March 22, 2019 Releases: Ruth B., Spoons, Sef Lemelin…

Multiplatinum JUNO award winner Ruth B. of Edmonton releases her latest EP – a five-track affair – Maybe I’ll Find You Again. Find beautifully crafted tunes of adult contemporary, R&B, pop, and even some alternative seasonings. For those who like soft pop, AC, vocal leaning music, another one to check out is Le long chemin from JUNO nominee Nicola Ciccone.

A couple of exquisite new wave full-length albums are out. First off, JUNO nominated Burlington, Ontario band, active since the 80s, Spoons delights us with the first disc in eight years, New Day New World. The group’s last offering, 2011’s Static in Transmission, was well received. This one is just as solid from our reckoning. For those who dig the genre, another winner is Van Carton‘s Des choses qui tiennent debout.

In the singer-songwriter department of sound, Vancouver’s Reid Jamieson more than satisfies on the beautiful, soothing album Me Daza.

For rap, just one notable release this week as JUNO nominee NAV talks about Bad Habits. The Weeknd is featured on one of the tracks.

Outselling all these new releases at iTunes is however an instrumental electronic album, and that is Deconstruction from Sef Lemelin (currently #1!).

Finally, country music princess MacKenzie Porter has released five brand new singles you can check out and settle upon your favourite.

Find these plus many more in the table below.

Bad Habits NAV (JN) Rap
Badlands The Standstills Rock
Deconstruction Sef Lemelin  Alternative
Des choses qui tiennent debout Van Carton Alternative
Diamonds & Dynamite Donna Grantis Jazz
Full Vol. Dead Tired Punk
Halfway Home by Morning Matt Anderson Blues
Le long chemin Nicola Ciccone (JN) AC
Me Daza Reid Jamieson S-S/Folk
New Day New World Spoons (JN) Alternative
Rechauffe Mononc’ Serge S-S/Folk
Run the Wrong Way Howlin’ Circus Rock
Secret Republic Ian Daniel Kehoe Alternative
Toi Moi Kristina & A. Stanké  S-S/Folk
For the Good Guys/Bad Guys (EP) Hanorah R&B/Soul
Maybe I’ll Fnd You Again (EP) Ruth B. (JW) AC
Soul & Sister (EP) Soul & Sister Alternative

New Releases for the Ides of March 2019

It being JUNO Awards weekend, new releases are scant. In fact, just five discs have come to our attention, and all are EPs. JUNO Award winner Dallas Smith recently scored his 7th number one country radio hit (“Rhinestone World”)! He has tucked it along with previous chart topper “Make ‘Em Like You” into new EP The Fall. Dallas’ fellow BC artist Sleepy Tom, a JUNO nominee, follows up single “Amateurs” featuring Lights with an EP bearing the same title. Pop sensation Johnny Orlando addresses Teenage Fever in his new disc. He is nominated at the JUNOs this weekend for Breakthrough Artist of the Year. For pop with some alternative and electronic undercurrents, have fun with Partir à point, Vol. 1 from Gaële, and for R&B lovers, Young Clancy has released Friends. On a side note with particular emphasis on side, Kira Isabella has combined her last two EPs into LP Sides with two additional tracks.

March 8, 2019 Releases: Elijah x Jamie + Ria Mae

This week’s batch of releases includes discs from four JUNO nominees.

Nova Scotia’s platinum pop powerhouse Ria Mae is back with new album Stars. Two previous JUNO nominees for the Roots and Traditional album award contribute new discs: Madison Violet with Everything’s Shifting and Dave Gunning with Up Against the Sky.

8:47, the formal debut EP from Elijah Woods x Jamie Fine includes smash hits “Ain’t Easy” (double platinum) and “Better Off” (gold). Third single “You” is moving up the radio charts.

Topping the iTunes songs chart is “Tu trouveras la paix from eleven Canadian singers including Céline Dion. It is a cover of the 70s song from Renée Claude. The latter has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

Season 2 of The Launch has wrapped up. The final single of the series, arguably the best, is “Emotional” from Billboard Hot 100 charting singer Michelle Treacy. She was mentored by the legendary Nile Rodgers and new sensation Bebe Rexha. A piece of trivia: the guitar on the track is the same one Nile used on David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance”.

