Canadian Music Blog’s Top 30 Song Faves of 2015

After listening to roughly 10,000 songs released in 2015 whether as singles, on EPs, or LPs, we have settled on our 30 favourites. To create a fairer and tidier list, we allowed only one entry per artist. Regardless of genre, language, and relative popularity of the artist, here are our 30 favourite songs of 2015. Note that #18 was released in 2014 but gained its airplay and chart success this year. #7 may not qualify for CanCon but with a Canadian member of the group as well as a Canadian co-writer we included it.

Best Songs of 2015 collage 5x6 copy

#30. Pivotal by Kayd
#29. Pull It Over Me by Grounders
#28. Couleurs by Alexe Gaudreault
#27. Oh Nostalgia by Fitness Club Fiasco
#26. Still Alive by Elliot Maginot
#25. Idea by Language Arts
#24. You by For Esmé
#23. White Picket Funeral by Yardlets
#22. Willie by Jean Leloup
#21. I’m an Open Road by Paul Brandt ft. Jess Moskaluke
#20. Wildfire by Marianas Trench
#19. It’s Gonna Rain by The Souljazz Orchestra
#18. Big and Loud by Rachel Woznow
#17. Black and White Heart by Andee
#16. What Do You Mean by Justin Bieber
#15. Aime/Pardonne by Tremblay
#14. Ma Chanson by Navert
#13. Pleasantries by Etiquette
#12. Septembre by Lily K.O.
#11. Airwaves by Brett Kissel
#10. Gravity by Savvie
#9. Nowhere by Tamia
#8. Fake It Past Goodbye by Livy Jeanne
#7. Lighthouse by G.R.L.
#6. Anchor by Kelly Ann Wison
#5. Warm Blood by Carly Rae Jepsen
#4. Antidote by Lexi Strate
#3. Sound of Your Heart by Shawn Hook
#2. Manquer de toi by Rosa

Canadian Music Blog’s 2015 Song of the Year

It may not have been a big hit, but this heart-gripping explosion of possessive dance music should have been. We kept track of the average number of plays it took before we grew tired of each of the 30 songs above. For songs 2-5, it was 60-70 plays. Our song of the year took a stunning 141 plays! The song was done by a new Vancouver-based project in conjunction with Canada’s godfather of dance pop, producer Ryan Stewart. It features the gorgeous vocals of Ontario band Crystalyne’s lead singer. The Canadian Music Blog declares “Spotlight” by Every Last Chance featuring Marissa Dattoli 2015’s song of the year!

Every Last Chance Marissa Dattoli - Spotlight badge