauvage Alex Nevsky (JN) Pop
Guv I & II Young Guv Alternative
I don’t care at all bbno$ Rap
Made Me Feel Fabrikate Electronic
Nature humaine Alexandre Poulin S-S
Portraits Louise Burns Alternative
Sharon & Bram and Friends Sharon & Bram Children’s
Time Out for Tomorrow Jerry Leger Rock
You Ali Gatie R&B
Activ8 (EP) Shaun Frank (JN) Dance
Of Age (EP) Love Mansuy R&B

November 1, 2019 Releases: Eli Rose, Natalie MacMaster …

Pop slayer Eli Rose launches her self-titled debut album this week featuring her previous hits and several more choice numbers. JUNO winner Natalie MacMaster releases Sketches for those who need a dash of fiddle in their lives. Three JUNO nominees grace the slate. Half Moon Run, who in the past enjoyed airplay on BBC’s Radio One, points out A Blemish in the Great Light. Leif Vollebekk crafts a tasteful brew in New Ways. And TR/ST returns with The Destroyer 2. New EPs include dance disc Inside Unsolved from the talented Project Pablo. Find these and more in 27 below. This brings the 2019 running total to 518 studio albums and 176 EPs.

1952 Geoffroy Alternative
1 Way Out  Lil Berete Rap
A Blemish in the Great Light  Half Moon Run (JN) Alternative
Be Matt Zaddy Rock
Bon Enfant  Bon Enfant  Alternative
Ebene Simon Morin  Alternative
Eli Rose Eli Rose Pop
Grand Hotel Cosmopolis Geoff Berner World
Hell Bent with Grace Angel Forrest  Blues
If Wishes Were Horses  Matt Patershuk S-S
Inedit Sir Pathetik Rap
Jazz engage Chocolat  Alternative
New Ways Leif Vollebekk (JN) Alternative
Nothing Left To Love Counterparts Metal
Phosphorescent  Debate Club  Alternative
Rebirth Coco Love Alcorn S-S
Sketches Natalie MacMaster (JW) S-S
Special Occasion Merkules Rap
Surhomme Lary Kidd Rap
The Destroyer 2 TR/ST (JN) Alternative
The Isle Of Ailynn Mappe Of S-S
We Are All Terrorists  Friendly Rich Alternative
Whatever You Need  Hunting  Pop-Rock
Age of the Goonda (EP) Cartel Madras Rap
Inside Unsolved (EP) Project Pablo Dance
The Little Things (EP) Shawn Austin Country
The Red Tape (EP) Untradition Alternative

Halloween 2019 Releases: WOTE, The East Pointers…

There’s nothing haunting about this week’s releases which herald the coming of this year’s Halloween. Starting things off is our lucky acquisition from France, Loig Morin, who now calls Vancouver home. He churns out fabulous musique Francophone disc Citadelle with some beautifully crafted tunes dressed with sobering melancholia. Myles Goodwyn, frontman of 70s arena rock group April Wine continues his work in the blues field with Friends of the Blues 2. His first offering of the series was nominated for a JUNO. Pop group Walk Off the Earth, who tragically lost beloved Beard Guy, bounces back with new album Here We Go!. JUNO nominee Dayna Manning augments the slate with fine singer-songwriter work Morning Light. Peopleskills get addressed by high profile rock band Headstones. JUNO winning outfit from PEI The East Pointers contribute Yours to Break, what we might call a progressive folk album.