Lights is busy with collaborations, especially British Columbian crafters of EDM. “Love Me” is her new one with Felix Cartal. She also treats us to slick number “Amateurs” with Sleepy Tom.

Stars Ria Mae (JN) Pop
Zig Zag Zydeco Zoo Le Winston Band World
Rel8te Locklyn Pop
Everything’s Shifting Madison Violet (JN) S-S/Folk
Up Against the Sky Dave Gunning (JN) S-S/Folk
Le fruit du HASARD  Stefie Shock  Pop
Nos repaires  Rayannah  Alternative
Correspondance Olivier Hébert & LoFi Octet  Jazz
L’habit de plumes Musique à bouches  Vocal
Mon mammifere prefere Juste Robert  S-S/Folk
8:47 (EP) Elijah Woods x Jamie Fine (JN) Pop
Blue Pine (EP) MUNYA Alternative
Mi-tronc, mi-jambe (EP) Victime  Punk

Feb 22 – Mar 1, 2019 Releases: Bryan Adams, Marianas Trench…

Among our latest batch of new Canadian artist releases comes Yellowstone from JUNO nominee Digawolf from the N doubya T. British Columbia flexes its muscles with the latest disc from Bryan Adams, Shine a Light, a return to form for him. Jennifer Lopez is featured on one of the tracks. Bryan has won 19 JUNO awards and is a diamond certified recording artist. Vancouver pop group Marianas Trench dishes up its latest, Phantoms. It currently haunts at the iTunes top spot. Boasting a pair of JUNO trophies from 2002 is singer-songwriter Hawksley Workman who contributes Media Age Wasteland. With a savoury EP, JUNO winner Tanya Tagaq is back in top form; she gets bonus points for the coolest title of the batch—Toothsayer. Check these and lots more in the tables below, but first …

A number of choice singles have come out in the past bit. Among them are “Now That I Found You” / “No Drug Like Me” from pop wonder Carly Rae Jepsen. Tenille Townes has dropped the country single of the year so far with the instantly lovable “White Horse”. New signee to Universal Music Rosemary Fairweather has opened up about suffering a concussion from an accident and experiencing disheartening symptoms in its aftermath. We pray for her recovery. She has managed to release new single “Superstar” which is very good.

February 22, 2019 Releases:

Hear Me Out Murray A. Lightburn S-S/Folk
Radio Batata Mehdi Cayenne Alternative
Multicolore Marie-Eve Roy S-S/Folk
Outro Emilie Kahn Alternative
Reverie Flying Horses Classical
Fireworks Don Brownrigg S-S/Folk
Gathering Storm Buckman Coe Reggae
Stay Tuned! Dominique Fils-Aimé  R&B
L’eternel retour Barrdo  S-S/Folk
Ricochet (EP) Stephanie Bedard AC
Wait (EP) Cotis R&B
L’accro du trippe (EP) Sir Pathetik Rap
Yellowstone (EP) Digawolf (JN) Alternative
Nuits blanches (EP) Tilda  Pop
Le doute au milieu (EP) Sarah Cochrane AC

March 1, 2019 Releases:

Phantoms Marianas Trench (JW) Pop
Coucou Passe-Partout Passe-Partout Children’s
Shine a Light Bryan Adams (JW) Rock
Media Age Wasteland Hawksley Workman (JW) S-S/Folk
Wildfire Ben Rogers S-S/Folk
Softer Faces Living Hour Alternative
Cheveux humains Christian Jacques Pop
The Same but by Different Means Yves Jarvis Alternative
Optimal Lifestyles Pkew Pkew Pkew Punk
The Glimmer Fredric Gary Comeau S-S/Folk
Toothsayer (EP) Tanya Tagaq (JW) Alternative
Anticorps (EP) Doloreanne Alternative

