All Multiplatinum Albums by Canadian Artists

CMB medBelow is a list of all multiplatinum albums by Canadian artists, sorted by year of release. Prior to May 1, 2008, platinum meant shipments of 100,000 copies, 2x platinum 200,000 copies, 3x platinum 300,000 copies, etc. After May 1, 2008, platinum was redefined as 80,000 units, 2x platinum 160,000 units, etc. Diamond is equivalent to 10x platinum and double diamond to 20x platinum. Certifications began in Canada in 1975. Chances are, you have at some point bought one of the albums below. Not surprisingly, Celine Dion has the most multiplatinum albums to her credit, 19 in total.

Harmonium Harmonium 1974 2x 
Neiges Andre Gagnon 1975 2x 
Stand Back April Wine 1975 2x 
Gord’s Gold Gordon Lightfoot 1975 2x 
The Homecoming Hagood Hardy 1975 2x 
L’heptade Harmonium 1976 4x 
Singable Songs for the Very Young Raffi 1976 3x 
Burton Cummings Burton Cummings 1976 2x 
2112 Rush 1976 2x 
Libre Angele Arsenault 1977 2x 
My Own Way to Rock Burton Cummings 1977 2x 
Longer Fuse Dan Hill 1977 2x 
More Singable Songs Raffi 1977 2x 
Rock ‘n Roll Machine Triumph 1977 2x 
Dream of a Child Burton Cummings 1978 3x 
Let’s Keep It That Way Anne Murray 1978 2x 
One Elephant, Deux Elephants Sharon, Lois and Bram 1978 2x 
Hot Shots Trooper 1979 5x 
Je ne suis qu’une chanson Ginette Reno 1979 3x 
Greatest Hits April Wine 1979 2x 
Uncut Powder Blues 1979 2x 
Armageddon Prism 1979 2x 
Smorgasbord Sharon, Lois and Bram 1979 2x 
Greatest Hits Anne Murray 1980 6x 
Loverboy Loverboy 1980 5x 
Best of Burton Cummings Burton Cummings 1980 2x 
Baby Beluga Raffi 1980 2x 
Welcome to the Rodeo Showdown 1980 2x 
Moving Pictures Rush 1981 4x 
Christmas Wishes Anne Murray 1981 3x 
The Great White North Bob & Doug McKenzie 1981 3x 
Get Lucky Loverboy 1981 3x 
Aldo Nova Aldo Nova 1981 2x 
The Nature of the Beast April Wine 1981 2x 
Turn It Loud Headpins 1982 2x 
Streetheart Streetheart 1982 2x 
The Bird Dance The Emeralds 1982 2x 
Cuts Like a Knife Bryan Adams 1983 3x 
First Offense Corey Hart 1983 3x 
Keep It Up Loverboy 1983 2x 
Standing in the Dark Platinum Blonde 1983 2x 
Reckless Bryan Adams 1984 Diamond
Honeymoon Suite Honeymoon Suite 1984 3x 
Quand on est en Amour Patrick Norman 1984 2x 
Boy In The Box Corey Hart 1985 Diamond
Alien Shores Platinum Blonde 1985 4x 
Strange Animal Gowan 1985 2x 
The Thin Red Line Glass Tiger 1986 4x 
The Big Prize Honeymoon Suite 1986 3x 
Shakin’ Like a Human Being Kim Mitchell 1986 3x 
Fields of Fire Corey Hart 1986 2x 
Celle Qui Va Marjo 1986 2x 
Outskirts Blue Rodeo 1987 4x 
Into the Fire Bryan Adams 1987 3x 
Incognito Celine Dion 1987 2x 
Un Trou Dans Les Nuages Michel Rivard 1987 2x 
Flying on Your Own Rita MacNeil 1987 2x 
Robbie Robertson Robbie Robertson 1987 2x 
The Tragically Hip The Tragically Hip 1987 2x 
Rendez-vous doux Gerry Boulet 1988 3x 
Now the Bells Ring Rita MacNeil 1988 3x 