This week also sees nifty EPs to check out including new works from country stars Bobby Wills (Longshot Bar and Grill) and Wes Mack (Soul). Willa releases a stunningly good pop disc called Deadbeats. Also delicious is Khol from Mehdi Bahmad who sprinkles some Moroccan vibes onto alternative pop-rock to make for an exciting ride. Check out these and more in the table below.

ataataga Riit Alternative
Citadelle Loig Morin  S-S
Cocoon Borza  Alternative
Eldorado Guy Belanger  Blues
Elevation Pulsart Trio  Jazz
Enter the Dance Maybe Watson Rap
Everything Comes True Sam Weber  S-S
Friends of the Blues 2 Myles Goodwyn (JN) Blues
Guv II Young Guv Alternative
Here We Go! Walk Off the Earth (JW) Pop
Hi-Action Mimico   Art Rock
La reine aux ailes d’ecailles Jjanice+  World
Le ruban de la cassette Anique Granger  S-S
Morning Light Dayna Manning (JN) S-S
Peopleskills Headstones (JN) Rock
Plastic Scenes Sex Machine Octopus  Alt Rock
Play on Words Andy Ballantyne  Jazz
Puro Dolor The Mariachi Ghost World
Que Du Fun  Allen B. Pop
Reckless Spring Wayfarer Pop Punk
Speed Queen Little Scream Alternative
Times Square Discount Dearly Beloved  Rock
Un Love Reuben and the Dark  Alternative
Yours to Break The East Pointers (JW) Prog Folk
Deadbeats (EP) Willa Pop
Derives (EP) Squerl Noir  Rap
Khol (EP) Mehdi Bahmad  Alternative
Longshot Bar and Grill (EP) Bobby Wills  Country
Red Mind (EP) Maddee R&B
Soul (EP) Wes Mack Country

Oct 18, 2019 Releases: Patrick Watson, Pierre Lapointe, …

Three JUNO nominees highlight this week’s new album releases. Patrick Watson has topped iTunes with his latest work, Wave. Pierre Lapointe shifts to a more stringy singer-songwriter style on his new one, Pour déjouer l’ennui. And electronic savant Jacques Greene goes all out on the amazing Dawn Chorus. Also noteworthy is Star Academy alumnus Mélissa Bédard; her rich vocals dress adult contemporary LP Fleur de verre. Choice EPs include alt-pop New Girl from Grae and the gorgeous Tu pourras te reposer from Émilie Proulx perhaps the finest release this week. View these and many more in the table below.

Beauséjour  Beauséjour  country
Big Blue Dead Soft alternative
Cool to Who Walrus alternative
Dawn Chorus Jacques Greene (JN) electronic
Deborah Sorry Girls alternative
Fleur de verre Melissa Bedard AC
Indivisible Organ Mood  electronic
Junior Corridor alternative
La boue Gigi French  s-s
La mince ligne Tertio  jazz
MachiNations Yannick Rieu  jazz
Midwestern Zachary Lucky country
On a Wave Dave Monks alternative
One of My Friends Siobhan Sloane-Seale s-s
Pour dejouer l’ennui Pierre Lapointe (JN) s-s
Triomphes & tourments Jibré  rap
Wave Patrick Watson (JN) alternative
When I Say to You Black Lightning Common Holly alternative
Facheuse tendance (EP) Michaëlle Richer  s-s
New Girl (EP) Grae pop
Tu pourras te reposer (EP) Émilie Proulx  s-s
Wax and Digital (EP) Basement Revolver alternative

Thanksgiving 2019 Releases: Catherine MacLellan, The Dead South…

Two JUNO award winning folk outfits ring in Thanksgiving weekend with new discs. Catherine MacLellan dedicates her work to the Coyote and The Dead South serves some Sugar & Joy. Both have earned JUNO trophies independently, and as a duo Andrea Lindsay and Luc De Larochellière release S’il n’y avait que nous. Jazzy electronic ace Blue Hawaii, twice JUNO nominated, is all about surgical proceedings; Open Reduction Internal Fixation is simply superb. Find these and other new Canadian artist releases in the table below.

