Biggest Hits of the Early 60s

Canada did not have a national singles chart until mid-1964. Below, from various sources, are big hits by Canadian artists that made the year-end charts. Because the sources are different and different charts calculate the relative positions of the songs by different means, take the positions with a grain of salt. We place them here simply to give an idea of some of the more popular songs of the early 1960s. We have also added songs listed in Oh Canada What a Feeling a Musical Odyssey by Martin Melhuish.


Song Artist Pos
Theme From a Summer Place Percy Faith 1
What in the World’s Come Over You Jack Scott 14
Puppy Love Paul Anka 23
Burning Bridges Jack Scott 35
It’s Time to Cry Paul Anka 66
My Home Town Paul Anka 77
Source: US Billboard

Paul Anka: Hello Young Lovers, I Love You in the Same Old Way, Summer’s Gone

Clap You Hands, The Beau-Marks

Theme for Young Lovers, Percy Faith

Jack Scott: Oh Little One, It Only Happened Yesterday

The Blamers, Les Vogt


Song Artist Pos
Classmate Beau-Marks 18
Don’t You Sweetheart Me Bobby Curtola 40
Hitchhiker Bobby Curtola 76
I’ll Never Be Alone Anymore Bobby Curtola 100
Source: CHUM, Toronto

Paul Anka: The Story of My Love, Tonight My Love Tonight, Dance On Little Girl, Kissin’ On the Phone

One Summer Night, The Diamonds


Song Artist Pos
Fortune Teller /
Johnny Take Your Time
Bobby Curtola 21
Remember I’m the One Gordon Lightfoot 50
I’ve Been Everywhere Hank Snow 82
Mr. Heartache Pat Hervey 93
Source: CHUM, Toronto

Paul Anka: Love Me Warm and Tender, A Steel Guitar and a Glass of Wine, Eso Beso


Song Artist Pos
Charlena Richie Knight & The Mid-Knights 16
Three Rows Over Bobby Curtola 24
Indian Giver Bobby Curtola 28
Any Other Way Jackie Shane 40
Source: CHUM, Toronto

Paul Anka: Love (Makes the World Go ‘Round), Remember Diana


Song Artist Pos
The French Song Lucille Star 21
Big Town Boy Shirley Matthews 37
Source: CHUM, Toronto