See the Light The Jeff Healey Band 1988 3x 
Pachelbel with Ocean Sounds Chacra Artists 1988 2x 
Colin James Colin James 1988 2x 
The Trinity Season Cowboy Junkies 1988 2x 
Racing After Midnight Honeymoon Suite 1988 2x 
Rene et Nathalie Simard Rene et Nathalie Simard 1988 2x 
Reason to Believe Rita MacNeil 1988 2x 
Victory Day Tom Cochrane & Red Rider 1988 2x 
Alannah Myles Alannah Myles 1989 Diamond
Up To Here The Tragically Hip 1989 Diamond
Diamond Mine Blue Rodeo 1989 3x 
Helene Roch Voisine 1989 3x 
Harmony D. Gibson & H. Bekker 1989 2x 
Kashtin Kashtin 1989 2x 
Rockland Kim Mitchell 1989 2x 
Bodyrock Lee Aaron 1989 2x 
Les B.B. Les B.B. 1989 2x 
Rita Rita MacNeil 1989 2x 
Phantom of the Opera Various Artists 1990 8x 
Unison Celine Dion 1990 7x 
Fare Thee Well, Love The Rankin Family 1990 5x 
Casino Blue Rodeo 1990 2x 
Julie Masse Julie Masse 1990 2x 
Tant qu’il y aura des enfants Marjo 1990 2x 
Home I’ll Be Rita MacNeil 1990 2x 
Double Roch Voisine 1990 2x 
Chronicles Rush 1990 2x 
Hell to Pay The Jeff Healey Band 1990 2x 
Waking Up The Neighbours Bryan Adams 1991 Diamond
Road Apples The Tragically Hip 1991 Diamond
L’integrale Beau Dommage 1991 4x 
The Ghosts That Haunt Me Crash Test Dummies 1991 4x 
The Visit Loreena McKennitt 1991 4x 
The Classics D. Gibson & H. Bekker 1991 3x 
Dion Chante Plamondon Celine Dion 1991 2x 
Solace Sarah McLachlan 1991 2x 
Gordon Barenaked Ladies 1992 Diamond
Celine Dion Celine Dion 1992 Diamond
Mad Mad World Tom Cochrane 1992 Diamond
Harvest Moon Neil Young 1992 5x 
Rockinghorse Alannah Myles 1992 2x 
Lost Together Blue Rodeo 1992 2x 
Les Insomniaques s’amusent Daniel Belanger 1992 2x 
Ingenue k.d. lang 1992 2x 
The Future Leonard Cohen 1992 2x 
Miel et Venin Marie Carmen 1992 2x 
Now and Then Michelle Wright 1992 2x 
The Colour Of My Love Celine Dion 1993 Diamond
Fully Completely The Tragically Hip 1993 Diamond
Christmas Bruce Cockburn
1993 6x 
5 Days in July Blue Rodeo 1993 6x
So Far So Good Bryan Adams 1993 6x 
Fumbling Towards Ecstasy Sarah McLachlan 1993 5x 
I’ll Always Be There Roch Voisine 1993 4x 
North Country The Rankin Family 1993 4x 
God Shuffled His Feet Crash Test Dummies 1993 3x 
12 Inches of Snow Snow 1993 3x 
The Other Side Charlie Major 1993 2x 
Danny Boy John McDermott 1993 2x 
Shania Twain Shania Twain 1993 2x 
Splendour Solis The Tea Party 1993 2x 
Day For Night The Tragically Hip 1994 6x 
Living Under June Jann Arden 1994 5x 
Silver Moist 1994 4x 
Naveed Our Lady Peace 1994 4x 
Beau Dommage Beau Dommage 1994 3x 
The Mask and the Mirror Loreena McKennitt 1994 3x 
Maybe You Should Drive Barenaked Ladies 1994 2x 
Alegria Cirque du Soleil 1994 2x 
Obsession Eric Lapointe 1994 2x 
Carpe Diem Lara Fabian 1994 2x 
Y Lynda Lemay 1994 2x 
The Reasons Why Michelle Wright 1994 2x 
D’eux Celine Dion 1995 7x 
Up Great Big Sea 1995 4x 
Pigeon D’argile Kevin Parent 1995 3x 
This Child Susan Aglukark 1995 3x 