Feb 15, 2019 Releases: Lavigne, Charlebois, Duffield…

Some high-profile artists have released new discs this week.  Currently #1 at iTunes is studio album #6 from slayer Avril Lavigne, Head Above Water. Platinum champion of pop music Victoria Duffield goes the independent route with Day One, her third album, and it’s a winner. Surprise! The legend who is Robert Charlebois delivers his 25th studio album, Et voilà! JUNO winning folk group Le Vent du Nord offers latest LP Territories. Find a fabulous country album from Ottawa JUNO nominee Amanda Rheaume – The Skin I’m In. Parce qu’on aime is another stunning effort from R&B JUNO nominee Corneille. Among the EPs is a new one – Let’s Try the After (Vol. 1) – from JUNO winning collective Broken Social Scene. Find a list of selected new Canadian artist releases below.

Beat My Distance Anemone Alternative
Casual Island Jane’s Party Rock
Day Won Victoria Duffield (JN) Pop
Dead Dead Obies Rap
Et voilà  Robert Charlebois Rock
Head Above Water Avril Lavigne (JW) Pop
Helium Homeshake  Alternative
Journal de bord Cent-C  Rap
Parce qu’on aime Corneille (JN) R&B
Starts and Fits Andrew Austin Pop
Territories Le Vent du Nord (JW) S-S/Folk
The Skin I’m In Amanda Rheaume (JN) Country
Town Long Range Hustle Rock
V Aaron Goodvin Country
Why Make Sense Heartstreets  R&B
Fairplay (EP) Zagata  Pop
Les inédites (EP) Miss Sassoeur et les Sassys  Pop
Let’s Try the After (EP) Broken Social Scene (JW) Alternative
Novel (EP) N0V3L Alternative

Early Feb 2019 Releases: Lara Fabian Said the Whale

The past two weeks have seen some superb releases. Discs from JUNO winners are EP mau5ville: Level 3 from EDM master deadmau5 and Cascadia from squelch rock group Said the Whale. For the JUNO nominees we have pop album Papillon from Lara Fabian and chillout jazz album Montreal from Elizabeth Shepherd. We liked Pourchasser l’aube from Caroline Savoie, Premiere apparition from Laurence-Anne (both alternative works), Jim Brenan 11’s 50/50 (instrumental jazz), surprisingly good synthpop disc Restless from Radiant Baby, and EP When Lightning Strikes from Ottawa’s Grace Lachance. Below are two batches, one for February 1st releases and the second for February 8th.

February 1 Releases:

Pourchasser l’aube Caroline Savoie Alternative
Caviar Jacobus Rap
In Scenery Lost Cousins Alternative
In Line for a Smile Ryan McMahon S-S/Folk
Dead Melodies Jon Samuel Rock
Better Days Len Mizzoni Pop
Getaway Abigail Lapell S-S/Folk
The Wilder Beyond Hillsburn  Rock
Overrun Only Yours Alternative
Surreal Memories Prieur&Landry  Rock
Histoire naturelle Jonathan Personne  Rock
mau5ville: Level 3 (EP) deadmau5 (JW) Dance
23+ (EP) Nate Husser Rap
No Water, No Flowers: Part 1 (EP) Genevieve Racette S-S/Folk
The Know-How (EP) The Matchstick Skeletons Rock
Supernatural Mystics (EP) Wizaard Alternative
AMOS (EP) Kirouac et Kodakludo  Rap

February 8 Releases:

Premiere apparition Laurence-Anne Alternative
C’est la fin du monde… Lou-Adriane Cassidy Alternative
Papillon Lara Fabian (JN) Pop
Cascadia Said the Whale (JW) Alternative
Antoine Lachance Antoine Lachance Alternative
Leave with Me Memphis Alternative
50/50 Jim Brenan 11 Jazz
Montreal Elizabeth Shepherd (JN) Jazz
Restles Radiant Baby  Alternative
Webster & 5 For Trio  Webster & 5 For Trio  Rap
Success Mountain (EP) Le Trouble Rock
All In (EP) Chris Buck Band Country
Maddison Krebs (EP) Maddison Krebs Country
When Lightning Strikes (EP) Grace Lachance Pop
The Light I Can’t Block Out (EP) Post Script  S-S/Folk

