What’s Your Favourite Canadian Christmas Song?

Some foreign friends asked me what Christmas songs are Canadian. This had me scrambling a bit. Normally, we don’t really identify Christmas songs by the country of original composition. On the other hand, when one considers that Santa Claus is Canadian (we own the North Pole, eh) and that one normally thinks of Canada as the place that best represents a snowy winter, it may be important to name some Canadian-composed Christmas ditties.

What many people don’t mention when discussing Justin Bieber‘s “Mistletoe” is that it is a 100% Canadian composition. Bieber wrote the song with Canadian composers Nasri Tony Atweh and Adam Messinger.

Meaghan Smith‘s It Snowed album contains three of her own Christmas compositions: “Zat You Santa“, “Breakable“, and “Christmas Kiss“.

Loreena McKennitt composed the music for her “Snow“, the lyrics of which are from Canada’s foremost poet, Archibald Lampman.

Joni Mitchell‘s “River” is considered a Christmas song as is Gordon Lightfoot‘s “Song for a Winter’s Night“.

One of the most famous Canadian Christmas songs is Bryan Adams‘ “Christmas Time” which he wrote with Jim Vallance.

Many of the songs on A 604 Records Christmas were composed by the Canadian artists who perform them.

There have been many Canadian Christmas songs over the years, in fact. Let us know what other Canadian Christmas songs you can think of and which one is your favourite.

Update: 2014 Canadian Christmas releases are HERE.


6 thoughts on “What’s Your Favourite Canadian Christmas Song?

  1. Hi, I am looking for a Canadian Christmas song, but I only rember some lines: `t was in the mids of wintertime when all the birds had fled. The mighty mi…? Manitou laid down his angelic (?) head….
    Can anybody help me with complete texte? Thanks a lot. Christina

  2. Hallo Willy, thanks for the lovely songs. Though I have been looking for the “Hurron” song, I like yours very much, too.
    Merry Christmas from Germay ( at the moment southern Spain with 25 degrees) to the cold and snowy Canada.

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