Terri Clark Terri Clark 1995 3x 
Hi How Are You Today? Ashley MacIsaac 1995 2x 
Nowhere to Here Blue Rodeo 1995 2x 
Endless Seasons The Rankin Family 1995 2x 
The Edges of Twilight The Tea Party 1995 2x 
Jagged Little Pill Alanis Morissette 1995 Double
The Woman In Me Shania Twain 1995 Double
Amanda Marshall Amanda Marshall 1995 Diamond
Falling Into You Celine Dion 1996 Diamond
Oh What A Feeling Various Artists 1996 Diamond
Trouble at the Henhouse The Tragically Hip 1996 5x 
18 ‘Til I Die Bryan Adams 1996 3x 
Creature Moist 1996 3x 
Calm Before the Storm Paul Brandt 1996 3x 
Rarities, B-Sides & Other Stuff Sarah McLachlan 1996 3x 
Live a Paris Celine Dion 1996 2x 
Scenery and Fish I Mother Earth 1996 2x 
Chante les classiques de noel Marie-Michele Desrosiers 1996 2x 
Just the Same Terri Clark 1996 2x 
Collection The Rankin Family 1996 2x 
Let’s Talk About Love Celine Dion 1997 Diamond
Clumsy Our Lady Peace 1997 Diamond
Surfacing Sarah Mclachlan 1997 Diamond
The Book of Secrets Loreena McKennitt 1997 4x 
Play Great Big Sea 1997 3x 
In Loving Memory Of… Big Wreck 1997 2x 
Miserer Bruno Pelletier 1997 2x 
Under These Rocks and Stones Chantal Kreviazuk 1997 2x 
Love Scenes Diana Krall 1997 2x 
Happy? Jann Arden 1997 2x 
Transmission The Tea Party 1997 2x 
Live Between Us The Tragically Hip 1997 2x 
Come On Over Shania Twain 1997 Double
Notre Dame de Paris Various Artists 1998 5x 
Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie Alanis Morissette 1998 4x 
Stunt Barenaked Ladies 1998 4x 
S’il suffisait d’aimer Celine Dion 1998 4x 
Grand Parleur Petit Faiseur Kevin Parent 1998 3x 
Hot Show Prozzak 1998 3x 
Phantom Power The Tragically Hip 1998 3x 
On a Day Like Today Bryan Adams 1998 2x 
Colin James and the Little Big Band Colin James 1998 2x 
All The Way… Celine Dion 1999 Diamond
Mirrorball Sarah McLachlan 1999 5x 
Tuesday’s Child Amanda Marshall 1999 3x 
The Best of Me Bryan Adams 1999 3x 
When I Look in Your Eyes Diana Krall 1999 3x 
Happiness is Not a Fish… Our Lady Peace 1999 3x 
Colour Moving and Still Chantal Kreviazuk 1999 2x 
A L’ombre de l’ange Eric Lapointe 1999 2x 
En Catimini La Chicane 1999 2x 
Beautiful Midnight Matthew Good Band 1999 2x 
These Are Special Times Celine Dion 2000 Diamond
Whoa Nelly! Nelly Furtado 2000 4x 
Seul Garou 2000 3x 
Un Grand Noel D’Amour Ginette Reno 2000 2x 
Spiritual Matters Our Lady Peace 2000 2x 
Running Back Thru Canada The Guess Who 2000 2x 
Music @ Work The Tragically Hip 2000 2x 
Silver Side Up Nickelback 2001 8x 
The Look of Love Diana Krall 2001 7x 
All Killer and No Filler Sum 41 2001 3x 
Disc 1: Their Greatest Hits Barenaked Ladies 2001 2x 
Greatest Hits – Volume 1 Blue Rodeo 2001 4x 
Let Go Avril Lavigne 2002 Diamond
A New Day Has Come Celine Dion 2002 6x 
Live in Paris Diana Krall 2002 2x 
Gravity Our Lady Peace 2002 2x 
No Pads No Helmets… Simple Plan 2002 2x 
Mixmania Various Artists 2002 2x 