Jan 25, 2019 Releases: deadmau5, Ingrid, and a Canoe

The number of album releases is picking up now that we’re near the end of January. Judging by the quality of the music, we’re in for a good year, if these early stages are any indication. Multiple JUNO award winner and specialist of electronic music deadmau5 launches soundtrack to the stylish action-crime Netflix film Polar which stars Shawn Hook collaborator Vanessa Hudgens. The closing track of the disc, “Drama Free” features Lights, and it graces the film’s official trailer. More electronic music enters the fold care of JUNO nominee Kid Koala and Music to Draw To: Io.

Adult contemporary ace Ingrid St-Pierre of Quebec releases her latest, Petite plage, and State of Mind appears from hot Saskatchewan country group Hunter Brothers. Manitoba joins the banquet thanks to JUNO nominee Royal Canoe who seasons Waver with some reggae vibes. Ontario, always reliable, contributes exquisite roots album Mohawk from JUNO nominee Lee Harvey Osmond. All of these albums deserve to make it onto a year end list.

Two EPs come out, both being fabulous. Soul music that tantalizes graces La Musica Popular de Verdun from Clay and Friends, and the gorgeous chillout of Shallow Waters from Fjord is not to be missed.

The Academy John River Rap
Petite plage Ingrid St-Pierre AC
Maison ouverte Simon Kearney Pop
Polar deadmau5 (JW) Soundtrack
State of Mind Hunter Brothers Country
Waver Royal Canoe (JN) Alternative
Perfecto Bleu Jeans Bleu  Rock
Hazards of Glitter Chris Houston Rock
Elizabeth Harvest Rachel Zeffira Soundtrack
Music to Draw To: Io Kid Koala (JN) Alternative
Mohawk Lee Harvey Osmond (JN) S-S/Folk
Galapagos, Vol. I The PepTides Alternative
Shallow Waters (EP) Fjord Alternative
Musica Popular de Verdun (EP) Clay and Friends R&B/Soul

News and Releases Early 2019

Nominations for the 2019 JUNO Awards, the main gala to take place in London on Saint Patrick’s Day, will be announced January 29 at 8 am PT. Already booked to perform is successful duo Loud Luxury. CARAS has made a few announcements surrounding the JUNOs in recent times as below.

Walt Grealis Special Achievement Award Recipient – Duff Roman

Originally from Swift Current, SK, Duff Roman began as a radio DJ for stations in the Prairies before landing a position at Toronto’s top adult rock station CHUM. He worked his way up to program director and station manager. With his brother, he founded Roman Records in the early 60s, and as an artist manager, he produced Little Caesar and The Consuls and the first recordings of Levon and the Hawks, who went on to become The Band. He was also involved in launching the careers of The Paupers and David Clayton-Thomas. In 1982, Roman led the creation of FACTOR, the Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent on Recordings.

Humanitarian Award Recipient – David Foster

Canadian super producer David Foster will be receiving the 2019 Humanitarian Award (formerly named after Allan Waters). The organization writes, “The award honours Foster’s lifelong dedication to philanthropy through his support of hundreds of charities, including his own non-profit organization, The David Foster Foundation, which raises organ donation awareness and provides financial support to Canadian families in need of life-saving transplants.” Over the years, Foster has made hit songs for the likes of Diana Krall, Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Stevie Wonder; launched the careers of Céline Dion, Josh Groban, and Michael Bublé; and created blockbuster soundtracks like The Bodyguard, Urban Cowboy, and St. Elmo’s Fire. David Foster has won six JUNO Awards, 16 Grammy Awards, an Emmy Award, a Golden Globe and has received three Oscar nominations for “Best Original Song.” He has been inducted into the Music Hall of Fame, Walk of Fame, Hollywood Walk of Fame, and both the Canadian and American Songwriters Halls of Fame.