A Montreal Ariel & Les Va-Nu-Pieds  Pop
Ca s’en vient Frank Williams  Country
Coyote Catherine MacLellan (JW) Folk
Croak in the Weeds André Ethier Alternative
Dose Curves Sarah Page Classical
Jules et ses pilules Jules  Alternative
La partie de moi qui tremble Guillaume Arsenault S-S
Le temps des perdus Vidjay Rangaya  Alternative
Le troi3ieme album King Melrose Pop
Monarque Sadik  Rap
Open Reduction Internal Fixation Blue Hawaii (JN) Electronic
Pomme Plastique III Édouard Landry  Alternative
Saboteur Sandveiss Rock
S’il n’y avait que nous Andrea Lindsay / Luc De Larochellière (JW) Pop
Sugar & Joy The Dead South (JW) Folk
The Station Hey Major  Alternative
True Love Devon Welsh Alternative
Une autre bonne raison Daniel Goguen  Country
Ci-haut, ci-bas (EP) Valse Fréquence  Alternative
Karen Pinette Fontaine (EP) Karen Pinette Fontaine  S-S
Les rats normands (EP) Moé Pis Moé Pis Nous Deux  Folk
Réglisse Noire (EP) Réglisse Noire  Alternative

Oct. 4, 2019 Releases: Les Cowboys Fringants, City and Colour…

‘Tis releases galore this week. Below is a table of 19 LPs and 9 EPs. JUNO winners include City and Colour, Skydiggers, Bedouin Soundclash, and bülow. JUNO nominees are just as abundant with Kacy & Clayton, Diane Tell, Kaïn, and Les Cowboys Fringants dishing out new albums this week. Unsurprisingly, the latter group has the #1 album at iTunes. For something cool, check out Rapport‘s album In the Dark.

A Pill for Loneliness City and Colour (JW) Alternative
Briser la chaine Renee Wilkin Pop
Brood & Bloom Kasador Alternative
Carrying On Kacy & Clayton (JN) S-S/Folk
Comme une bête… Louis Venne  Alternative
Devarrow  Devarrow  S-S/Folk
Fancy Holograms Pierre Paul  Alternative
Forward LiANA  R&B/Soul
Garde-fou  Mat Vezio  Alternative
Grandeur Mature Émile Bilodeau  S-S/Folk
Haiku Diane Tell (JN) AC
Je viens d’ici  Kain (JN) S-S/Folk
Les antipodes Les Cowboys Fringants (JN) S-S/Folk
Let’s Get Friendship Right Skydiggers (JW) Alternative
Love Is Gonna Find You Micah Erenberg Alternative
Mass Bedouin Soundclash (JW) Alternative
Spectre  Lightning Dust Alternative
The Pale Queen Rhi Alternative
Wonderlove Jeremy Benjamin Pop
All Types of Ways Dave Sampson (EP) Country
Aux quatre vents Sab & Steph  (EP) S-S/Folk
Dangerous Jon Vinyl (EP) R&B/Soul
Eighty Eight Wild Rivers (EP) S-S/Folk
Glass Box Confessional Poesy (EP) Pop
In the Dark Rapport (EP) Alternative
Jettatura Paupiere (EP) Alternative
The Contender bulow (JW) (EP) Pop
The Mountain Man Spencer Burton (EP) S-S/Folk

Sep 27, 2019 Releases: Tegan and Sara, New Pornographers…

Tegan and Sara‘s latest album is out, Hey I’m Just Like You. The Calgarian twin sister duo has won three JUNO awards, all surrounding acclaimed release Heartthrob. Two other JUNO winners present new LPs this week: Vancouver’s The New Pornographers (In the Morse Code of Brake Lights) and Winnipeg’s The Bros Landreth (’87). JUNO nominees are Dany Bédar with a self-titled work and Sweatshop Union, teaming up with Mo Moshiri on rap disc Can I Tell You Something? The Launch participant T. Thomason of Nova Scotia presents an eponymous album. Among this week’s batch of EPs is Expansion Pack, a collection of additional songs from Les Louanges from its Polaris Music Prize shortlisted album La nuit est une panthère.