Up! Shania Twain 2002 Double
The Long Road Nickelback 2003 5x 
Afterglow Sarah McLachlan 2003 5x 
Star Academie Various Artists 2003 5x 
Michael Buble Michael Buble 2003 4x 
Billy Talent Billy Talent 2003 3x 
One Heart Celine Dion 2003 3x 
Gros mammouth Les Trois Accords 2003 2x
Michael Buble Christmas Ltd Edition Michael Buble 2003 3x 
We Were Born in a Flame
Sam Roberts
2003 2x
Wilfred Le Bouthillier Wilfred Bouthillier 2003 2x 
Greatest Hits Shania Twain 2004 6x 
Under My Skin Avril Lavigne 2004 5x 
Still Not Getting Any Simple Plan 2004 4x 
Marie-Elaine Thibert Marie-Elaine Thibert 2004 3x 
The Girl in the Other Room Diana Krall 2004 2x 
219 Kalan Porter 2004 2x 
En Famille Mes Aieux 2004 2x 
Chuck Sum 41 2004 2x 
Star Academie 2004 Various Artists 2004 2x 
All the Right Reasons Nickelback 2005 7x 
It’s Time Michael Buble 2005 6x 
On Ne Change Pas Celine Dion 2005 3x 
Anthology Bryan Adams 2005 2x 
Christmas Songs Diana Krall 2005 2x 
Hedley Hedley 2005 2x 
Yer Favourites The Tragically Hip 2005 2x 
Star Academie 2005 Various Artists 2005 2x 
Loose Nelly Furtado 2006 5x 
Billy Talent II Billy Talent 2006 3x 
I Think of You Gregory Charles 2006 3x 
Wintersong Sarah McLachlan 2006 3x 
From This Moment On Diana Krall 2006 2x 
One X Three Days Grace 2006 3x 
Taking Chances Celine Dion 2007 4x 
Call Me Irresponsible Michael Buble 2007 4x 
Duets, Friends & Legends Anne Murray 2007 2x 
The Best Damn Thing Avril Lavigne 2007 2x 
D’Elles Celine Dion 2007 2x 
The Reminder Feist 2007 2x 
Kicking Stones Johnny Reid 2007 2x 
Duos Dubois Various Artists 2007 2x 
Dark Horse Nickelback 2008 6x 
My Love Essential Collection Celine Dion 2008 2x 
The Canadian Tenors The Canadian Tenors
2008 2x
Crazy Love Michael Buble 2009 4x 
Billy Talent III Billy Talent 2009 2x 
Fais-Moi La Tendresse Ginette Reno 2009 2x 
The Show Must Go Hedley 2009 2x 
Dance with Me Johnny Reid 2009 3x
My World Justin Bieber 2009 2x 
Vox Pop Maxime Landry 2009 2x 
The Perfect Gift The Canadian Tenors 2009 3x
Silence Fred Pellerin 2009 2x
My World 2.0 Justin Bieber 2010 3x 
The Suburbs Arcade Fire 2010 2x 
Thank Me Later Drake 2010 2x
A Place Called Love Johnny Reid 2010 2x 
Recollection k.d. lang 2010 2x 
Christmas Michael Buble 2011 Diamond 
Under the Mistletoe Justin Bieber 2011 3x 
Take Care Drake 2011 4x 
Here and Now Nickelback 2011 2x 
Sans Attendre Celine Dion 2012 3x 
Believe Justin Bieber 2012 2x 
Trilogy The Weeknd 2012 2x 
Star Academie 2012 Various Artists 2012 2x 
Loved Me Back to Life Celine Dion 2013 4x
Reflektor Arcade Fire 2013 3x
Nothing Was the Same Drake 2013 3x
A Christmas Gift To You Johnny Reid 2013 2x
To Be Loved Michael Buble 2013 2x 
Purpose Justin Bieber 2015 4x
Beauty Behind the Madness
The Weeknd
2015 4x
If You’re Reading This…  Drake  2015 2x
Encore un soir Celine Dion 2016 2x
Starboy The Weeknd 2016 3x
Views Drake 2016 6x
More Life Drake 2017 2x