1966’s Biggest Canadian Hits

CMB medA total of 45 Canadian singles made RPM magazine’s Top 40 throughout 1966. None was able to reach the top. Bobby Curtola, The Carlton Showband, and Wes Dakus authored songs that peaked at #4. Below is a list of all Canadian Top 40 hits for the year with their peak chart position. Bear in mind, that this is a picture of cross-Canada success. Songs may have charted much higher or lower in various cities as radio stations usually give local artists more support. Below the list, check out some cool trivia on the year’s hits and their artists.

WP = Weekly chart peak position.

1966 HITS

Hoochi Coochi Coo Wes Dakus 4
While I’m Away Bobby Curtola 4
The Merry Ploughboy The Carlton Showband 4
Like a Dribblin’ Farm The Race Marbles 6
Hey Girl Go It Alone Big Town Boys 7
Spin Spin Gordon Lightfoot 7
Walk On By Bobby Kris and the Imperials 8
You Laugh Too Much Little Caesar and the Consuls 9
Believe Me The Guess Who 10
Love Drops Barry Allen 10
What Am I Gonna Do Robbie Lane and the Disciples 10
Brainwashed David Clayton Tomas 11
Rose Marie Ray Hutchinson 12
Blue Lipstick Patrician Anne 13
My Kinda Guy The Willows 15
Real Thing Bobby Curtola 15
Soldier Boy Debbie Lori Kaye 16
Clock on the Wall The Guess Who 16
Rainbow Terry Black 17
Hurting Each Other The Guess Who 19
Baby It’s All Worthwhile Dee and the Yeomen 19
C’mon Everybody The Staccatos 20
I Can’t Explain The King Beezz 20
It’s a Long Way Home The Staccatos 22
Turn Her Down Barry Allen 22
Until It’s Time Catherine McKinnon 23
1-2-5 The Haunted 23
Walking the Dog Jerry Palmer 25
I’m a Loner The Jaybees 25
A Love Like Mine Dee and the Yeomen 27
That’s Why I Love You Joey Hollingsworth 27
All of My Life Don Norman and the Other Four 27
Please Forget Her The Jury 27
Stop Me From Fallin’ in Love Beau Hannon 28
Dream Boy The Allan Sisters 28
I Symbolize You Last Words 28
Whatcha Gonna Do About It The British Modbeats 32
And She’s Mine The Guess Who 32
Oh Gee Girl Liverpool Set 33
Bound to Fly 3’s a Crowd 34
Let’s Run Away The Staccatos 35
In a Minute or Two Dee and the Yeomen 35
Wildwood Days Bobby Curtola 36
A Bit of Love Jimmy Dybold 37
Mercy Mr. Percy Little Caesar and the Consuls 38


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