’87 The Bros Landreth (JW) S-S/Folk
Blue Hour Laurent Bourque Pop
Can I Tell You Something? Mo Moshiri & Sweatshop Union (JN) Rap
Citadelle LaF Rap
Dany Bédar  Dany Bédar (JN) S-S/Folk
Décohérence country  Martin Valois  S-S/Folk
Dreamstate Ruben Young R&B/Soul
En retard sur ma vie  Miro Pop
Hey, I’m Just Like You Tegan and Sara (JW) Pop
In the Morse Code of Brake Lights The New Pornographers (JW) Pop
T. Thomason T. Thomason Pop
Tenir Jacques Michel  S-S/Folk
Aller simple (EP) Les Jacks S-S/Folk
Baby Blue (EP) Harlequin Gold Rock
Expansion Pack (EP) Les Louanges  Alternative
Lili-Ann De Francesco (EP) Lili-Ann De Francesco  Pop
Neil Little (EP) Neil Little S-S/Folk
Rosier (EP) Rosier  S-S/Folk
xX3m0 $0ng$ 2 $!nG @L0nG 2Xx (EP) Safia Nolin S-S/Folk

20 Sep 2019 Releases: Bruce Cockburn, Evelyne Brochu…

Some interesting releases grace the slate this week. Multiple JUNO winner Bruce Cockburn releases instrumental album Crowing Ignites which has more to offer than simply acoustic guitar work; track “The Mt. Lefroy Waltz” is a pleasing jazz piece. The album is a soothing one. The legendary Robbie Robertson‘s contribution is singer-songwriter effort Sinematic. A third JUNO winner, Alex Cuba, furthers his specialized craft on Sublime. Winnipegger and JUNO nominee Del Barber spins some alternative country on Easy Keeper. Accomplished Canadian actress Evelyne Brochu swings over to the music front and gifts us with a surprisingly good album fingering into the domain of synthpop; Objets perdus is the title. BC band Frankie serves a nifty indie rock album entitled Forget Your Head which is worth checking out. A very nice surprise this week is Dynasty from up and coming progressive rap/R&B duo Hua Li 化力. Pleasant vocals dress lush and dreamy arrangements – very good stuff. Among this week’s EPs is a choice pop-rock disc from Sandrine Dumas entitled Deux. We’re just about at 400 LPs for the year and over 140 EPs. Check out this week’s batch below.

45 Tours Jonathan Painchaud S-S
Atterrissage Marc Déry  S-S
Careful with Your Magic Blinker the Star Rock
Crowing Ignites Bruce Cockburn (JW) S-S
Dynasty Hua Li化力 Rap
Easy Keeper Del Barber (JN) Country
Etrangere Gabriella Pop
Forget Your Head Frankie Indie Rock
In Constellation West My Friend Folk
Kustom Kreme The Flamingos Pink  Garage Rock
Les myriades  Mélisande [electrotrad] Alternative
Maybe Valley Pop
Objets perdus Evelyne Brochu Pop
Sinematic Robbie Robertson (JW) S-S
Sublime Alex Cuba (JW) World
Temple O SHPIK  Alt Jazz
There from Here TuneTown Jazz
Upside Down Bellflower  Alternative
1997 (EP) FxckMr Rap
Dépendance (EP) Marianne Le Brasseur  S-S
Deux (EP) Sandrine Dumas  Pop-Rock
Mind Over Matter (EP) Excuses Excuses Rock
Primitive Feelings, Pt. 2 (EP) The High Dials Alternative

Céline Dion’s Courage Out November 2019

Queen Céline will be releasing her 27th studio album November 15, 2019. The work is entitled Courage, and four songs from the disc have been made available for digital download: “Flying on My Own”, “Lying Down”, “Courage”, and “Imperfections”. This is the Canadian superstar’s first English language album in six years; Loved My Back to Life came out in 2013. The French language Encore un soir graced 2016. When album sales were at their peak, Dion managed over 30 million copies per album worldwide for Falling into You (1996) and Let’s Talk About Love (1997). Céline’s world tour to promote the new album was launched today in Quebec City. Songwriters on the Courage tracks include David Guetta, Sia, Lauv, and Canada’s own Stephan Moccio.