Music Hall of Fame Inductee – Corey Hart

From his career launch in 1983, Montrealer Corey Hart has scored 18 Top 40 hits including his buzz single “Sunglasses at Night” and his 1985 year-end chart topper “Never Surrender”. The album on which the latter song appeared, Boy in the Box, became a diamond seller with a million copies snatched up in Canada alone. Incredibly, Hart only won two JUNO awards despite being nominated for 21. He often lost out to Bryan Adams. The two trophies went to Best Video (“Sunglasses at Night”) and Single of the Year (“Never Surrender”). In the American Republic, Hart landed nine songs in the Top 40; “Never Surrender” peaked at #3. Corey married fellow Canadian recording artist Julie Masse, and in 1999 he decided to take a hiatus from his music career to focus on raising their children. His induction into the Hall of Fame coincides with the release of a new EP and an upcoming cross-Canada tour. Corey Hart has sold an estimated 16 million records worldwide.

New Releases

New discs are beginning to trickle in. Country music JUNO nominees Kira Isabella and Aaron Pritchett have released new EPs. JUNO winning Folk rock group Whitehorse contributes The Northern South Vol. 1. Find these and more in the list below.

Tallies by Tallies, Jan 11, Alternative
The Northern South Vol. 1 by Whitehorse (JW), Jan 18, Folk Rock
Insert Disk 02 by Game Genie Sokolov Jan 18, Electronic
12 jours by Jordane, Jan 18, S-S/Folk
Barokan by Djely Tapa, Jan 18, World
Comme June aime Johnny by Alicia Deschenes, Jan 18, S-S/Folk
Out on the Town (EP) by Aaron Pritchett (JN), Jan 11, Country
Side B (EP) by Kira Isabella (JN), Jan 11, Country
Extravaganza (EP) by Alexandre Desilets, Jan 18, Pop

Sarah Cogan and Tallies Land a Winning Debut

If there was any doubt about 2019 being a great year in music, in addition to Kira Isabella‘s excellent new EP Side B, we have another winner care of a debut album from Toronto band Tallies. The self-titled work presents a blend of Alvvays shoegaze and Mode Moderne new wave. It is however more guitar oriented – Dylan Frankland‘s playing is highly engaging – and at times we can hear some surf rock bubbling up. Unlike many other players of the extended genre, Tallies chooses to keep things upbeat and positive rather than wallow in melancholia. Sarah Cogan‘s vocals are distinctive and rich, reminding us a little of Jonna Lee’s (iamamiwhoami). These prove strong on tracks like “Midnight” and “Not So Proud”. With this solid album, Tallies becomes a welcome addition to Team Canada.  iTunes

Kira Isabella Opens 2019 with an Ace

Canadian Country Music Association award winner and two-time JUNO nominee Kira Isabella has placed four songs on the Billboard Hot 100. The Ottawa native is one of the hottest names in country music and of all the big names is the one to kick off 2019 in music with the release of a brand new EP. Side B is the accompanier of 2018’s Side A and is a winner.

As is common practice with EPs, variety rather than cohesion is the name of the game. An EP allows the artist to try her hands at various styles, something designed to impress, and Kira Isabella impresses here.

Side B opens with hit single territory in the absolutely delicious “We Should be Together”, an instantly likeable number that deserves to top the charts at country radio. Yes, it’s that good! Stronger country flavourings are added to Track 2, “Holiday”, a funky teasing tune that bounces along with an irresistible chorus. Feel your heart melt with the beautiful piano ballad “XGF”; every disc needs one in our opinion. Isabella cranks up the retro vibes in “Soon”, a hazy, lazy afternoon feel good tune. The interesting title “Sleep When We’re Dead” caps off the disc, a slow-burning, sing-along song with the most lucid lyrics of beautiful poetry on the EP.

With Side A, we had already heard some of the tracks which had previously been released as singles. The exciting aspect of Side B is that all songs are new. If 2019 begins with an EP this good, we hope it means a year of the best music we’ve heard in a while.  iTunes